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Best Ways on How to Use a Torsonator

how to use a torsonator

As you may now know, you can perform several weight and strength training exercises using your Torsonator. This simple yet powerful tool can make you carry out exercises to improve your strength, stamina, endurance, and overall performance. Let us learn the different ways on how to use a Torsonator so you can reap the benefits that you expect from an efficient weight training session.


How to use a Torsonator: The Set-Up

torsonator as weight training

As a beginner, all you need to have is a straight bar, preferably an Olympic bar, and your Torsonator. The arrangement will depend on the type of Torsonator that you have.

If you need to bolt it on the floor, make sure that the location where you choose to perform your landmine exercises matches the movements and home gym space. Why? Because as the permanent place of your Torsonator, the area should allow you to safely carry out exercises you need to target different muscle groups and not hinder you from working out.

On the other hand, if your chosen Torsonator only needs a weight plate, be sure that the plate you require can hold the effort you exert in your exercises.

Once the Torsonator device is in place, insert one end of the Olympic bar into the tube that holds it in place. Locked in place? Then,   what are you waiting for? Time to work out!



How to Use a Torsonator: The Exercises

Landmine Squats

Target: Legs, thighs, hips, core, and back

If you know how to perform back squats, then you should know that landmine squats can replace them for a safer and more advantageous workout.

What to do: Hold the proximal end of the Olympic bar near your chest. Slowly squat until your knees are parallel on the floor. Do this repeatedly 16 times in 2 to 3 sets.


Landmine Thrusts

Target: Legs, arms, back, buttocks, shoulders, and core

Want to level up your landmine squats? This workout seriously brings the demand in your weight training.

What to do: Start and hold the straight bar aligned with your chest, squatting down until your legs are on the same angle to the floor. This part looks the same as your squats. Except for the fact that as your return and straighten your legs, you need to push the bar forward and extend your arms. Talk about lifting for your lower and upper extremities!


Rotational Single-Arm Presses

Target: Buttocks, shoulders, arms, and core

What to do: Start and angle your body 45 degrees in the direction of the Torsonator. While holding the Olympic bar in your hand, you need to place it at chest level just within the position of your shoulder. Go down into a bit of a squat as you start shifting your weight a little to your rear leg. Do this a few times on each side.

The tip to do this is to drive the force from your back and hips, letting your shoulder follow the direction of your twisting. Make full extensions of your arms at the peak of the set-up so that as you transfer your weight to the leg in front, you can keep the straight bar aligned to your shoulder.


Landmine Anti-rotations

torsonator benefitsTarget: Arms, shoulders, back, core, and obliques

Many called this a landmine twist, rotation, and landmine 180, and they all describe how the exercise goes. Simply put, this workout harnesses your core stability and strength without hurting your back like many weight and powerlifting routines.

What to do: As usual, start and hold the bar at your chest level using both hands. Using your arm strength, begin your routine by moving the bar in an arc shape. This allows the bar to move in a back and forth position while keeping it in front. Note that you have to let your arms do the work. This means you have to control your movement without your core and hip, keeping still the whole routine.


Split Squat/Row Exercises

Target: Whole body workout

We saved the best for last. Of all the exercises we managed to prepare, this is the ultimate workout routine. Why? Because it addresses the strengthening and muscle definition of your upper and lower muscle groups without putting too much pressure and forces on your back.

What to do: Instead of looking towards the Torsonator, turn your back and face the end of the Olympic bar. Utilizing an open grip, start picking up the bar with your arm that is located closest to it. Make sure that you grip the bar near the collar. While keeping the tension on the bar and descend into a split squat, stopping just before your back knee touches the ground. Return to an upright position by extending your front leg while simultaneously rowing the bar.



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