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Massage Sticks

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Buy your Massage Stick from Home Gym Australia and soothe those aching joints and muscles!

Massage Stick:

Home Gym Australia provides your primary needs in building your very own personal workout space and fitness sanctuary. One of the essential accessories you’ll need is a massage stick. There’s nothing better than the soothing feeling of self-massage after an extensive training routine. The massage stick is designed to help reduce the risk of injuries by smoothing out muscle cramps, strains, and stiffness. It’s undeniably the ideal tool for individuals who don’t like stretching and cool-down exercises. Choose your perfect fitness equipment from Home Gym Australia today.

A massage stick, also known as a massage roller is an essential piece of workout recovery tool that has become a piece of standard equipment included in a home gym. Most massage sticks are composed of either a flexible or stable centre bar with handles at both ends. Along with the centre, the bar is individual pieces of rollers that rotate independently. The user can apply any amount of pressure they want and roll the stick up and down in the area they wish to massage. 

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You might ask what does a muscle roller do? A muscle roller is one of the most effective ways to help relieve pain and discomfort from exercise or workout strain. It is used to target the specific painful areas in your body to help reduce muscle stiffness and promote better mobility range. In addition to relieving muscle discomfort, muscle rollers also help with the overall circulation of blood and lymphatic flow. With reduced muscle pain and better blood and lymphatic circulation, you can unleash your potential, and increase your workout performance.  

So, say goodbye to aching joints and muscle discomfort, and say hello to the muscle stick, your most reliable tool in relieving workout strain. Maximise your potential by buying from Home Gym Australia today! 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right massage stick?
When shopping for a massage stick, there are a couple of things to consider before buying.


  • Type of surface. Choosing the surface of a roller stick depends on an individual’s personal preference. You can choose from our smooth surface types, ribbed, or spikey. We suggest that you try out each surface type to help you decide which is preferable for you.  


  • The number of rollers. The number of rollers varies depending on the model of the massage stick. Some models may only have 1, while other models may have up to 14. We highly recommend a muscle roller that has 2-8 rollers in-between.


  • Flexibility. Having flexibility is ideal for releasing trigger points in a trigger point massage. It is perfect in targeting the smaller set of muscle groups. A rigid massage stick, on the other hand, works better in massaging larger areas of the body. 


  • Length. The length of a roller stick depends on the muscle parts that you intend to target. If your primary aim is to massage your back, then consider getting the lengthier types. If you wish to focus your arms or legs, then choose the smaller models of a muscle roller instead.

What are the benefits of using a massage stick?
There are many beneficial uses for a massage stick that a fitness enthusiast can take advantage of. A regular roller stick may look ordinary, but it has a wide range of capabilities. 


  • Muscle development. Better circulation allows your muscles to absorb nutrients effectively. Your muscles need glycogen to grow and develop. With the help of a massage roller, you can improve the blood flow and overall performance. 


  • Reduce soft tissue adhesion. A massage roller is an ideal tool for a deep tissue massage. Muscle adhesion develops due to trigger points because of extensive muscle activity. Your muscle tightens the longer you work out, and your muscle tissues stick together. This tissue adhesion can be very painful and discomforting. It limits your movements and exercise capability. The deep tissue massage is explicitly developed to treat these kinds of conditions. A massage roller is used with adequate pressure to straighten or iron-out the affected trigger points, significantly increasing mobility, and muscle tissue restoration.


  • Improved energy. By using a roller stick during warm-up exercises, it is most likely that you will have a better performance because of smoothed-out trigger points, and improved circulation. You will have a better range of movement that requires less effort and muscle stress. 


  • Improved sleep. Massages are typically known to improve sleeping habits because it helps muscles o relax. Most massages are performed with the use of fingers, hands, or elbows. But with the help of a massage stick, the positive experience is doubled. Another advantage is you can perform self-massage anytime.


  • Better mood. Relieving pain and better sleeping habits can only result in a positive attitude. Moving with ease is something that money can’t buy. Perhaps it is one of the most important benefits of using a massage stick available in Home Gym Australia.

What are the types of massage sticks?
There are many types of massage sticks, and they all have the same benefits. However, you can only tell which model is for you when you actually tried one out. For better understanding here are the types of massage sticks that you can choose from aside from the one mentioned above:


  • Trigger point massage sticks. Although it looks a bit odd, it still capable of providing adequate relief. Its one of the best tools used in self-massage since it is capable of reaching hard-to-reach body parts. 


  • Foot massager/ foot roller. This tool is specifically designed to help relieve foot pains and discomfort. It is also one of the most straightforward tools to use. All you have to do is to sit on a chair and step on the foot roller with your desires pressure, and that’s’ it. 


  • Neck shoulder massage stick. The perfect tool for neck and shoulders. This tool is ideal for people that sit in front of a computer for long hours or for individuals who work out their shoulder muscles.


  • Foam rollers. Similar to a regular massage stick but smaller in length and diameter. It has the same function and benefits as well. The most significant difference is that it does not have handles on both ends. Foam rollers are also one of the most popular self-massage tools.