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Medicine Ball

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Need a Medicine Ball At Home? Purchase it at Home Gym Australia

medicine ball

Looking for equipment to add to your home gym? A medicine ball may be the next good addition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Medicine Ball?

A medicine ball is a small weighted ball that is often used for strength training. Medicine balls can also be used to help a person recovering from an injury or trauma with their rehabilitation.

People also refer to medicine balls as med balls or fitness balls. Medicine balls are very versatile pieces of gym equipment that can add a little depth to all kinds of workouts. If your fitness goal is to build strength, enhance balance and stability or increase coordination, medicine balls are the way to go.

Should I Buy A Medicine Ball?

Buying a medicine ball is a good investment if you are looking for some of the first gym gear and equipment for your home gym. Since a medicine ball is a piece of gym gear that can be used in multiple types of exercises, it pays to have one handy. Here are various reasons why it may be useful for you to buy a medicine ball.

A medicine ball is an effective way to tone and exercise muscles in various parts of the body. It can help a person lose weight, build muscle and give their body a toned, chiselled look. We think that no matter what type of fitness goal you have, it is a good idea to invest in a medicine ball for your home gym.

A Medicine Ball Works Out Which Muscles?

A medicine ball works to make sure that your abdomen, arms, shoulders, chest, back as well as your legs and feet. In essence, a medicine ball can provide a whole-body workout.

Exercises that you can do using a medicine ball

Working out with an exercise ball is easy. Many workouts will be effective even if you only use a medicine ball for the entire duration of the workout. Here is a list of the most common exercises that one can do with a medicine ball.



Elevate your crunches by using a medicine ball. Start by lying down on your back with your legs 90 degrees in the air. Your body should look like the letter L. Hold the ball over your head as you rise into a crunch position. Hold the ball high until it almost touches your toes. Then slowly lower your back down to the ground again until you reach the starting position.

Levelled-up sit-ups

Lie straight on the ground, holding the medicine ball in front of your chest. Then slowly sit up until your torso is perpendicular to the ground. Your body should look like an L-shape when you are seated. Then gradually lay back down until you reach the original position from which you started. The weight of the medicine ball will provide an extra layer of challenge as you carry the excess weight as you sit up and lay back down.


One-leg squat

Never skip leg day! Stand with the medicine ball held close the front part of your chest with one leg extended forward. Then lower yourself down into a squat while keeping your balance as you stand on one leg. Make sure that your knees are positioned over your feet as you get into the squat position.

Return to a standing position while your leg stays extended. By this time, you will have completed one rep. Change the extended leg and repeat for the other leg.

Stepping jump

Find a sturdy step or low bench and stand a few feet from it. Make sure to hold the medicine ball close to your chest. Jump onto the bench or step and land in a squat on the step. It is essential to land with your feet apart, so you do not get outbalanced as you land. Then carefully jump back down to the starting position to repeat the exercise over again.

Shoulders and arms

Shoulder press

Start by holding a medicine ball right in front of your chest. Lift the ball above your head by extending your arms and stretching your elbow. When the ball reaches its peak, hold it up for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the ball until it reaches its starting point in front of your chest.

This exercise is quite simple and straightforward. It is suitable for beginners because it is almost impossible to get the form wrong. As you continue to do this exercise and incorporate it into your regular workout, you can increase the weight you lift.

Bicep curls

This exercise is also reasonably easy. Begin the exercise by standing upright as you hold the medicine ball close to your chest. Lower the ball until you find your arms and elbows fully extended. Hold the ball in that position for a few seconds. Then lift the ball back up to your chest by curling your arms and elbows back to the original position.

Back and chest

Superman with a medicine ball

Start by lying facing the ground, gripping the medicine ball over your head. It is ideal to use a fairly light medicine ball for this exercise. Engage your core, back and chest muscles by lifting your arms (along with the medicine ball), chest and legs up off the ground, bringing them as high as you can without causing pain.

This exercise is called "Superman" because of the position you should be in when you lift your chest, arms and legs. Hold the position for a few seconds before slowly setting your arms, chest and legs back down on the ground, ready to go for another rep.

Rolling pushup

We can imagine that you may be thinking this: Aren't pushups difficult already, without the addition of a medicine ball? Our advice is to hold off on this one until you have gotten the hang of doing pushups without a medicine ball first. Remember that it is always better to ensure that you are doing the exercise with perfect form before you add gym equipment to the mix.

Start this exercise by going into a plank position, with one of your hands atop a medicine ball. Dip down into a pushup with your hand still placed on top of the medicine ball. Stretch your arms to get back into plank position and then roll the medicine ball to your other hand. Then have the other hand rest on top of the medicine ball, ready to repeat the pushup with the medicine ball on the other side.

Regular pushups will work out the back, arms and chest. Working out with a medicine ball will make pushups more effective, but more difficult in the process. It is essential to make sure that you have the correct form as you do these enhanced pushups because you may risk causing damage to your back and chest muscles if you do the wrong form.

There Are Many Whole-Body Exercises That You Can Do, Too

The sky is the limit when it comes to using a medicine ball. Whole-body exercises are good to use when you are beginning your workout for the day. They are an excellent way to wake up the muscles and get them warmed up for the rest of your workout.

Lunges with a twist

Lunges are an excellent way to exercise your lower body. Adding a medicine ball to the exercise will help your upper body become part of the workout a well. Start by standing upright. Hold the medicine ball with arms outstretched as you go in for a forward (or backward) lunge. When you get into a lunge position, with your knee almost touching the ground, twist your upper body to the right and then to the left, keeping your hands outstretched still.

Bring the medicine ball back to the front part of your chest, keeping your arms stretched out in front of you. Return to a standing position, and you will have finished one rep. Repeat for as many times as you want, taking rests in between sets.

Squats with medicine ball throw

It is best to find a vast, open space for this exercise. You can do this outdoors, or in a room with a high ceiling. If you cannot go outside or do not have a room with a high enough ceiling, do not do this exercise as you may cause damage to your home.

Squats are a great way to get some leg work done. You can throw a medicine ball in (literally!) to step up your game and work out your other muscles. Start by standing tall and holding the medicine ball to your chest as you go into a squat position. If you are confused as to how low you should go when you squat, you can imagine that you are sitting on an invisible chair. You should feel the stretch of your muscles on your legs and glutes.

Once your legs reach 90 degrees, push down with the balls of your feet and jump upwards as you throw the medicine ball upward. Get out of the way as the ball falls back down onto the ground, making sure you catch it and get back into your original position before starting another rep.

Are you looking for a medicine ball for sale? You have reached the right place. As you can see, there are many exercises you can do with this piece of gym equipment. You can do an entire workout using a medicine ball alone. Getting some medicine balls for your home gym is a good investment.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, get lean or have an excellent way to warm up and cool down after your workout, a medicine ball will do the trick for you. Using a medicine ball is a great way to tone specific muscles or to get a whole-body workout done.

If you are looking to buy medicine balls, it is a good idea to buy a few medicine balls with varying weights, to make sure that you have a ball for each type of exercise. Lighter-weight medicine balls should be used for warm-up exercises while heavier balls may be used for more strenuous and vigorous training.