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Why should I add Landmine Exercises to my Workout?

landmine exercises

When you do weight training, you should not feel limited to just using barbells and dumbbells. You can find many weight and strength workout routines, like landmine exercises, that you can perform using the different home gym and fitness equipment. One of them is the Torsonator.

What can you do with a Torsonator? It may look too simple and less challenging than those bulky machines and heavyweights. However, we will make sure that your weight training requirements get fulfilled with this unassuming and straightforward exercise unit that offers versatility, efficiency, and weight resistance to your every move.



Torsonator for Landmine Exercises

What makes the Torsonator stand out as one of your weight training equipment options? Using a long straight bar and a floor attachment, the Torsonator allows you to enjoy weight lifting and other strengthening exercises   without feeling the need to lift an entire heavy barbell set.

Have you heard of landmine exercises? This workout activity uses a straight or Olympic bar with one end pushed to the floor of a wall corner, and the other end used as the handle when you perform your squats, arm presses, and rows. It looks sturdy on its own, but the Torsonator allows you to perform these landmine exercises without worrying about the stability of the equipment.

With the floor attachment bolted on the ground or connected to a multistation gym, your efficient landmine exercises could get more attractive and safe to perform with the Torsonator.


Benefits of Performing Landmine Exercises

If you think that doing landmine exercises can get redundant once you have your set of weight plates and straight bars, think again. You can achieve a lot of workout steps and routines with the Torsonator.


A Versatile Piece of Fitness Equipment

Torsonator movesThe word Torsonator may sound like a piece of fitness machine that focuses on the upper body workout. That impression is not entirely false, since the Torsonator™ acts as a piece of weight equipment that you can use to sculpt your chest and ab muscles as well as build up your strength. However, its use does not stop yet.

Unlike barbells and dumbbells that you have to lift as part of your routine, the Torsonator uses just one end of the bar for lifting. This makes it compatible with other weight training and strength exercises that you cannot perform with weightlifting. 

The activities that you can carry out with this machine can significantly affect your core strength. The thing that is so unique about this simple and unassuming gym equipment is the fact that you can change your routines into various steps that can target different muscle groups in the body.


Simple and Trouble-Free Usage

Do you know how to make use of your Torsonator™ at home? Several avid gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts who frequently do weight training during their workouts would know how to reap the gains of the different landmine exercises you can do with this impressive strength tool.

Landmine exercises, you say? As we have mentioned earlier, these are workout practices that make use of one end of a barbell or straight bar while the other is on the floor or a stand, like the Torsonator.


Safe to Utilise as a Weight Training Tool

Strength and conditioning exercises have a scary and terrible impression of being too demanding and high-impact workout routines that could potentially hurt your back and spine. Those who do not know the proper body mechanics of performing deadlift routines and other tiring and taxing weightlifting exercises can incidentally have a muscle strain, weakness, and exhaustion.

With the Torsonator™, rather than performing these potentially harmful weight exercises, you can opt for safer and more restricted steps and routines for rotational torso or upper body training. The full weight of the gym equipment is not going to cause harm or injury to your body, making your workout safe yet effective.


It is a Full-Body Workout

Landmine Bent-Over RowsYou may think that with the name Torsonator™, this weight training accessory would only target the upper body. But this underestimated equipment can show you otherwise. Because it is versatile, you can target different muscle groups depending on the workout routines that you would add to your exercise, like landmine press, squats, lunges, and twists.

This multifunctional weight exercise tool can definitely focus its effects on your arms, chest, back, shoulders, core, calves, or legs. Wherever you feel like sculpting and defining your muscles for a sexier physique, trust that the Torsonator can help you achieve that, and more!



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