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Pull Up Bars

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Get Your High-Quality Pull Up Bar Only At Home Gym Australia

pull up bar

There are people who feel that their workout is not complete without buffing up their upper body. While most weightlifters settle for chest presses and deadlifts, many turn to performing pull-ups as well. It is then a fact that a pull-up bar is an essential piece of gym equipment in commercial gyms. But do you know that you can also have your very own home pull up bar? Home Gym Australia offers different options so you can get the best pull up bar for your personal fitness haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pull Up Bar?

When it comes to upper body strength and form, pull up bars are definitely one of the pieces of gym essentials that you can turn to. Pull-ups are not easy; it requires you to have solid arm and grip strength, enough to carry your whole body. Here are some reasons why you should not pass up the chance of doing this exercise routine.

It can reinforce your back, arm, and shoulder muscles. Sometimes, being lean is not sexy enough. This idea is true, especially for men. In order to look and feel sexy, you should look ripped and muscular. What better way to show your bulky form than to have a bigger and well-sculpted upper body that you can get if you perfect your pull-ups. Doing pull up bar workouts make your lats, biceps, triceps, traps, scapulae, and other vital muscles brawny and well-developed.

It can improve your grip strength. In order to perform pull-ups, your grip should be able to withstand the force and tension that your whole body weight will present. As you carry out your pull up bar workouts and improve your form and frequency of pull-ups, you can also add to that the enhancement of your grip strength.

It develops your body fitness and power. As you build muscles, you also improve your overall body strength, eliminate excess fat, and improve the range of motion of your upper body. Bone development and muscle power can be measured simply by noticing that you can now perform more pull up repetitions and you feel light on your feet since you can pull your whole body weight up with your bare hands.

It advances your overall physical and mental health. If you think that only your upper body is being developed while doing pull-ups, you are wrong. It exercises your muscles, it regulates your blood pressure and raises your heart rate, making blood circulation better. As you perform the workouts regularly, you can feel that your body strength and performance also improve. Your confidence and self-appreciation increases, your anxiety and fatigue slowly fade, and you begin to enjoy a healthy overall outlook in life.

Types Of Pull Up Bars

There are so many ways you can do your pull-ups either at home or in a commercial gym or fitness centre. But if you are planning to create your own fitness space in the comfort of your home, here are some choices that you can consider so no matter how big or small your home gym area is, a pull-up bar is conveniently available for you.

Door Pull-Up Bar. This is the most practical and the simplest type of pull-up bar. All you need is a sturdy doorframe, and you are already set. There is a telescopic door pull-up bar, and there is another that has a frame that you need to install on the beam or border of the doorway. You can choose whichever fits the design of your home space or garage. Both will deliver the same benefits that you expect from an easy to install a pull-up bar.

Wall Pull-Up Bar. Another practical choice is this one that requires the pull-up bar set-up to be screwed to the wall. It requires less space and is sturdier than door pull-up bars. They can withstand heavier weights and force since they are securely bolted to the wall.

Ceiling Pull-Up Bar. If the space you wanted to transform into a home gym has a sturdy and high-enough ceiling, then this type may be ideal for you. What is great about this option aside from its convenience and similar capability to allow you to perform your pull-up bar workouts is the fact that it is versatile. You can place a boxing bag or a durable suspension system if you are not using the pull-up beams, especially of the connection of the pull-up bar frame is strong and dependable.

Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar. This type resembles a power rack, where a high bar is located on top of the equipment, and handles are placed near the waist. The whole frame of this free-standing set-up can handle your whole body weight so you can steadily perform your workout without the machine or contraption bolted on any surface. Although this may need more space in your gym area compared to the first ones, it can be more advantageous since there can be more exercise variations that you can do with it, optimising your workout even more.

Parallel Bars. Unlike the usual pull-up bars that only need one straight steel bar, parallel bars used by gymnasts and other athletes can also serve as your home pull-up bar equipment. You can choose between a free-standing parallel bar or a wall-mounted type. The benefit of using this option is the versatility of the equipment and the increased weight limit that it can hold.

Safety Precautions When Using Pull-Up Bars

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. We cannot predict when and how it will occur, but what we can control is the way it will impact our body. Working out at home may require safety steps that may or may not cost you money. What’s important is that we carefully use all our equipment and resources carefully and correctly so that we can minimise the possibility of getting into accidents. Home Gym Australia has some tips that you can do to help you make your pull-ups and other exercise steps safer at home.

Do not forget cushion. When doing pull-ups, the biggest error that can happen is when the equipment itself fails and falls on you. Because you are unprepared, injuries to your body and damages to your house may be possible. It is then important that you secure the padding or flooring of your gym space. If you are on a budget, use your existing mats or carpet just to add some cushion to the floor. You can also use couch padding or pillows, so if you fall, the impact will be lessened.

Check your equipment before using it. Make sure that the bolts, screws, and attachments of the pull-up bar are secured and in place. Try to shake it first to make sure that it can carry your weight before using it to do your routines.

Choose the best pull up bar. There is nothing more important when securing your safety than to purchase superior-quality pieces of home gym equipment. It would be best if you made sure that the materials, style, and manufacturing of your pull-up bars, for instance, are of world-class quality. Home Gym Australia can help you find top-of-the-line brands and models so you can be sure that your overall health, fitness, and safety are ensured.