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Are you in the process of completing your home gym? Do not forget your gym mats! Though these may seem unessential and used to accessorise the area, you should consider your exercise mats to be good companions for your fitness routines and the maintenance of all your gym equipment machines and devices. Let Home Gym Australia show you the different exercise and gym mats that will complement your overall health and fitness workout at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Gym Mats?

Whenever you go to your nearby commercial gym or fitness centre, you may notice that most of the gym-goers carry with them a rolled-up mat. This may look tacky for some, but exercise or gym mats are important is several exercise routines. Typically made with rubber, these mats make you stable when performing different movements, preventing you to slip or fall and causing injuries. Gym mats may differ in materials and sizes, but the goal to keep you safe during your workout stays the same.

Kinds of Gym Mats

There are several mats that may be used in the gym. Each exercise mat provides different levels of stability and comfort, so make sure you know which one to choose for your individual fitness needs. Let Home Gym Australia provide you with a wide selection of gym mats that can address your every gym requirement.

Gym Floor Mats

The gym flooring is the most essential type of gym mat, sometimes occupying the whole area of the gym. Because accidents are unpredictable but very possible during any workout routine, it is essential to have a high-quality gym flooring so that injuries and accidents may be aggravated by the hardness or full impact on the floor.

There are different gym floor mat materials that you can choose from depending on your home gym design and use. You can opt for rubbery, foamy, carpet-like, turf or lawn, or vinyl mat flooring, whichever fits your gym’s function.

Yoga or Pilates Gym Mats

These are the rolled-up gym accessories that you may see most gym-goers bring to their workout sessions. Yoga and Pilates are two of the most popular fitness activities that many men and women perform nowadays for their flexibility, strengthening, relaxation, and body conditioning. Yoga or Pilates mats have non-slip surfaces to provide stability and help the user balance his or her body without any injury.

Pilates requires thicker gym mats because its primary function is to cushion the back, spine, and different joints of the body during the session. Several of Pilates’ exercises of body flexibility, strengthening, and posture improvement require floor movements, so the use of a reliable and supple gym mat is important.

Yoga, on the other hand, is not just for the muscles and your body’s flexibility and grace. Its main goal is to intensify your mental awareness and conditioning. Yoga makes these possible by combining meditation, breathing, concentration, and relaxation activities with several fluid movements of the body on the floor. Gym mats allow the Yogis or the people who practice Yoga, to become comfortable and stable during their routines.

Exercise Gym Mats

You may think that this type is just the same as the ones used for yoga or Pilates. However, exercise mats are actually like gym floor mats that help you perform several gym workouts anywhere you are. You may be at home, in the office, or the park, yet, an exercise gym mat makes it possible for you to painlessly and safely lift weights, perform crunches, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges. Even the exercise activities that require to lie flat on the floor becomes possible and doable even with your shoes on!

Considerations when Choosing Your Gym Mats

There are so many kinds, brands, and models of gym mats that you can see in your local sports outlets and gym stores, so it is very confusing to choose one that would fit your home gym room or space. Home Gym Australia, as part of our promise to provide nothing but the best to our valued customers, has the following reminders that you can use when choosing appropriate gym mats for your home of office fitness nook.

Cost. Gym mats come in different sizes and functions, and each would have their own price range. To make sure that your choice is the best reasonably-priced option, research about the product’s specifications, and find out feedbacks from previous and current users. This assures you that the money you used in getting your exercise mats is well-spent.

Durability. There are different gym mats with required thickness and stability, so it is important that you check the materials that the manufacturers use to make your mats and floorings. Their different functions also affect how strong and sturdy they are, so make sure that you choose the appropriate type for your specific needs.

Shock Absorption. One of the main uses of the mat is for cushioning. Ensure that your gym mats are not just stable, but they should also be able to absorb the noise and shock that your routines will make. Some mats require you to remove your shoes when using them, like yoga or Pilates mats, while the others can absorb the toughness of your shoes and other exercise gym equipment.

Usage or Set-up. While most exercise mats are portable, gym floorings are a bit confusing when getting installed. Make sure to choose the right material for your home gym so that the layout and use of the gym floor mat are worth it.

Maintenance. Cleaning your gym mats may be as easy as wiping off stains or sweat marks with a wet towel, or it can be as challenging as brushing it hard. Even worse is to opt for a replacement since cleaning and maintaining its former appearance is already impossible, like in the case of work out foam tile mats and turf.

Convinced that your home gym really needs gym mats and flooring? Look no further than Home Gym Australia to provide you with all the options you need to make your fitness haven safe, clean, and organised. You can be sure that we can provide you with superior-quality and reasonably-priced gym mat choices for your fitness equipment or personal use!