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Skipping Rope

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Burn Calories Fast With a Skipping Rope from Home Gym Australia

skipping rope

Jumping ropes are known as a basic yet fun children’s game before, so who would have thought that we can also use it as a cardio exercise. Well, it’s not rocket science. Skipping ropes definitely provide a full-body exercise, and Home Gym Australia provides the best-quality jump rope brands and models that can help you lose weight and complete your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Using A Skipping Rope?

We all remember skipping ropes as a fun and exciting game when we were kids. We even showcased several styles of jumping in order to impress and surprise our friends. Now, these moves will definitely be put to good use because you are not just playing around. You are using your skipping rope for healthier reasons. Here are just some of the benefits that you can get from adding skipping ropes to your daily workout routine.

Weight loss. You may think that because it is essentially a children’s game, you would not benefits so much from skipping ropes. Well, believe us when we tell you that using an age-appropriate jump rope burns the most calories compared to other cardio workouts there is. To give you a clear perspective, walking for an hour lets you burn 300 calories, and jogging doubles that to 600 calories per hour. With skipping rope, you get to burn over 1000 calories during the same amount of time. That is how effective and efficient this fat-burning workout is.

Affordability. For some people, they need to have the most modern and highly-technical pieces of home gym equipment in order to convince themselves that their workout routines are effective. They would spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just so they can get what they think is the best way to maintain their health. What they overlook is the fact that staying healthy does not always have to be expensive. Sometimes, all you need is to have basic gym accessories like a jump rope and the will to consistently work out. You do not need to have an elaborate home gym; just a small space dedicated to safe and effective exercise routines will do. With skipping ropes, you just need an open space, whether it be inside or outside your house.

Convenience. You can bring your skipping ropes anywhere you go just so you can squeeze in some jumps in your hectic schedule. Do it during your break time, while waiting for the bus, while watching TV or Netflix, virtually anytime you feel like burning some calories. It is so light and compact, there will never be a good enough reason to just leave it at home and ‘skip’ using it.

Heart and lung health improvement. Like most cardio exercises, skipping ropes is good aerobic conditioning. It improves your cardiovascular function and breathing, thus, promoting better blood circulation and overall body nourishment. It also develops better body stamina and endurance.

Body coordination. If you are great at playing with jump ropes when you were a kid, and you continue to use it up until now, then good for you. For beginner skipping rope users, who may have known how to use it when they were younger, relearning the techniques may be challenging. It may look as if doing it is simple, but you actually need to focus and concentrate during your workout session so you can maintain doing your routine. You have to pay attention to your feet, your wrists, and your surroundings to make sure that you remain aware of your workout.

Safety. Active sports usually incorporate skipping ropes in their cardio workouts. Why? Because it is a low-impact yet high-intensity workout that lets you burn calories, lose weight, and still be gentle on your feet and ankles. Athletes mostly stay flat on their feet or use their heels a lot. So, staying on almost tiptoes or using the balls of your feet while using the jump rope is enough way to effectively workout without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints and bones.

Brain development. What many people do not know is that when you skip rope, your attention span and concentration improves because your brain lets your body stay in tune with doing the workout. What this skill gives you in return is not just a tone and lean body but a healthy brain too! Studies show that when you regularly jump rope, your brain develops its right and left hemispheres, improving your memory, mood, mental alertness, body coordination, and reflexes.

How Should I Choose The Best Skipping Rope?

If you are going to buy your first jump rope, it may be puzzling for you which type to choose. Here are some of the tips and reminders that we at Home Gym Australia always tell our customers so we can be sure that they will choose the best for their individual needs.

The material. Most inexpensive skipping rope options you see in your nearby sports outlets are made with PVC or plastic. They are light, oftentimes coloured, and very attractive to the eyes. Though they may seem easy to use, experts recommend using a slightly weighted jump rope. The reason behind it is that light skipping ropes will make it harder for beginner users to time their jumps since there is not enough feedback that you can feel so you can coordinate your jumps with the movement of the rope.

With weighted ropes, the extension of the cord with every movement is straight, making it easier for you to calculate your jumps. The weight of the rope makes you aware of its location so that you can time your body on when to jump. As you practice, your body will develop the reflexes needed to perform the skipping routines. Moreover, weighted skipping ropes can also be a bit slower to rotate, making your body maintain a consistent pace enough for you to continue without getting tangled up or stumbling on the rope.

The length. This is one of the common mistakes people make when buying their skipping ropes. They just buy either the most expensive or the cheapest one without thinking that it requires having a specific length for them to properly use it. The size or length of your rope ultimately depends on your height and how high you jump. If you are a beginner user, there is no harm done if you choose ropes that are longer so you still have enough room for error. Basically, users of skipping ropes with heights up to 5’4” can benefit from small rope sizes equivalent to 2.5 m or lower. If you are taller, the longer your rope should be. To make sure that your rope size suits your height, head on to Home Gym Australia so we can assist you in finding the skipping rope appropriate for your needs.

Guiding Principles When Using The Skipping Rope

Whether you are just starting to incorporate skipping ropes to your regular workout or you are an avid skipper, here are some tips that we can share with you, so you maintain the correct way on how to safely and effectively jump rope.

  • Your feet should be kept together while doing your jumps.
  • Jump and land on the balls of your feet.
  • Jump low so you would not exhaust too much energy.
  • Your knees should always be somewhat bent during your workout routine, not stiff and straight.
  • Stand straight, your spine tall and aligned, but not stiff and stressed.
  • Do not look down, always keep your head and chin up, so your balance will not wobble.
  • Your wrists should do the rotations, not the arms, elbows, or shoulders.

Want to get your own skipping rope today? Head on to Home Gym Australia, so you can make sure that you get the perfect skipping rope just for you.