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Recumbent Bike

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Recumbent Bike

Are you new to cycling and looking for a way to shed off some pounds? A recumbent bike may be what you need. If you are considering buying a recumbent bike, read on to find out the advantages of having one in your home gym collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Recumbent Bike?
A recumbent bike is suitable for all levels of fitness. Even beginners may opt to use recumbent bikes to get a low-intensity workout that can be a great form or cardio or workout that can be used to help a person burn weight or add variation to a person’s workout.

The position of a person’s body as they work out using a recumbent bike is different from an upright bike. Recumbent bikes require people to lie down at an incline as they use the recumbent bike. The muscles that are exercised are also a little different than the muscles that are used in a workout using an upright bike.

Calories Burned On A Recumbent Bike

When a person works out on recumbent bikes, they may be able to burn up to 500 calories per day with regular pedaling. If they do consistent workouts using a recumbent bike every day of the week, they stand to lose 3500 calories.

Even if you do not use the recumbent bike every day, you will still be able to use it in addition to other forms of cardio exercise. You may also use a recumbent bike to warm up your muscles or as a cool down exercise after you work out.

Can I Lose Weight Using A Recumbent Bike?
Since you will be able to burn calories using a recumbent bike, you will be able to lose weight with the continued use of a recumbent bike. Cardio exercises are meant to aid in weight loss among other health benefits. 

If you are after a way to help you lose weight, keep in mind that the number of calories it usually takes for you to lose one pound is 3500 calories. Consistently doing exercise on a recumbent bike will help you burn off those calories and pounds in the long run.

Is A Recumbent Bike Good For Flattening The Tummy Muscles?
Although there is no one machine or exercise that can be used to burn belly flab, a recumbent bike can be used as part of a work out to help flatten the abdominal muscles. Another great thing about using a recumbent bike is that it can help you lose weight and tone muscles all over your body. 

Doing exercises using a recumbent bike will help you become lean and have toned muscles all over your body, not just your abdomen. This will help you reach better overall health and fitness.

Can I Get Toned Legs Using A Recumbent Bike?
Recumbent bikes are a great way to get a leg workout. Since the leg muscles are the primary ones that move as a person works out using a recumbent bike, these muscles will naturally be the ones to benefit the most when it comes to exercise that is done on these exercise bikes.

Where Can I Get A Recumbent Bike Of My Own?
If you are looking to invest in a recumbent bike for your home gym, you will be able to find one with us. We make it a point to always have a wide array of choices when it comes to the fitness equipment we sell, to ensure that you are able to make the best choice for your home gym.

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