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Heart Rate Monitor

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Buy the most accurate Heart Rate Monitor in Australia, only here at Home Gym Australia

Heart rate monitors are one of the most substantial pieces of fitness trackers among many of the available workout accessories that a fitness buff should have. This little piece of technological wonder allows the user to conveniently monitor their heart rate during and after their workout routine. As an established provider of top-of-the-line home gym equipment and workout accessories, let Home Gym Australia be your guide in choosing the perfect heart rate monitor for all your fitness needs.

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Home Gym Australia has been leading the online market as the primary source of fitness trackers like heart monitors and other workout accessories. Our reputation for providing world-class home gym accessories and exceptional service earned the trust of many Australians as the most reliable ally when it comes to achieving their health and fitness goals. Our customers know that they’re on the right track when they contact Home Gym Australia. 

It’s easy to get intimidated when choosing fitness trackers, especially heart rate monitors because of the wide selection of functionality to choose from. Many manufacturers offer all kinds of exciting features in heart rate monitors that make it hard to decide what to buy. The good news is, whether you’re looking for the basic heart rate monitors or something modern and trendy, we guarantee that you will find the best fitness trackers from Home Gym Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are heart rate monitors?
Heart rate monitors or HRMs are personal monitoring devices used to measure and display the user’s real-time heart rate signals. They are also used as fitness trackers along with other workout accessories. Heart rate monitors are typically used in recording the rate during physical activities for later study. Modern heart rate monitors utilise two different methods in measuring heart rate signals. They are electrical and optical. Both technologies provide accurate results.

What are the types of heart rate monitors?

There are two main types of heart rate monitors: The chest-strap and the wrist-based. 

Chest-strap heart rate monitor. A wireless sensor is attached on a chest strap to electronically detect your pulse and immediately send data to a wrist watch-type receiver where your heart rate is displayed in a monitor. Chest-strap HRMs are the most accurate fitness trackers among all the other workout accessories. 

Wrist-based heart rate monitor. An optical sensor is built into the unit’s watchband to detect the pulse rate. They are convenient in terms of size and comfort. These HRMs are also the most accessible accessories to wear. 

What are the benefits of using a heart rate monitor?
The most significant benefits of using a heart rate monitor are knowledge and awareness. Having ample knowledge about your heart rate can be a lifesaver during your workout. This allows you to change pace whenever necessary. It provides accurate information if you’re working too slow, or too fast in a particular set of exercise routines. 

Improved Overall Health and Fitness. Using a heart rate monitor helps you maintain the most suitable exercise program for your health condition. It enables you to get into the right levels of intensity at all times, especially when you’re training without a fitness coach at home. 

Monitored Exercise Effort. By using an HRM, you will be able to measure how much effort you need to exert in specific exercises. This is particularly helpful in strength conditioning programs or endurance training. 

Progress Check. Keeping records on how your heart rate increases during your workout can be very beneficial. This allows you to continue or stop certain exercise routines.

Safety. With an accurate way to measure your progress, you can be sure that you are safely performing all the exercise methods you need to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to worry about overexerting your efforts in specific exercise patterns anymore.

How do I choose the right heart rate monitor?

There are a few things to consider before buying your first HRM. First is the functionality. It should have all the essential features that a standard HRM should have. Second is the comfortability; choose an HRM that doesn’t hinder your workout routine. It should be wearable at all times. Last, but not least, is aesthetics. It might be the last thing you have in mind, but there’s no harm in working out in style!

To get the most out of your HRMs, it should have the essential fitness metrics and functionality to help you monitor your overall workout routine. These are the things that your standard HRM should have:

Heart Rate Recovery. This is a useful way to track the time it takes your heart to return to its regular rate. The recovery rate is the most reliable indicator of your cardiovascular health. 

Pulse Monitor. A convenient way in measuring your pulse by just putting your fingers on your HRMs’ sensor. They provide accurate results and very easy to use. Perfect during mid-workout monitoring.

Calorie Counter. Perfect for weight management programs. The calorie counter provides the value for estimated calories you burn during a workout. 

Target Zones. Target zones refer to the amount of time you spend exercising within a specified workout routine. You can program the target zone to your preferred exercise method parameters, whether for endurance or basic aerobic training. 

StopWatch/ Lap Times. This is especially useful to track how your heart rate changes pace after reaching a specific point in your training. 

Speed/ Distance Monitor. Speed and distance are calculated for a particular workout. This is a perfect match for individuals that uses treadmills, elliptical machines, or stationary bikes. It keeps an accurate record of your heart rate while performing exercises by using one of these machines. 

Personal Fitness Trainer. Provides alerts and notifications if you’re not hitting the target programmed for a particular exercise.

Sport Watch Function. A typical HRM also has the same functionality as a sports watch as a clock, alarm, calendar, and countdown timer.

Battery Replacement. Some HRMs’ batteries can be replaced for easy maintenance. It is capable of running with rechargeable batteries. 

Other features are added by the manufacturers to take advantage of the latest technology, such as the ability to communicate with other wireless devices and coded transmission wirelessly.

Digital Interface. The ability to connect to your smartphone or home computer. This is particularly useful in statistical analysis and sharing of data. 
Coded Transmission. One of the most effective ways to make sure that the communication between your HRM and other HRM users do not suffer from interference.

Where can I buy the most reliable heart rate monitors in Australia?

Home Gym Australia offers the best and most reliable heart rate monitors in Australia that you’ll ever find! So, go ahead and contact our team and choose the best heart rate monitors in Australia available from our website today!