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Recovery Pillow

Complete your home gym necessities with a memory foam pillow for comfort and support

If you are one of the many Australians who are planning to design and build their personal gym or fitness space at home, one of the main elements that you need to look into is your safety and comfort. This is the reason why memory foam pillow gets mentioned as an ideal equipment material for their fitness needs. Let Home Gym Australia show you different gym essentials that you can get that has memory foam elements to provide support and comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Memory Foam: A Brief Background
Memory foam is a dense, ultra-soft material made of polyurethane that mimics allows moulding and contouring to follow the shape of a body part based on its pressure. Memory foam pillow is the most common house essential that uses this material since its feel and function are directed for rest and relaxation. Using a piece of gym equipment or accessory that contains elements of memory foam in it can ensure stability and comfort.

Benefits of Memory Foam
Support. Since the memory foam follows the shape and contour of the body, the impact of every movement gets absorbed directly by the foam. This makes it easy on your joints, muscles, and bones.

Balance. The foam pillow material of polyurethane aids in the stability of the body as you move and perform your workout routines. Memory foam handles are easier for your grip, soles of the shoes can stabilise the feet when running or working out, and many others.

Comfort. Imagine being fully supported with a soft and dense material while doing your exercises. This spells comfort in your every move, making you feel secure and protected from head to toe.

Home Gym Equipment and Accessories that Use Memory Foam

  • Foam rollers
  • Gym Flooring
  • Memory Foam Yoga Mat
  • Workout shoes with memory foam insoles
  • Recovery foam pillow
  • Peanut ball for the back massage
  • Memory foam block set
  • Memory foam pillow for massage

If your fitness goal when designing and building your home gym is to perform Yoga, Pilates, meditation, body stretching, strength conditioning, or light bodyweight exercises, then getting memory foam flooring, gym accessories, and other home gym essentials might just be the answer. 

Why use Memory Foam Flooring?
You may think that it would be difficult to move with gym flooring that sticks to your feet and gym accessories. This is one of the main misconceptions about memory foam flooring. Although foam pillow material has a reputation for being soft, foam flooring has so many more benefits to offer than just being comfortable to step on.

It is easy to use. Memory foam flooring is light and easy to install; so even if you are hiring a professional team to design your gym, or you are doing everything on your own, you can be sure that putting on a safe flooring is easy and convenient.

It ensures low-impact workouts. Because the soft memory foam material absorbs the pressure from your movements, it is protecting your joints, bones, and muscles from injuries caused by unnecessary pressure or force from your exercise and workout activities.

It is easy to clean. Thinking about maintaining your home gym may be a hassle or a burden, but if you are using memory foam flooring, cleaning is easier. It is waterproof, so your sweat and water spills will not stain or make your floor slippery.

Why Choose Home Gym Australia?
Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone wants to help you plan and organise your personal fitness space in the comfort of your home? There are so many environmental hindrances that limit us from staying fit and active without going outdoors. We, at Home Gym Australia, think and recommend our valued customers that it is best to have your own fitness equipment and workout machines indoors. Allow us to provide you with high-quality equipment options so that you can feel safe and secure that your workout will always turn out efficient and comfortable.  We would like to help you to maintain your active and fit lifestyle, as well as recuperate and pay attention to your body’s needs even if your usual body conditioning, sports, or exercise activities are currently limited or restricted due to recent health events that require us to follow social distancing protocols or self-isolation. It does not matter how you would like to move, work, out, stretch, flex, train, recover, or maintain your health and fitness; you can just be sure that Home Gym Australia has a solution for you. With our top-of-the-line home gym equipment, machines, and accessories, you can rest easy and assured that your workouts could be kept relaxed and efficient as you perform high-intensity exercises. This is possible, without ever feeling the need to leave your home.