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Are your muscles tired, aching and sore after getting a good workout? You may want to find a way to ease the discomfort you feel, post-workout. A foam roller can help relieve the pain you feel and be a great pre and post-workout tool. If you are thinking about how to prevent muscle soreness after your workout, read on to find out how a foam roller might be of good use to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use A Foam Roller To Treat Sore Muscles
A foam roller can be used to reduce the soreness in muscles that people sometimes feel after a workout. The pain and soreness occurs because of the overuse and increased intensity of exercise on the muscles. This may sometimes lead to reduced mobility of the muscles and even to muscle shortening.

Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller
As a person works out, the muscles become damaged and then they rebuild themselves. This is how people who aim to build muscles increase their muscle mass and size. However, when muscles get damaged, the person may experience pain and soreness. Here are the benefits that people can have when they incorporate the use of a foam roller into their workout.

Relieves Muscle Soreness

The most common use of a foam roller is to help get rid of muscle soreness. The way that a foam roller does this is by breaking down the scar tissue that may have been forming on the area. It also increases the blood flow in the area, promoting the muscle with the much-needed oxygen and healthy nutrients it needs to recover.

Enhancement Of Muscle Performance

Since foam rollers work to get rid of muscle soreness, they will promote faster healing of the muscles. If your muscles are able to heal faster, you will be able to perform more difficult exercises that will put more strain on your muscles, helping them become stronger over time.

Foam rollers also prevent the overproduction of lactic acid in the body. This will help your muscles feel better, faster. It will also result in better muscle performance.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Your muscles will be able to recover more quickly with the use of foam rollers. Any knots in the muscles will be undone when a person does a foam roll. Foam rollers will also help stimulate blood flow into the muscles, helping them recover more quickly.

Prevents Further Injury To The Muscles

Since foam rollers get rid of any scar tissue that may have formed, limiting muscle mobility and the range of motion of the person. Having too much scar tissue will prevent the person from exercising and flexing their muscles as far as they should be able. It may also cause the scar tissue to increase over time, if the scar tissue is not removed. 

Foam rollers work to soften and break down scar tissue. Over time, with the use of a foam roller, scar tissue will totally be removed, enabling the muscles to function normally again. A foam roller makes it possible to prevent scar tissue from forming again as muscles heal after each exercise.

Corrects Imbalances Of The Muscles

As you exercise, go about your daily tasks or do normal, everyday things, your muscles may experience strain that may result in imbalances on the muscles. Since the body will want to have natural balance and equilibrium, it will be harder to achieve this if the muscles are not able to repair themselves. 

A foam roller will correct any imbalances in the muscles by allowing them to heal and get rid of the scar tissue that prevents them from regaining balance. If the muscles are able to heal, it will naturally allow muscle balance to improve and return to normal.

Is It Okay To Use A Foam Roller Every Day?
People wonder if it may be harmful to use a foam roller daily. The answer is no. Using a foam roller will not cause any harm to the muscles if it is used regularly. In fact, if a person chooses to foam roll every day (or at least before and after every workout), they will be able to make their muscles ready for the workout. Foam rollers may also be used as an effective way to cool down after an intense workout.

Can A Foam Roller Help With Weight Loss?
A foam roller will not be able to help a person perform cardio exercises, which are the most effective in helping someone with weight loss, foam rollers may be effective in breaking down cellulite that may form underneath the skin. Using a foam roller is not a solution for weight loss, but if a person has already lost some weight and now wants to concentrate on areas that have cellulite, to be able to become more attractive and wear clothing that may reveal those target areas, a foam roller may be useful for this.

Cellulite can make certain parts of the body look unsightly and lumpy. If a person chooses to use a foam roller, the cellulite will be broken down and more easily dissolved. It may make it easier for the body to expel the cellulite from the body.

Foam Roll Before Bed

If you have chronic muscle pain, using a foam roller may help you soothe the pain and have a more comfortable sleep. Using a foam roller right before bed can help get rid of any knots that cause muscle pain, and the foam roll action may also ease muscle stiffness. Getting rid of these problems will also get rid of the pain and discomfort in the muscles. Your sleep will be deeper and more restful with the use of a foam roller.

Foam rollers will help with chronic pain by helping with problem areas within the muscles themselves. Doing foam roll exercises before going to sleep will help you wake up with less pain in your muscles. You will also be able to feel the difference in your muscles and feel significantly less chronic pain after only a few days of using a foam roller before bed. 

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