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Pylometric Boxes

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Plyo Boxes

Are you looking for a way to develop and better your power as you exercise? You may want to add a plyometric box to your collection of home gym equipment. If you want to get fit and gain muscle strength, working out using plyo boxes may help you reach this goal. Read on to find out the different benefits of using plyo boxes and how to best incorporate it in your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Plyo Boxes?
A plyometric box helps a person take advantage of a certain type of exercise called plyometric activity. This refers to a sudden lengthening motion of your muscles that is immediately followed by a quick shortening of the muscle. This action will release the potential energy that is stored in the muscles and increase muscle tension, which causes the muscles to strengthen.

How Do Plyo Boxes Work?
Doing regular exercises with plyometric boxes may help you strengthen your jumping force. Plyo boxes use the energy that is stored in your muscles to your advantage. The muscle action performed on plyometric boxes forces your muscles to rapidly expand and contract.

These quick movements of the muscles work to strengthen your lower body muscles. To be specific, the muscles that are exercised using plyo boxes are the glutes and leg muscles. If exercises are done regularly using plyometric boxes, a person stands to gain muscle strength in their legs and lower body. Having more muscle force in your lower body will help a person become faster and more powerful. 

Workouts Using Plyo Boxes

There are many workouts that can be performed using plyometric boxes. A plyometric box is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment available for sale because so many different types of exercises can be done on a plyometric box. Here is a list of exercises that can be done to strengthen your muscles with the help of a plyometric box.

Inclined Push-Ups

Push-ups are a challenging feat, with or without a plyometric box. If you want to level-up your push-ups and gain more power in your arms and chest muscles, try doing inclined push-ups using a plyometric box. Start by putting your hands on the sides of the plyometric box and getting a firm grip on them. Go into push-up position and start doing push-ups. The inclined position will put more muscle strain and tension on your arms and your chest (more than the muscle tension that can be achieved through regular push-ups on a flat surface).

Box Jumps

Box jumps using plyometric boxes may benefit your jump strength and help them jump a longer distance. Start by positioning the pylo box at a distance in which you are comfortable. Make sure that the distance is not too far nor too near. After you will be satisfied with the distance, jump onto the plyo box, landing with your feet apart slightly. Make sure to push off with your heels and then the balls of your feet and land on the plyo box with your heels touching the box first. Landing with your heels first will help you avoid the possibility of injuring your knees while doing box jumps.

Step ups

Step ups are a seemingly easy exercise done with the use of plyometric boxes. However, if you do step ups repetitively, you will find that you will get tired easily after only a few repetitions of this exercise. Step ups on a plyo box work to improve muscle coordination of your leg muscles. Start by standing in front of the plyo box and then step up onto the box. Simply step down from the plyo box and you will have completed one repetition of this workout. 

Jumps On One Foot

This is an exercise that is a little more complicated than regular jumps using both your feet. Stand on one foot and jump up onto the plyo box, bending your knee as you land. Then jump off the plyo box again, landing as you bend your knee.

Extra caution should be taken to ensure that you jump off and land properly. Making sure that you have proper form in your jumps will help you avoid getting your knees injured in the process of doing your workout with the plyo box. 

Weight Loss And Plyometric Boxes

The actions and exercises done on a plyometric box will let your heart rate go up. They can be good weight loss exercises because of the way they change the fuel that is stored in your body into energy that can be used in your workout. This means that your body will choose to burn and use up the fat in your body first before using up the carbohydrates to produce energy.

Using plyo boxes is a great way to lose weight. Anyone who is aiming to lose weight may benefit from adding exercises with a plyometric box to their everyday exercise routine. It is approximated that a person will be able to lose around 10 calories per minute as they use a plyometric box to level-up their workout routine.

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