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Experts’ Guide On How To Use Rowing Machine To Lose Weight

how to use a rowing machine to lose weight

Many people want to get into shape and sculpt their figure, whether to enhance their physical appearance, boost their confidence, or for some other reasons. Luckily, losing weight has become quite easy thanks to several rowing workout techniques. If you want to know how to use a rowing machine to lose weight, follow the tips and tricks below from our experts. With the right combination of strength training and cardio workout, you can trim down those excess pounds and row your way on the path towards a healthier version of you.


Rowing Machine Workout Plan

Losing weight is a matter of dedication and consistency. With a comprehensive workout plan, you can achieve your fitness goals in no time. Your primary aim is to burn calories, and sticking to this objective will result in losing weight until you reach your ultimate goal.

If you want to speed up your weight loss progress, you can modify your routines depending on your capacity. For instance, you can take your rowing workout to the next level by incorporating high-intensity interval training. Engaging in a full-body workout will boost your heart rate and reach the heart rate zone, which increases the number of calories you are burning.


Why Should I Use A Rowing Machine?

reasons how to use a rowing machineMany of you might have asked why a rowing machine is the most recommended choice for losing weight? A rowing machine may seem like a piece of average-calibrated fitness equipment alongside other cardio workout machines such as elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and treadmills. However, among all of those that are previously mentioned, only a rowing machine has the capability to offer a high intensity yet low impact workout.

When a piece of fitness equipment offers a low impact workout, it means that there is little to no risk of experiencing an intense pressure that may lead to unnecessary injuries towards your knees and joints. In order to speed up their progress, some people may tend to increase the intensity of their routine with hopes of burning more calories. However, going too hard puts your joints and knees on the likelihood of getting strained or injured.

Sustaining sore and tired muscles or ending up with an injury will only delay your progress. You may be required to go through a recovery period before you get back to your regular routines. Low impact exercises still have the capacity to be a high-calorie burning activity and get comparable long-term results with other high-impact activities. This is one of the main reasons why experts suggest rowing machine for weight loss.



Experts’ Guide Towards Weight Loss

At some point in our lives, we all have aspired to achieve a fit and well-toned figure. We have gathered several tips from our experts and listed the most recommended tricks on how you can trim down those extra pounds. Here are some guides on how to use a rowing machine to lose weight.

Rowing in a slow and steady pace

As you perform your rowing workout, begin finding the pace you feel most comfortable with and keep in mind how fast it is. You may also make an accurate measurement by counting each rowing cycle or the number strokes per minute. Maintain this pace and push yourself to keep going until you reach a duration of thirty to forty-five minutes. Repeat this process, depending on how frequent you desire. You can also add more challenge by increasing the duration of your rowing workout. This technique is an excellent full-body workout that improves your endurance and is also a great way to burn calories.

Ramping up technique

training how to use a rowing machine to lose weightIn contrast to the slow and steady technique, ramping up is a far more challenging rowing workout. Rather than maintaining a comfortable motion, this technique requires you to level up your exercise by adding a stroke per minute for every elapsed time throughout the duration of your routine. It is a slightly gradual approach that lets you intensify your workout within a certain time frame. This method allows you to unnoticeably increase your endurance, which you will only realise after your routine.

Practicing High-intensity interval training

Similar to a ramping up technique, the high-intensity interval training technique requires a gradual increase of the strokes per minute that you take. As you push yourself towards reaching your peak, you will slowly get back down and return to your starting place. By doing so, you are replicating the intensity similar to that of a river rafting and actual uphill and downhill rowing.

Mixing it up

Besides increasing your workout duration, you can intensify your rowing exercise further by switching from one technique to another. Combining your rowing workout will improve your endurance and increase your power. There will be a higher number of calories burned coming from the constant change of movements and pace. 

Focusing on Your Form

Having a proper form will maximise your workout and can help you burn more calories. Be mindful of maintaining your posture and focus on strengthening your core, as rowing will be more beneficial when done at an upright position. Avoid slumping to reduce the risk of straining your lower back and other muscle groups located on your upper body. 

Staying Motivated

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges you can encounter on your journey towards losing weight is maintaining the level of motivation and eagerness to reach your goals. Regardless of how you intensify your rowing workout and regularly perform your other fitness routine, it would still take some time before you see the results. This is the part where you must stay dedicated and have more patience. Trust the process and believe in yourself, and everything else will follow.

Being Creative

Whether you want to combine rowing exercises with other cardio workouts or include your favourite activities during your routine, it all comes down to your preferences. Be creative about making your exercises more fun and exciting, something that you can look forward to every day.    

Cooling down and taking some rest

Pushing yourself a little too hard might be more detrimental rather than healthy. Remember to take some time off your exercises and give your body a chance to recover after an intense rowing session. You can perform some cool-down activities such as basic stretching and warm-up exercises to keep your body active without forcing it to work.


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