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Massage Balls

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Massage Balls

Do you feel unusually tired and sore after working out, or just going about your day? Are you looking for a way to relieve your tired and aching muscles after getting a good workout? Maybe you can find the solution you are looking for in the form of a massage ball. Read on to find out about how a massage ball can help you get over aches and pains in your muscles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Massage Balls?
Also known as physical therapy balls, yoga balls or mobility balls, they all refer to the same thing. What are massage balls and how do they work? When you get a first look at massage balls, your first thought may be how these small balls can help in any way? You will be surprised to find out that massage balls are great at isolating problem areas and getting rid of pain in these areas. 

Massage balls help people make positive changes that will increase flexibility and range of motion in certain areas of the body. Massage balls will help reduce pain (and eliminate the possible causes of pain) by applying pressure to the affected areas. The pressure that can be produced with the use of a massage call is the same kind of pressure that may be placed on the muscles when deep tissue massage is done to the area. 

Massage Balls And Muscle Knots

Massage balls help to relieve muscle pain by helping undo the knots that may be causing the pain. Regular workouts may sometimes cause muscle knots because of the tension and pressure that is put on the muscles as a person exerts effort to work out. 

Knots in the muscles can be distracting and annoying to say the least. They can inhibit concentration and prevent tasks from getting done. Using massage balls to work out the knots in the muscles. 

Muscle Balls And Back Surgeries

It goes without saying that surgeries in the back may be costly and may cause the person a lifetime of pain after the surgery is done. Massage balls can work on various areas of the back, eliminating the need for back surgery. 

The muscles in the lower back can be worked and manipulated using massage balls to help the person reduce chronic pain and remove the need for any risky and painful surgeries. The deep tissue massage that can be done using massage balls is so effective that it may be enough to reduce the need for back pain

Why Massage Ball Are Useful
The main use of a massage ball is to help a person relieve pain and remove knots in their muscles. Massage balls are meant to be used before or after doing a workout, and rarely during the workouts themselves.

When exercise is done, it will take its toll on a person’s muscles. Especially when a person works out frequently, their muscles tend to become tired and can get knotted up. This can cause pain if the muscle knots are not undone. The use of a massage ball will enable you to continue doing exercises because your muscles will heal faster. Your muscles will hurt less after you work out and you will be able to enjoy your workout session more.

Are Massage Balls Effective?
Before you even consider buying a massage ball, this question has probably entered your mind. Is a massage ball even effective to begin with? With all the exercise equipment that can be bought and added to your home gym collection, what makes massage balls special?

To answer the question: yes, a massage ball may be small, but it is extremely effective at doing its job to help people with muscle pains. Massage balls are small, therefore they are able to easily isolate different problem areas in the body and make sure that the exact locations that are affected will be given proper attention.

Massage balls are small, but their size is what makes them able to serve their purpose and get the job done. Massage balls may be used on your back, arms and legs. Their small size enables them to get to the exact problem area. You will be able to find pain relief more quickly when you use a massage ball after a workout. 

Massage balls are great to be used right after an exercise session. The use of a massage ball right after exercise will ensure that your muscles will properly be able to repair themselves until the next workout. The position of the muscles will be put back in their proper positions with the use of a massage ball. If you are looking to build muscles, you will be able to do so more quickly with the use of a massage ball.

Things To Consider When You Are Shopping For A Massage Ball
If you are looking to buy a massage ball, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy a massage ball. Here are a few factors you should look into when you purchase a massage ball for your home gym.


The appropriate size for the massage ball you should get will depend on which part of the body you will be wanting to use the massage ball on. A small massage ball is good for the hands, forearms and feet. For hamstrings, legs, glutes and neck massages require a slightly larger ball, approximately the size of a tennis ball. A massage ball that is about 4 inches in diameter is needed for massages that are done on the shoulders and chest. 

Choosing the proper size of massage ball will ensure that the deep tissue massage therapy will be effective to get rid of the pain in the affected area. 


You might have seen advertisements for massage balls that show spikes and bumps on the balls. Other advertisements you may have seen showcase smooth, round balls. The type of shape that is ideal for you would depend on how you plan to work out using the massage ball.

For people who sweat a lot, the balls with spikes and protruding edges may be a better option because it will provide better grip on the massage ball as it is used. However, for most of the work done using a massage ball will be more effective using the smooth, round version. 

Round massage balls are more effective to be used because they are more easily manipulated during the workout and they are able to cover more ground in less time.


The weight of the massage ball will depend on the material it is made of, and also if the massage ball is solid or hollow. Usually, lighter balls and hollow balls (and lighter, hollow balls) cost less because heavier, solid balls are more likely to stay in place as the person uses them to massage affected areas of the body. 

Considering how heavy your massage ball should be may depend on which part of the body you are going to use it on. It is also possible to buy more than one massage ball if you have different parts of the body you would like to use them on. 


There are many different types of massage balls with varying hardness. As you work out, it is recommended that you use harder massage balls. The harder the massage balls, the more pressure they can put on the muscles. However, it may be a good idea to start with softer massage balls and use harder ones as the muscles develop due to more advanced exercises and work outs. 


For an exercise with a massage ball to be more effective, it has to have a better grip. The ball will be less likely to slip out of position if the grip is better. It will more likely be able to stay in position as you use it to massage a certain part of your body.

How Do I Know Which Type Of Massage Ball To Choose?
Based on the criteria listed above, you should choose a massage ball that coincides with the fitness goals you have set for yourself. Just like exercise, there is no one-step solution or one-size-fits-all plan that will be effective for everyone. The key to choosing the right massage ball for you is to think about your needs, and what you will be most comfortable for you to use. 

Keep in mind that you should not choose a massage ball based on other people’s accounts of what has successfully worked for them. You should take note of your current health and fitness goals and how you will use the massage ball to reach them.

Should I Get A Massage Ball For My Home Gym?
This is a question that plagues many. Out of all the possible types of gym equipment and fitness gear there is to offer, should you get a massage ball for your home gym collection?

As you have already read, there are many advantages to having a massage ball handy. If you want to stretch out tired muscles after doing a hard and vigorous workout, massage balls are great to have in your home gym collection. They can aid you in your warm up exercises to wake your muscles up before you break a sweat, and they can also be part of your cool down exercises to help your muscles relax again after training. 

Exercise Without A Massage Ball

What will happen if you go about your daily workout without the aid of a massage ball? You may experience muscle pains if you are not used to doing exercise. If you are new to working out, or if you are going to start working out after a long pause, a massage ball will be able to help you avoid potentially having muscle pains and cramps. 

Although it is possible for you to exercise and cool down without the use of a massage ball, your muscles will benefit more if you incorporate its use in your daily workout routine. Your muscles will heal faster, limiting the risk of developing delayed muscle soreness.

Where Can I Get A Massage Ball In Australia?
We make it a point to have as many kinds of exercise equipment and fitness gear available for our customers. After all, a good home gym should have all kinds of exercise equipment that are useful for the owner. We offer massage balls and other kinds of fitness equipment are available at our online store.

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