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Think of what gym essentials you need, and you would readily say that one of them is a barbell. Home Gym Australia carries different brands of barbell for sale that would fit your everyday workout. What do you need? An Olympic barbell or a standard one? Do you need a curl bar, trap bar, triceps bar, or weight plates? Home Gym Australia has them all for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need A Barbell For?
We normally see barbells in weightlifting or power-lifting events, and they are essential staples in gyms that provide weight training and muscle-building workouts for men and women. But to make sure that we are thinking of the same gym equipment, here’s a brief description of a barbell. It is the long metal bar that people used to carry with different sizes of weights on both ends. Its smaller version is the dumbbells which are also ideal pieces of home gym equipment. It primarily looks the simplest and easiest to use, because in reality, using this equipment correctly is a bit more complicated than you might think.
How Do You Use A Barbell?
A barbell, in itself, has an average weight of 15 to 20 kgs and is 4 to 8 ft long. Beginner gym-goers find lifting a barbell a difficult feat already, so adding weights on both ends is indeed a challenge. Depending on the kind of barbell that you would use, this equipment is sometimes attached to a bench press setup, or you can use it to advance exercises like squats, bicep curls, overhead presses, and deadlifts.
Types of Barbell

There are different types of barbells as gym equipment, based on the establishment’s target customers. A standard gym can have regular men and women’s barbells with a wide variety of weight plates to complement the bars. Other specialty gyms that train and coach professional weightlifters have Olympic barbells. But how exactly do these types of barbells differ?

Olympic Barbell

A standard Olympic barbell measures 7 feet long and weighs at least 20 kgs. The bar typically varies when it comes to its capacity to carry additional weight from the round plates. For instance, a brand that manufactures Olympic barbells should make sure that their product can hold the maximum weight that their plates have when used all together. An Olympic barbell should have the capacity of carrying between 270 to 680 kgs. (600 to 1500 lbs).

Standard Barbell

This type is shorter than an Olympic type with a length of 5 to 6 feet and a weight of 6 to 11 kgs (15 to 25 lbs). Because it is lighter and shorter, it can also carry lighter weight plates, ranging from 100 to 200 lbs only (45 to 90 kgs.) This is the type of barbell that gym enthusiasts choose to purchase when building their own home gym. This is not used for any competition and is only intended for fitness and weight training. Home Gym Australia is the best place to order and purchase standard barbells for home gym use. Just visit our store or contact us, and we will give you a wide selection of different brands of standard barbells for sale and weight plates to fit your workout needs.

What exercises can you do with a barbell?

Because of how versatile a barbell is as a piece of gym equipment, either at home or a commercial one, there are so many exercises and workouts that you can do using this piece of weightlifting tool.

Barbell Back Squats

Stand in front of a barbell rack, and hold both ends of the bar, with it resting on your shoulders. Stand up to lift the bar away from the rack and perform squats while carrying the barbell.

Barbell Front Squats

Stand at the back and under the bar rack so you can put it on shoulder height and under your chin. Hold both ends and lift the barbell to remove it from the rack. Do squats while carrying the barbell at shoulder length.

Angled Barbell Presses

With one end of the barbell on the floor, lift the other end of the bar on shoulder length to straighten your elbows, with repetitions for either of your arms.

Barbell Bench Presses

Lie down on a bench set up and put the barbell on the rack. Try to unrack and lift the barbell with your elbows at 45 degrees from your body.

Bent-Over Barbell Rows

Bend over and carry a barbell by pushing and pulling it from your body.

Barbell Deadlifts

With legs wide apart, bend your knees and carry the barbell in front of you until you can stand and straighten your knees.

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