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Aerobic Steps

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Get An Aerobic Step for your Home Gym Cardio Workout

A cardio workout is typically performed by doing activities like running, brisk walking, dancing, hiking, swimming, and other heart-pounding sports or recreational movements. But if you are to stay indoors, people rely on common home gym machines like treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes. But what if your space and budget are too small for those machines? What can you use to help you enjoy shedding calories and pounds in the comfort of your home? Let Home Gym Australia introduce you to the aerobic step – a simple piece of gym accessory that can make a difference in your cardio workout goals.



Frequently Asked Questions

Stride into an efficient cardio workout with an aerobic step
Steppers, as some people call it, may look so simple, but when used properly, it can change the way you look at cardio. Some people think that you need to invest in high-powered machines and bulky pieces of equipment just so you can reap the benefits of an effective workout. But the truth is, all you need to have is a basic and durable aerobic step and a variety of challenging dance steps and moves, and the results can be similar. You can do your aerobic workout any way you want - with a group or solo, indoors or on your porch, with or without up-tempo music - as long as you keep your heart pumping, an aerobic step can really make you lose weight and gain confidence.

How do you use an aerobic step?
The typical aerobic step looks like a piece of platform that is commonly made of plastic. It has a textured and rubberised centre so that your movements will not be slippery. Some models have an adjustable height ranging from 4 to 10 inches, advancing your routine depending on your skill and need.

Using an aerobic step as your chosen fitness equipment is so simple but should not be underestimated. All you have to do is step on the platform by stepping on it like a regular platform and perform variations of step aerobics routines that test your endurance, body coordination, and stamina.

Benefits of using an aerobic step
It is a versatile cardio workout. Whether you would want to have a light exercise or require a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), an aerobic step can surely help you with your fitness goals. There are so many ways on how to incorporate this simple-looking step platform on your exercise routines that performing your step aerobics session can never be boring. Be active, get fit, stay healthy, and look sexy using the aerobic step.

It provides a full-body workout. When you perform step aerobics, you are not just exercising for your legs, you are targeting the different muscle groups in the body, including your arms, shoulders, back, and core. 

It helps burn calories. This is one of the benefits of having an effective cardio workout. Doing a dynamic cardio workout ups your heart rate and improves your lung function, and these two effects are necessary to enable better circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the whole body. This, in return, requires energy, so as you bust your moves using the aerobic step, your body burns calories and fats, and converts it to power, making you lose weight.

It makes you perform better. Doing your step aerobics routines improves your body coordination, concentration, and endurance. These changes in your mental and physical capabilities affect your overall personality, improving your strength,  mood, sleep, balance, creativity, and confidence.

It lets you stay away from diseases. Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and bone conditions are becoming as common as we age. But if we stay active, these conditions will not affect our body since our overall health and wellness are being restored and improved, closing doors to probable medical complications.

Tips on how to effectively use an aerobic step
This fitness equipment is compatible when doing step aerobics or any cardio workout that you would want to incorporate it with. Having an aerobic step in your home gym is indeed a smart decision for you to save space and money. But how would you safely use this piece of exercise device? Here are things that Home Gym Australia normally advise our valued customers when inquiring about the proper use of a stepper.

Test the platform. When preparing to perform different routines during your step aerobics class or cardio training, make sure that you test out the surface of the equipment when doing your moves. Slowly step on the platform while enacting how your routine would play out so that you can adjust the height or nearness of the device to your feet as you stand beside it.

Use or don’t use it. We have mentioned earlier that there are so many routines and workouts that you can use the aerobic step with. And not all these would require you to ‘use’ it per se. Some would let you step over the platform, some would have you jump over it, and some would need you to adjust the height to make your steps higher while moving side to side of the stepper. These activities are also acceptable and effective in giving you the heart-pounding exercise that your body requires.

Maintain your posture. It is just so easy for us to get so into the routine that we forget to maintain the straightness of our backs and the use of proper body mechanics. Remember that your proper body form helps you direct the impact or focus of your exercise. So when you are straightening your back, your movements can efficiently target your core, arms, and legs without pressing and adding stress to your joints, neck, and ankles. 

Experiment and add variety. Are you done performing the different routines I step aerobics? Why not try incorporating other home gym essentials to your workout? Lift dumbbells or kettlebells while using the aerobic step. Advance your jump rope classes with a stepper. Use ankle or hand weights to combine cardio and weight training. As long as you are performing the steps safely and with proper control, you can manage to spice up your workouts easily.

Practice. No one starts as an expert. Every one of us needs time to get used to a sport, activity, or routine to become proficient. Be consistent in pushing yourself to perform well, then encourage yourself to advance and be better. This is the only way for you to reach your fitness goals and avoid fitness plateau.


Convinced that an aerobic step should be your home gym staple? Then what are you waiting for? Call Home Gym Australia and get a hold of the different superior-quality aerobic steps that we have so you can choose what suits your fitness requirements best! Need assistance? Ask our friendly sales representatives for advice and suggestions so they can help you determine through your comments what would fit your home gym and workout demands.