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Mini Trampoline

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Add a Mini Trampoline to your Gym Essentials; Get Yours at Home Gym Australia

mini trampoline

Jumping jacks, skipping ropes, and other jumping exercises are great sources of a cardio workout. Then here comes the mini-trampoline, a well-known kid’s play toy that you can actually incorporate in your daily cardio exercise routine! Let Home Gym Australia show you the benefits of using a mini trampoline and help you choose the best mini trampoline that you can buy for your own home gym!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is A Mini Trampoline Helping You Improve Your Health And Fitness?

As a kid, you know how exciting and entertaining running around and playing with your friends are. What we didn’t realise back then is that these activities can make your body stronger and serve as your daily workout. Running, biking, jogging, and brisk walking are just some of the ways you can perform cardiovascular exercises. Just the same, using your jump ropes and trampolines can help you shed some pounds, improve your heart health, and maintain your overall physical health and fitness.

There are studies that show using a mini trampoline for 20 to 30 minutes is equivalent to what you can accomplish when you are running, while still having fun and enjoying what you are doing. What’s even greater is that you will not feel as tired as you would with jogging, biking, or doing marathons. Imagine that; you can shed the same amount of fats, build your overall stamina and endurance, reach your fitness goals, as well as improve your overall health without feeling too exhausted and uncomfortable.

Using a mini trampoline works out the whole body, from your legs, glutes, back, to your core. If these are not enough, you can also incorporate different range of motion exercises for your head and arms to completely work out your body. Not only does it help lose excess fats and make you look leaner and healthier, but it also enables you to improve your balance and body coordination. Moreover, what’s so special about enjoying your daily workout routines is that you also rejuvenate your mind and mood, helping you become relax and stress-free.

There are now videos and tutorials that you can follow as you do your jumps and rebounds using your mini trampoline. Mini trampoline exercises are actually a hit with well-known celebrities, including Goldie Hawn. With or without video lessons to follow, as long as you have a catchy tune to treat as your workout anthem, you are good to go!

How Does A Mini Trampoline Work?

To know how a mini trampoline helps you perform your cardio exercise workout, you must first understand how it works. A mini trampoline for adult use is made with a sturdy mat that is being held by bungee cords or metal springs that firmly holds onto the fabric and the framework of the equipment. As you bounce, the metal springs or cords stretch, allowing them to absorb the force and tension that your weight exerts. As it stretches, it will do its best to come back to its original form, a physics theory called Hooke’s Law. This will make your bouncing possible; the higher you jump, the more force it creates.

Mini Trampoline: With Bungee Cords or Metal Springs?

When choosing your mini trampoline, you should consider the materials that are used to manufacture them, so you will know which type will last and be safe for use. Although metal springs and bungee cords are notably efficient in making your mini trampolines work, they have their differences as well. For Home Gym Australia, we recommend that, for the sake of choosing, mini trampolines with metal springs are better.

Long-lasting use. Metal springs last much longer than bungee cords. If you opt for a high-quality spring form mini trampoline, you can be sure that they will last a lifetime, especially if they are compatible with your weight.

Bounce. When using both types of mini trampolines, you can observe that the one with metal springs stretch longer than the bungee cords. The spring can also hold its shape for a more extended period of time, making the quality of your jump at present to be identical after several years.

Versatility. Mini trampolines with bungee cords are set up according to your weight. This means if you and your family are going to use it, it is ideal to by several bouncers. With a metal-spring mini trampoline, anyone can use it as the force and bounce that the springs make adapts to the weight and force brought by the user.

Sound. If you are doing mini trampoline exercises with the metal spring one, you may notice that it does not produce any sound or noise that you can experience with a bungee cord mini trampoline. It also looks and feels safer to use since each jump would not create a squeaking sound, something that heavier or bulkier people may think as a warning sign that the home gym equipment cannot handle their weight.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mini Trampoline

If you are planning to purchase your mini trampoline for your home gym, there are some elements that you need to consider so you can be sure that you get your money’s worth. Here are some of the factors that will affect the efficiency of your mini trampoline as well as the safety and ease of use of your equipment for your workout.

Space. Although mini trampolines are not space hoarders, they still require a good amount of area and room height so you can confidently jump and bounce while working out. Do not place your mini trampoline near edges of power racks and towers to avoid head bumps and bruises. The area where you are going to place the mini trampoline also dictates the type that you should choose. For instance, if you are planning to put it outdoors, make sure that you choose a weatherproof kind.

Material. Nothing compares to the assurance that you are using premium and durable gym equipment to assist in your workout routines. Make sure that the mini trampoline you chose is made with superior- quality materials that can withstand heavy forces and weights that you apply during exercising. For instance, the pad or jumping mat should be made with polypropylene; the springs should be rustproof and have a strong cover to resist friction and corrosion. The frame should also be well built using durable and sturdy metals.

Other accessories. What’s great about modern mini trampolines is that they have additional features that can really be helpful in monitoring your workout habits and goals. Some have sound effects to measure your workout time. Some have provisions for resistance bands that you can use while bouncing up and down your mini trampoline. You can use it as an additional muscle workout or as a stabiliser to make sure you stay balanced while jumping. Speaking of stability, there are also mini trampoline models that can accommodate a stability bar to make your workouts safer, especially if you are a beginner user of the gym equipment. All these play a huge part in making the decision to purchase the most suitable model of mini trampoline.