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Buy a superior Rear Delt Machine here at Home Gym Australia.

Home Gym Australia is the home of the most exceptional pieces of home gym equipment and accessories. We have everything you need when it comes to building your own fitness space. One of the essential pieces of gym equipment that should be included in your collection is the rear delt machine. Created to develop both pectoral and deltoid muscles, the rear delt machine is unquestionably suited for all users at every fitness level. We can help you choose your ideal rear delt machine to ignite your passion for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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It’s easy to get bored working out at home, especially if you’re repeating the same exercise routine day by day. You can lose your motivation and desire to stay fit which can lead to abandoning your regimen altogether. The rear delt machine is a two-in-one fly machine that offers shoulder and arm exercises. You can take advantage of its dual technology to perform multiple exercise techniques all in one machine. Imagine having a fly machine that helps you develop two major muscle groups that also save space at the same time? The rear delt machine is an absolute gem!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rear delt Machine Design and Features

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, everyone wants to have the convenience of having a quick and easy workout routine. The rear delt machine is a perfect choice since it offers a safe and efficient upper body training method. The framework and design of this piece of home gym equipment are made for a comfortable and stress-free resistance and weight training workout. Here are some of the specific features of a perfect rear delt machine for your upper body exercises and routines. 

  • Dual-handle mechanism. This feature allows the user to activate different arms and shoulders muscle groups. Great for rear delt exercises and strengthening workouts. It comes with a safety grip for maximum control.


  • Ergonomic design. Designed to accommodate users of all sizes without readjustments in between exercises. Great for rear delt exercises and pectoral development. Perfect for upper body workouts.


  • Adjustable weight stack. This feature allows the user to add additional load for extra resistance. It is a safe and effective way to gradually increase the stack that is beneficial for shoulder and arm strengthening and conditioning workouts. The weight is offset to the right side for easy and convenient accessibility.


  • Arc movement. The converging arc emulates the movement of free weight delt exercises, allowing independent arm movement for balanced muscle development. 


  • Foot and backrest. The back and neck padded cushion allows the user to extend the lower back muscles, reducing the strain on the hips. Moreover, rear delt machines typically have foot support cushions as well to offer movement stability for added comfort and control. These features provide comfort and security while complimenting rear delt exercises and upper body workouts.

Cable attachment. Cables are internally lubricated for a smooth and low-impact fly machine experience. It provides the right amount of muscle strain for gradual muscle development.

Muscles targeted by rear delt or fly machine:

  • Trapezius muscles
  • Deltoids
  • Teres Minor
  • Infraspinatus
  • Rhomboids


If your gym trainer to fitness instructor advised you to focus your upper body muscle building workouts on these muscle groups, then adding a rear delt machine to your personal fitness space is indeed a necessity. Contact Home Gym Australia to know more.

Steps on How to Perform Rear Delt Exercises

  • Sit on the machine facing the pad.
  • Adjust the seat, so the height is with the right level of your shoulders.
  • Grab the handles and pull your arms back slowly while keeping them straight.
  • Compress your shoulder blades together.
  • Hold this position for approximately 2 seconds, then return to your starting position with your hands in front of you.
  • Perform the steps gently with precision.
  • Repeat 10-12 times for maximum results.

Always remember that while performing rear delt exercises, the movement should primarily come from the upper arm, working from the shoulder muscle sockets, rather than the scapular retraction. The shoulder blades should always have minimum mobility and do not lean your head forward as you spread your arms open.

Tips when Using your Rear Delt Machine
Your shoulder muscles (rear deltoids) are one of the most difficult muscles to target. Knowing how to use a fly machine is not enough. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you’re using the Rear Delt Machine from Home Gym Australia correctly.

Avoid too much weight. The most common reason why your delts are still underdeveloped even while consistently performing your upper body exercises is putting on too much weight during your resistance training. If you’re using too much weight, it causes the other muscles to absorb the load and redirect the focus of your movements just to compensate, reducing the resistance from your deltoid muscles. By taking advantage of our rear delt machine’s adjustable weight stack, you can start with lighter weights until your delts adjust to the resistance. You can gradually increase the resistance level once your delts are fully developed.

Avoid following the same exercise pattern for a prolonged time. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with performing the same exercise routines when using a rear delt machine. However, the fact that you’re solely focusing on the same practices limits your chances of having full upper body muscle development. This is where you can make the most out of Home Gym Australia’s rear delt machine’s dual technology. You can switch from the regular delt exercise to reverse as easy as changing the direction you’re sitting. It’s simple, but it’s also very effective.

Home Gym Australia’s Rear Delt Machine
As mentioned earlier, people train their shoulders often neglecting their rear deltoids. Exercising with free weights tend to focus more on the development of front and side deltoids. The easiest way to develop a balanced set of shoulder muscles is to use any of Home Gym Australia’s rear delt machine. Our selection of high-quality fly machines help reduce the risk of injury by reinforcing all the major muscle groups in your shoulders better than exercising with free weights. With the correct method and alternating exercise patterns, you will achieve a full upper-body workout in no time.

Now that you know what a rear delt machine is and how it works, perhaps its also the best time to consider getting one so you can start taking advantage of its benefits. Having a strong upper body has so many benefits like improving your posture and confidence, leading you to have a healthy lifestyle and outlook. You can easily find the premiere rear delt machine from Home Gym Australia and other helpful fitness accessories. By choosing to partner with us, you have the privilege of knowing that you have selected the best.