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Get The Best Home Rowing Machines Here at Home Gym Australia!

Home Gym Australia offers all your basic needs when it comes to building your very own home gym. One of the essential pieces of equipment that you have to have is undoubtedly a home rowing machine. Built to burn fats, strengthen arm and leg muscles, and improve your core strength, rowing machines definitely give you the hardcore workout that you need. Home Gym Australia can help you find the ideal home rowing machine for sale in Australia, so you know you chose the best.

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Cardio workouts can sometimes be so boring, with repetitive running and jogging in place, especially if you are inside the house. If you have the best home rowing machine though, you can have a better chance of maintaining your cardio workout without getting bored. This machine is a great way to spice up your daily workout exercise without having the need to step outside the house. Don’t underestimate the power that rowing machines can do to your body since you can also get the same level of heart-pounding exercise and whole-body workout with this home gym equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Using a Home Gym Rowing Machine?

We all know that exercising and living an active lifestyle is important to stay healthy and fit, so it is no surprise that just the mere fact of using your home gym is an advantage in itself. But the truth is, not all exercises and home gym equipment can fit your needs and health requirements, so choosing the best machines is still a decision that is challenging to make. If you are wondering if a home rowing machine is ideal for you and your family, here are some of the benefits of having one to help make you decide.

It helps you lose weight. For people who want to achieve their ideal body weight and shed some inches on the waist, using a home rowing machine is ideal and should be used regularly. What is great about having a rowing machine at home is that spending an hour using it indoors can already burn 600 calories a day. That is more fats burned compared to using other cardio workout machines like treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes!

It is a good full-body exercise. Have you seen athletes who participate in rowing competitions? See how defined and toned their arm muscles are? There is no surprise in that since rowing a boat specifically entails the use of their arm muscles (deltoids, biceps) and shoulder muscles (rhomboids and traps) to move over the water. Not only that, their back (lats) and lower body muscles (calves and glutes) also get the workout that they need to develop muscle strength and tone. Every time you replicate the rowing stances during your workout session, the main muscles of your arms, back, and lower legs get to feel the burn and become stronger and leaner. What’s more is that your abs also gets worked out, thus improving your core strength and defining your abdominal muscles.

It is a low-impact home gym equipment. There are many instances where accidents and mishaps happen during workouts when pushing one’s self over the limit. This is the reason why one should know what home gym equipment is compatible with their needs, and how one should properly use it. Having a rowing machine at home helps you have that low-impact workout that can still target the benefits that you get from other cardio workout machines. What is great about having this home rowing machine is that even your family can use it, and they can adjust the resistance according to their capacity and needs. If a family member wants to use the equipment but has a spine or joint problems, you can easily adjust the settings of the at-home rowing machine, or make the rowing techniques a bit more customised to make sure that no unwanted pressure is presented that may harm the body.

What Are The Types of Rowing Machine?

When searching for the best rowing machine for home, there are many options available for you. Here, we give you some of the common types of indoor rowers so you can decide which one is the more suitable rowing machine for home use.

Hydraulic rowing machine. If you are buying a rowing machine for home use, this type may just be the best choice if you are pressed for space. This type is the simplest and most compact-looking rower, with a cylinder filled with air or fluid to act as the source of tension or resistance. Most hydraulic rowing machines for sale are also the most affordable ones in the market. It is like hitting two birds with one stone on this one - you get to strengthen and make your body fit without breaking the bank.

Air or flywheel rowing machine. This is what you normally see in commercial gyms. The air rowing machine has a flywheel instead of a piston or cylinder that creates the tension that you need when you row. A chain is attached to the flywheel and you need to pull it so as to let the flywheel rotate and allow your workout to become effective. This type may be bulkier than the hydraulic type, but if you are going to place it in a spacious home gym, this may be a good choice especially if you expect your machines to last longer.

Magnetic rowing machine. This resembles the look of the air rowing machine, but instead of using a flywheel attached to the front of the machine to generate the tension, the resistance comes from strong magnets that are being controlled by a console of mechanical sliders. What makes this type the best rowing machine for home use is the fact that it does not produce any noise when you use it, unlike the flywheel and hydraulic types.

Want to buy your own home gym rowing machine? Visit or call Home Gym Australia so we can guide you in choosing the best type and brand to suit your needs. You can be sure that we can provide high-quality rowing machines for sale since we only carry brands that are tried-and-tested to be the best in the market because of its quality and performance. You can trust that Home Gym Australia can deliver the best home gym equipment for you.