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Inversion Table

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Inversion Table

Pains around your body cause by running and biking can cause pressure and pain on your spine. If you have back pains that you cannot seem to get rid of, you need an inversion table. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using inversion tables and how a teeter inversion table can help you overcome your body pains so you can continue to do the things you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Inversion Table?
Teeter hang ups, inversion tables, no matter how you refer to them, they have the same use. Teeter inversion tables are used to ease pressure on the back caused by activities like bending over, biking and jogging. The pressure on the spine puts the person at greater risk for back pains, problems with their vertebra and various other conditions. 

Inversion tables are made up of a platform that is held up by a stand. Straps hold the person in place as they are held up, inverted in the air.

The Purpose Of An Inverter Table
Teeter hang ups and home gyms may be synonymous. People who frequently work out apply pressure to the spinal discs. This can cause them to regularly suffer from back pains after they lift heavy weights as they work out. Although this machine is not technically an exercise machine that can help people build muscle or lose weight, it is still an extremely useful machine to have at any home gym. 

The purpose of teeter hangups or an inversion table is to help people with back pains. There are many people who are unable to continue working out because of back pains. A teeter hangups inversion table can help relieve back aches and allow the person to continue working out and continuing on their fitness journey. Having a teeter inversion table in your home gym may give you a better chance to avoid feeling back pains because of your workouts and to be able to continue doing the things that you enjoy.

How Do Teeter Hangups, Inversion Tables Work?
Many people swear by the use of teeter inversion tables. Although people have a different response to this machine (as with anything connected to fitness and health), most of the people who have used an inversion table have sworn that this machine has helped them deal with back pain.

Some people who experience chronic pain in the back. A teeter inversion table works to ease the pressure on the discs of the spine and get rid of the back pain they feel. This pain may be disrupting many aspects of their daily lives, including the willingness and ability of the person to work out. Having a teeter inversion table conveniently located in your home gym will give you less chances of developing any chronic back pains, giving you a better chance to continue doing your workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Teeter Inversion Tables?
Having an inversion table in your home gym is a good idea. If you are a gym buff, who works out a lot, you may expect to feel occasional pains around your body, especially in your back. An inversion table can help with those pains. Here is a list of the other benefits that you can have if you choose to have an inversion table in your home gym. 

Improved Health Of The Spine

The spinal health of a person may be greatly improved with the use of a teeter inversion table. Doing exercise is good, but many types of exercise and workouts may cause strain on the spine. This pressure and strain may then cause unnecessary pressure to be put on the discs of the spine. The pressure, in turn, may cause back pains for the person. 

A teeter inversion table may help a person with back pains get rid of these pains by reducing the pressure on the discs of the spine. 

Increased Flexibility

If a person has limited range of motion because of back pains, an inversion table can help relive the tension in the spine and help improve flexibility and range of motion. A healthy spine will also allow people to move more freely, without being afraid of feeling any pain when they move. 

Having micro-adjustments done on the spine will also result in an improvement in the person’s posture. People who have a sedentary lifestyle, or spend most of their time sitting down will benefit from using a teeter inversion table. 

Reduces The Future Need For Back Surgery

The use of a teeter inverter table may reduce the risk of developing problems and conditions of the back that may later lead to having the need for surgery on the spine and back later on. The purpose of an inverter table is to reduce the tension on the discs in the spine. If the spine is healthy, there will be a smaller risk for the person to have serious back problems when they grow older. 

Decreases Back Pain

The most common benefit that a person can get from the use of a teeter inverter table is that their back pain will be treated. Inverter tables treat back pains by relieving the spine of the pressure. People who frequently experience back pain or have chronic pain on their backs will do well to use a teeter inverter table. 

A Teeter Inversion Table May Be Beneficial For You

Advocates for inversion therapy claim that it can work wonders for people who suffer from chronic back pain, scoliosis and other conditions relating to the spine. If you have a spinal condition that causes you back pain, but want to exercise and keep fit, an inversion table may be of help to you.

How Often Should An Inversion Table Be Used?
There is no limit as to how many times a person may use an inversion table on a given day. For best results, it is best to use an inversion table when you feel pain. Inversion therapy can help relieve pain because of pain caused by pressure on the spinal cord. 

People who swear by the use of a teeter inversion table say that if you feel pain, the best remedy is to use inversion therapy at least twice a day. When you wake up, use the inversion table to remove and tension on your spine as a “good morning” stretch. Use the inversion table again right before you go to sleep at night to ensure that you will have a restful sleep free of back pain. You can use the inversion table anytime during the day as there is no limit to the number of times you can use it.

In contrast to pain medications that can also be used to treat back pains, there is no risk of experiencing an overdose if you use a teeter inversion table for inversion therapy. People who do not want to rely on medications (even if they can be bought over-the-counter) may use an inversion table to get treatment for a painful back.

Where To Buy Inversion Tables?
If you are looking to add an inversion table to your collection of home gym equipment, you came to the right place. We want to help you buy an inversion table to help you with your back pain. We will always have the best inversion tables for sale, you can get great deals on them when you shop here. 

Get Rid Of Pain The Natural Way

Pain in any part of your body can be very bothersome. You may find yourself being stopped in your tracks because of the pain. Luckily, there is a way to combat these pains and get rid of them without the use of medicines. A teeter inversion table can help get rid of the pressure in your spine that is causing the pain you feel with the use of your own weight and gravity.

A teeter inversion table may cure your back pains without the need to take any pain killers. If you are the type of person who does not enjoy relying on pain medications to alleviate your body aches, getting a teeter inversion is the answer for you.