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Looking for RockTape in Australia? Find the best kinesiology tape here.

When performing aggressive workout routines and exercises, the possibility of straining the muscles and injuring joints is always a given. This is where RockTape, the number one kinesiology tape, becomes an essential part of your wellness and fitness activities. Let Home Gym Australia provide you with all the right information about this home gym necessity for your health and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kinesiology Tape?
A product that originated from Japan, kinesiology tape is an elastic strap or tape that was initially used by traditional medicine practitioners like acupuncturists and chiropractors. In recent times, kinesiology tapes are used by physiotherapists for their patients to provide support to injured or painful parts of the body. Now, more and more professional and amateur athletes are turning to these physio tapes, with different brands led by the likes of RockTape Australia, to provide the needed support and protection from sudden movements and to improve their performance.

How does RockTape work?
If kinesiology tapes were initially used in the past to address injuries and alleviate pain and muscle strains, modern brands like RockTape are now used for prevention as well. The makers of this innovative home gym accessory have enumerated three effects that this reliable kinesiology tape can provide. 

First, it reduces the compression of the blood vessels and the lymph nodes so that fluid can flow freely on muscles and joints, preventing strains, cramps, and swelling.

Second, when applied correctly, It creates wrinkles in the skin that provides improvement with the movement of the skin tissues underneath. 

Third, since the elastic kinesiology tape holds your skin to place while doing different exercises, making you feel supported, wearing it also gives you a sense of comfort and pain relief.

Fast Facts about RockTape

  • It is hypoallergenic. It is made of 97% cotton and 3% nylon with acrylic adhesive, so it is definitely gentle on the skin.
  • You can use RockTape not just for your fitness workouts, but also for medical purposes like rehab and physical therapy.
  • It addresses the prevention and alleviation of joint pain, muscle cramps, strains, or sprains, bad posture, or swelling. 
  • It has several sizes, colours, and designs, but the stretchiness and effect stay the same.
  • Its elasticity can last for 3 to 5 days. Once applied to the body, it is water-resistant, and wetness will not affect the stickiness of the product.
  • For swimmers or those athletes and gym-goers who sweat a lot, RockTape H2O can efficiently address their kinesiotape needs.


What are the Benefits of Using RockTape?
If you are wondering what RockTape, or any kinesiology tape brand, can offer you while working out, here are the popular exercise advantages you can get when you strap on RockTape even while performing your workout routines at home.

It alleviates pain. You may start to think, how can an elastic tape do that? It is tricky and simple at the same time. Imagine wearing the kinesiotape and performing strenuous weightlifting or other strength training exercises. Using RockTape to wrinkle and separate your outer skin layer to the rest of the inner layers of skin, fat, and muscles can minimise the pain signals that can reach your brain. So even if you are tired and aching, the only feeling that resonates with your brain and makes you sense at the moment is the pulling sensation that the tape provides. 

It lessens the swelling. RockTape Australia markets the use of their product before and after an injury or accident that can cause pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. If you are using this popular kinesiotape to assist you in your injury, you can expect that it can help you reduce the inflammation of the injured body part. How? By lifting the skin and allowing the blood vessels to distribute blood freely to the affected areas without obstruction. It also allows the lymphatic vessels to filter their way in and out of the muscles so that swelling may lessen and pain can be alleviated. 

It interrupts the feeling of fatigue. Rehab specialists and physiotherapists who have been using RockTape on their patients have remarked that using these elastic bandages correctly has shown a significant reduction of complaints regarding fatigue during therapeutic activities and exercises. Patients maintain a sense of comfort and freedom to move when using the kinesiotape correctly.

It provides support and level out the distribution of stress in the body. Notice how simple actions and motions can feel light and supported when using RockTape? When the elastic tape stabilises a part of your body, it is meant to aid in your movement, and not limit it. This means that as you stretch and flex the RockTape, it gives you the sense of freedom that your exercises would not trigger or concentrate the stress or force on a specific joint or muscle. It helps distribute the load to the whole muscle group so that strain and other injuries can be prevented.

It helps correct your posture. With the kinesiology tape correctly placed on your back, shoulders, and sides, you can have the sense of awareness that you are slouching or rounding your back whenever you feel a tug from the elastic tape. This helps you maintain a straight back when lifting weights, or doing different exercise activities for strengthening, conditioning, and resistance.

Why should you Choose RockTape and Home Gym Australia?
Of all the different brands of kinesiology tapes in the country and all over the world, why should you, a regular gym-goer, or a professional athlete choose RockTape? Well, not to brag, but as a South Korean product, RockTape has undergone several quality checks and has passed certifications and accreditations to claim that it is one of the best kinesiotape brands for joint support and pain relief. It has won the hearts and trust of many professional athletes, fitness trainers, gym consultants, and physiotherapists as an effective way to support the joints, stabilise the muscles and prevent injuries. With its different sizes, shapes, and colours, you can expect that RockTape can definitely provide the safety, comfort, and freedom that you need when working out. 

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