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Best Landmine Exercises: The Machines And Tools You Need

best landmine exercises

When doing your muscle definition workout, you will never go wrong with landmine exercises. You may typically use weightlifting essentials like a barbell, weight bench, dumbbells, and the likes. But suppose you want to come across multiplicity and a sense of diversity and challenge to your movements when it comes to your weight training and strengthening program. In that case, the best landmine exercises can get you covered. And for landmine exercises, look no further than the Torsonator™!

An avid gym-goer can describe an ideal landmine exercise as a workout that utilises a unique angled barbell activity.  You can see one end of the barbell bolted or attached to a fixture on the ground while the user holds the opposite end of the bar, with or without a weight plate attached to it.



Editorial Picks

Several fitness centres have gym equipment for landmine exercises. They may have it as an attachment to a power rack or a singular or independent machine or tool that is secured on the ground. Want to know how and what you should get for your own home gym? Read on and get the chance to learn about our recommendations and tips on how to do the best landmine exercises using our reliable and high-quality machines and tools.

Landmine Machines:

Best Landmine Machine: Torsonator™  Single

“If core strength is your main grind, getting the ultimate torso training machine is the key. Perform your twists, squats, lunges, and presses to target not just your abs but your whole body with the one and only Torsonator™!”

Best Budget: Randy & Travis Machinery T-Bar Row Landmine Platform

“You can perform the best core strength exercise without breaking the bank. Using this reliable weightlifting equipment can give you the same benefits but just half the price!”

Best Landmine Alternative: Torsonator™  Unearthed

“Want a landmine machine but do not have the space for the all-powerful Torsonator™ original? The Torsonator™ Unearthed is the answer! Portable yet stable and sturdy – perfect for your fitness nook!”


Torsonator Accessories: Special Mentions

Torsonator™ Sleeve

“Do you have a power rack or cage in your garage gym? Do not miss the chance to get a Torsonator™ Sleeve to attach your landmine machine to your multi-station home gym equipment!”

Torsonator™  T-Bar Handle

“Add variety to your landmine exercises by changing the handles attached to your barbell, like the T-Bar!”

Torsonator™  Viking Press

“Level up your squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts with the Torsonator™ Viking Press.”


Top Picks for Landmine Machines

Torsonator™  Single


If landmine exercises pique your interest when it comes to core training and overall compound exercises, you would never go wrong with the Torsonator Single. Made with solid steel, the Iron Edge makes sure that its Torsonator has compatibility with barbells and other weightlifting bars. This lets you have a functional abdominal workstation fitted on the floor for stability and foundation.


  • Easy to assemble and fix to the floor
  • Compatible with standard barbells, Olympic bars, and other weightlifting bars
  • Effectively develops body’s range of motion, power, strength, and condition


  • You can see other less costly brands.


Randy & Travis Machinery T-Bar Row Landmine Platform

RTM T bar landmine platform

Landmine exercises need a stable floor attachment to hold the bar as the props that you want to use for your pivots, lunges, squats, and other best landmine exercises. This T-bar Row Landmine Platform allows you to attach your foundation to the floor or the wall, a perfect deal to save space!


  • Made with heavy-duty steel for stability and a strong foundation
  • Has available accessories to let you attach your landmine platform to your power rack or weight bench
  • One of the most affordable landmine platforms in the market


  • May need extra support if attached to a piece of gym equipment than the floor (power cage, rack, or multi-station home gym)


Torsonator™  Unearthed


Do you lack the space in your house to fit dependable weight training and strengthening pieces of gym equipment? Are you interested in developing your core strength while improving your overall body strength and performance? Well, the Torsonator Unearthed might just answer your dilemma.

This piece fits into a standard Olympic plate to use as the base. You can make your landmine exercises diverse while performing them anywhere you are. Portable, lightweight, and built to last, your Torsonator Unearthed helps you make the most out of your workout and space!


  • Ideal for small or limited workout spaces
  • For people on-the-go who want to enjoy landmine exercises in or outside the house.
  • Easy to use and store; lightweight yet stable and strong at the same time.


  • It will not work on its own and needs a compatible Olympic plate to serve as its foundation or platform base


Best Landmine Exercises: Torsonator Accessories

The Torsonator is a great piece of functional training equipment that can challenge the body in a whole variety of ways. Torsonator gets accolades as an excellent machine for core strength and stability. It can also serve as an effective piece of equipment that challenges the body in a different perspective, something that you would not normally get from traditional home gym machines. Here are things that you can buy to better take advantage of your landmine machine of choice.

Torsonator™ Sleeve


You may get your Torsonator as a wall or floor attachment if you have the space to spare in your garage gym. But if you already have limited space, the Torsonator Sleeve can help you squeeze in some precious and efficient landmine exercises hassle-free. Designed to fit in power racks and other multi-station home gyms, the Torsonator Sleeve is very easy to use and stress-free to assemble.

To use the Torsonator Sleeve, all you have to do is:

  • Remove the locking pin from the end part of the sleeve so you can also take out one of the rubber bushings.
  • Slide the sleeve to one of the holes in your power station or cage. Adjust it based on the appropriate height you would want for your Torsonator.
  • Replace the bushing and the locking pin. Tighten it up to stabilise the sleeve. Voila! You are good to go!


Torsonator™  T-Bar Handle


You have already chosen the Torsonator as the best landmine exercise tool for you, but you would want to add variety to your awesome workout regimen. No worries, because a simple change in the handles of your powerful machine can handle the work.

The Torsonator T-Bar handle allows the user to do classic bent-over T-Bar rows and wide-grip Torsonator twists. All you have to do is to attach the T-bar handle before your weight plate near the lifting end, so it can serve as your additional handle.


Torsonator™  Viking Press


Another amazing handle that Torsonator has is the Viking Press. If you want variety with your neutral grip overhead movements, bent rows, landmine anti-rotation, press and jerk variations, jammer presses, lunges, hack squats, shoulder presses, RDLs, and other trunk rotation exercises, The Viking Press handle makes all of these easy and attainable.


Whether you are a regular gym-goer or professional training for international competitions, getting the Torsonator as your home gym’s best landmine exercises tool may not sound like a bad idea. Imagine all the varieties of exercises you can perform, targeting different muscle groups one or all at the same time! Contact Home Gym Australia so you can have more information about the products that we offer to make your workout easy breezy.


How Do You Set Up And Use A Torsonator Or Landmine Machine?

Torsonator™-Single exerciseA Torsonator as a landmine machine does not look much, but its design and stability allow you to perform so many weight and strengthening exercises. This machine consists of a metal tube constructed on a pivoting or rotational system that can shift in any direction. A straight bar (barbell or Olympic bar) gets utilised as it can slide into the device as a handle so different exercises can be performed.

How do you assemble a Torsonator? You need two adjustable wrenches to use as you secure the sleeve attachment to the base. Your Torsonator has supplied nuts, bolts, and lock rigs that you use for assembly.

After securing the sleeve to the base, use another set of bolts to attach and secure the sleeve itself. Once done, make sure that the nuts and bolts are tightened using the wrenches.

See how easy that is! Now you can enjoy performing more challenging and rewarding exercises with your dependable Torsonator!


What Landmine Exercises Should I Perform For A Full-Body Workout?

As a weightlifting exercise, landmines are known to provide challenging and functional movements of the body that you cannot normally see in typical weight training poses and activities. This makes your workout routine more fruitful and engaging, giving a better advantage at improving your whole body rather than just your arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

Here are some tried-and-tested landmine exercises that you would want to add to your daily workout routines using the Torsonator. You can use and perform these exercises whether you attach Torsonator to a power cage, tower, or the floor.

For lower body development

  • Landmine squats
  • Single-Leg RDL
  • Reverse lunges

landmine exerciseFor upper body muscle definition

  • Half-kneel landmine press
  • Landmine rows
  • Landmine floor press
  • T-Bar rows

Core strengthening and sharpness

  • Standing rotation
  • Landmine twists


For more information about how you can take full advantage of your Torsonator machine, attachment, and accessories, contact and visit Home Gym Australia’s website. Our sales representative and partner gym consultants and experts are all more than willing to lend a hand in helping you achieve your fitness goals.



Home Gym Australia is strictly implementing stiff rules and regulations when it comes to its investigative procedures. It has performed well-organised surveys and interviews based on client preference and expert opinions. Home Gym Australia also makes sure that peer reviews and product studies from reputable gym establishments and manufacturers are sourced out without bias and with fair judgment.


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