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Power Rack

Are you in need of a power rack? However, at the same time are you wondering what the purpose of a power rack is supposed to do? If you are, read on to find out how you can benefit from having a power rack in your home gym. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Power Rack?
A power rack, also known as a power cage, or squat cage, is used for various types of weight training exercises. Although it may look similar to a smith machine, these two machines are very different. We will get to that later.

A power rack is meant to be a mechanical spotter for people doing weight training exercises using free weights like barbells. When a spotter is not available, having a power rack is really useful. A power rack can be used in many different kinds of workouts. Power racks are extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment that will make a great addition to any home gym. 

Smith Machine vs Power Rack

What is the difference between a power rack and a smith machine? They may look similar, they function differently. One good quality about a smith machine is that it only allows for one movement. The weight is only allowed to move up and down. A smith machine is a good choice if you only need to do deadlifts and other types of weight training exercises that have a vertical movement. If your workout routine only requires you to do simple squats, or if you are looking for a way to perfect your form, a smith machine is the way to go.

On the other hand, a power rack allows for more movements and is not restricted to only vertical motions. You can be able to do other types of squat variations, lunges and other types of exercises that without restricting the movement.

Both of these types of fitness equipment are great to have at your home gym, but it is a good idea to consider what exercises you are going to do on the machine before you buy. 

Benefits Of Having A Power Rack In Your Home Gym

If your main goal is to build muscle and gain more strength by working out, you will do well to invest in a power rack. We made a list of the most common benefits for you can have when you add a power rack to your home gym.

It Is Very Versatile

A power rack is great machine to have at any home gym. This machine can provide assistance with many different types of exercises. There are many exercises that can be performed using a power rack. The use of a power rack can help you with heavy lifting, staying steady while doing dead lifts and when you need a spotter for bench presses.

It Works For Strength Building

If you are looking to build strength, a power rack can help you do it. A power rack doesn’t get its name from just anywhere. Using a power rack can help you lift heavier weights. You will need not worry about balance and proper form so much because a power rack will be there to help you with these aspects of the exercise. You will be able to increase the amount of weight that you lift because of this. 

Power Racks Are Great For Muscle Gain

People who need to lift heavy weights will not need to worry about the execution of proper form. The power rack’s job is to guide you as you do the movements of the exercise. The power rack will ensure that you will be able to work to execute the exercise properly and build muscle more effectively because you will more likely to put tension and strain on the correct muscles because the power rack will guide you in doing the exercises correctly. 

Safe Training

A power rack will also ensure that you will be able to lift safely. It is not safe to lift extremely heavy weights without a spotter. At a home gym, there is a chance that spotters may not always be readily available to assist you. Power racks will be able to act as the spotter when one is not available. You will be able to safely do bench press exercises by yourself as you use a power rack.

Safe training and workouts can also be done with the help of a power rack because the machine is meant to guide you as you perform the movements of the workouts. The risk of you damaging your muscles because of the improper execution of the exercises will be lowered if you choose to use a power rack to work out. 

Exercises On A Power Rack

A power rack is a great machine to add to your fitness equipment collection because of how versatile it is. There are a few key exercises that you can use a power rack to do. Here is a list of the most common exercises that can be done on a power rack.


Many types of squats can be done on a power rack. However, there are some types of squats that are almost impossible to perform without the use of a power rack. An example of this is the barbell squat. Doing squats with heavy barbells may become extremely dangerous without the use of a power rack. Most of the time, weighted squats are done with the weight placed on the neck or back, which can become damaged if the weight is too heavy. A power rack can help support the weight of the barbells as well as guide the muscles to perform the exercises correctly. 

Bench Press

Bench presses can also be performed using a power rack. This exercise can help build muscles on your shoulders and upper back as you lift the weight. Doing bench press without a spotter can be extremely dangerous. A spotter is needed just in case the weight becomes to great for the person to carry. Spotters also help by pointing out small errors in the way the person is lifting. If a spotter is unavailable, or if the person prefers to work out alone in their home gym, a power rack can provide these when a person does bench press exercises. 


Rows are done to build and enhance the back muscles and bicep muscles of a person. Some types of rows may be impossible to do without the help of a power rack. Inverted rows are an example of this. Rows can also be made to be more challenging when they are done with the help of a power rack. Using a power rack and the bench can put more tension and strain on the muscles that need to be exercised, helping to build muscle more quickly than if a person just stuck to doing regular row exercises.

Pull Ups

You can use the bar at the top part of the power rack to do pull ups and chin ups. This is a great way to increase your upper body strength and build muscles on the arms and back. Having a power rack can provide you with another option to exercise.

Where To Get A Good Quality Power Rack
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