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Best Power Tower Models In Australia

best power tower

If there is one machine that you would need to complete your workout station, considering the power tower clarifies and simplifies your dilemma. A power tower is not just a sleek and unintimidating piece of home gym equipment that can help you with one or two exercise routines. The best power tower may be all you need for your fitness needs; all rolled into one fully-packed machine.

Power towers are built to help gym-goers perform several weight training, strengthening, and conditioning workout routines using their own body weight. Depending on the model that you seek, a power tower can either complement your existing home gym machines and accessories, or it can be all the machines you need to perform bodyweight training.



Editorial Picks:

Now that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic continues to haunt our country, people can consider the popularity of building home gyms, not as a luxury but a necessity. Because the demand for home gym equipment continues to rise, there are so many manufacturers who came up with different models and variations of fitness machines, sometimes even a few variants of the same exercise equipment.

Take power towers, for example. Most brands have several models of power towers under their name, making it difficult and confusing for us to choose. But don’t worry because Home Gym Australia has taken that into consideration. We are carrying only the best brands and models to make sure that we help our customers choose wisely when building their personal gym.

If you are looking to set up your workout space at home, or you already have one and you just want to look for a new power tower, then this article is for you. Our researchers and gym consultants partner together to put in the hard work, do the research, and find the best power tower just for you.


Best overall: Body-Solid Freeweight Vertical Knee Raise, Dip, and Pull up

“Get your best workout without moving around your home gym! With Body-Solid power tower, you can have your upper body workout done in no time!”

Best Budget: Orbit Power Tower

“Develop your upper body muscle definition and performance without breaking the bank! This free weight power tower gives you the chance to perform all essential exercises without needing to buy different machines!”

Best Versatile: RTM Power Boxing Station Stand Gym Speed Ball Punching Bag

Want the most explosive weight and strengthening workout using one home gym equipment? Randy and Travis Machinery got you covered! This amazing 3-in-1 home gym equipment lets you do bodyweight training, boxing, and dodge ball all in one awesome fitness machine!”

Best Power Tower System: Max Strength Power Rack

“If buying a power tower that easily converts into a multi-station home gym is your dream, let Max Strength take care of the rest. Home Gym Australia offers all the accessories and attachments that you need to complete your workout ensemble.”

Best Alternative: Solid Dip Station Gym Fitness

“Have a small fitness space but want to get the benefits of a power tower? Try this compact dip station and take advantage of its stability and strength so you can perform your upper body exercises like never before!”


Body-Solid Freeweight Vertical Knee Raise, Dip, and Pull up

Body solid freeweight vkr

Are you looking for a power tower that can fit your fitness space at home? This sturdy yet space-saving fitness equipment gets the thumbs-up from many gym-goers who opted to stay at home and work out in the comfort of their abode. Not too tall, not too bulky, but never substandard. Body-Solid designed this innovative power tower to offer an intense workout without ever thinking that your space is cramped or your strength workout is incomplete.


  • A power tower built for effective vertical knee raises, dips, and pull-ups.
  • Has thick arm and back paddings that make your workout as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • Built with a steel frame with rubber grips and handles to ensure stable and better workout performance.
  • Has an in-home and commercial warranty, so you can use it wherever you want to work out.


  • Some find assembling the equipment more challenging compared to other brands.


Orbit Power Tower


Have you been dreaming or planning to buy a exercise rack or tower for an intense upper body workout, but you are just on a tight budget? We know how daunting it is to browse online fitness stores for new and essential pieces of gym equipment because they are seriously expensive. But, with Orbit Power Tower, you can leave all your worries behind!

At an affordable price, you can have an efficient workout station that allows you to perform whole-body exercises without spending too much money. With just one piece of fitness equipment, you can save time, space, and money wisely!


  • Develop upper body strength and muscle definition using only one home gym equipment!
  • Has all the safety and support specifications to ensure comfort at all times
  • Designed to fit any home space; sturdy workout station that is easy on the eyes
  • One of the most affordable power towers in the market


  • Accessories you would want to have to complement the machine are sold separately.


RTM Power Boxing Station Stand Gym Speed Ball Punching Bag

Power Boxing Station Stand Gym

Working out at home makes you feel somehow limited to that of basic cardio, weight training, strengthening, and conditioning programs. Why? Some may be lacking enough space. Others may have a wide space but not conducive for an all-out workout. Many may still feel torn as to what exercises they should perform to fulfill their fitness goals. While some would want to  using very few pieces of equipment that can definitely address their exercise requirements.

This is exactly what Randy and Travis Machinery had in mind when designing this incredible workout station.


  • A body-building, weight loss, and strengthening machine in one home gym equipment
  • Ideal for both boxing newbies and professionals
  • Made with durable and high-quality materials to ensure heavy-duty yet safe workouts
  • Combines weight training, boxing, and dodge ball in one sleek and stylish piece of machine.


  • This power rack or tower may need wider space in your home to perform all the workout programs


Max Strength Power Rack


This exercise tower has a name that perfectly describes everything that it can offer– strength and durability for all workout programs done to the max. Orbit Fitness designed a device that can handle all the superlatives in weight training. Adjustable power catches, safety bars, chin up and pull up bars, resistance bars, and an extra lat pulldown and rowing system to complete your whole-body workout! You can perform all these exercises in one outstanding power tower.


  • Complete whole body workout in one home gym equipment!
  • Easy to find accessories to complement your power tower
  • Adjustable and flexible specifications to suit individual exercise needs
  • Competitive price value considering its functionality and quality


  • Many consider it a bulky and space-consuming piece of fitness equipment.


Solid Dip Station Gym Fitness

Solid Dip Station

You have the will and eagerness to exercise, but you lack the space for a power rack, cage, or tower? Why not try a dip station? Affordable, compact, and efficient in providing the right amount of workout, this power tower alternative allows you to enjoy the same workout perks that you can get from a regular weight training station. You can still enjoy an amazing workout within your limited fitness space and budget!


  • Designed to provide support and stability in performing weight training and upper body workouts
  • Space-saving and lightweight; made with materials that make it built to last
  • Appropriate for beginner to expert gym enthusiasts
  • Effectively addresses upper body improvement with regard to strength, muscle definition, tone, and performance.


  • Activities that you can perform using this home gym equipment may be less than what you expect from a power tower.



Benefits of Power Tower: Why Should I Get One?

You may have heard of people raving and claiming that they found the best home gym equipment in the form of a workout tower. But, you still do not know the reason why they think so. Here, Home Gym Australia enumerates the very reasons why both newbies and seasoned gym-goers love having a power tower in the comfort of their homes.

It can save you a lot of space

Doing several workout routines in one session may mean the need for multiple fitness machines and accessories. Well, not if you have a power tower. Buy one, and you get the function of 4 or 5 machines all at the same time.

power tower exercisesUsing Power towers saves you time

No more walking around each of your exercise machines to switch from one workout to another. Now, you have a workstation that allows you to stay in one spot while targeting different muscle groups and performing effective workouts.

Power towers save energy

Many home gym equipment and machines need electricity to work, but not power towers. They mechanically operate using your bodyweight. All you need is your determination and will to perform your weight training and strengthening workouts, and you are all set.

It can save you money

Any home gym equipment has a bad reputation as being a luxury item because it has high price tags. Well, we cannot deny that fact. But, if you settle for a power tower, you do not need to buy anything anymore! Yes, you may see power towers that cost hundreds of dollars; but compare it to buying 3 or more machines, and it definitely is a steal!

Power towers are versatile

When you buy a particular power tower, it may already have provisions on the workout routines that it can handle. But, another advantage you can get from having this amazing workout innovation is the fact that you can accessorise it to fit other workout routines! Try attaching gymnastic rings, weight bench, resistance bands, and others to your power rack or tower so you can take advantage of this sturdy equipment!


What Exercises can you Do in a Power Tower?

Want to know what you can do with your exercise tower? Do you need any more convincing so you can choose to get a power tower for your home gym? Can we just say that a power tower does it all? Yes! It can target specific muscle groups depending on the exercises and routines you would want to perform daily.

Pull-ups and chin-ups

What an excellent upper body and core strengthening and definition workout! You can perform a variety of pull-ups so you can improve the tone, firmness, and performance of your back, arm, hand, and core muscles. It also improves your grip strength along the way!

push up with power towerPush-ups

Want to have rock-hard arms and chest muscles? You can easily achieve muscular and bulky arms if you use the low grips of the power tower to perform your push-ups. Level-up and perform variations (one-arm, handstand, lower dips, etc.) using one home gym equipment only!


One more exceptional body weight workout that you can perform to get an effective and powerful upper body exercise is tricep dips. This simple yet challenging routine works the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and chest, as well as activates your core muscles. Instead of doing it on a chair or bench, utilize the handlebars of the power tower, so you maximise this body weight workout.

Leg and knee raises

Have you heard of vertical knee raises, hanging leg raises, and other body weight workout routines that target your core muscles and whole-body strength? Your power tower lats you do that, and more! With the padded arm handles and rubberized grips, you can sturdily lift your body confidently, knowing that you are stable and safe to perform workouts with a powerful piece of home gym equipment.


What should I Look for in a Power Tower?

Why should you choose the best power tower for your home gym? Simple. Your power tower helps you fulfill and reach your fitness goals without any injury or accident. Its quality should measure up to its price tag, and its function should last you a long time. What do you need to look for in a power tower?


Dubbed as an all-in-one home gym equipment, find a power tower that can help you perform so many exercises without buying anything anymore.


Make sure the manufacturer uses high-quality materials in fabricating your workout rack or tower.

Body size

Choose a power tower that can accommodate different body weight and force, so you and other family members can take advantage of its use.

Safety functions

Watch out for the quality of paddings, rubber covers, nuts, and bolts, as well as the adjustability of the power tower that you may choose. Your safety and comfort should always stay on top of your priority list.



Home Gym Australia is strictly implementing stiff rules and regulations when it comes to its investigative procedures. It has performed well-organised surveys and interviews based on client preference and expert opinions. Home Gym Australia also makes sure that peer reviews and product studies from reputable gym establishments and manufacturers are sourced out without bias and with fair judgment.


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