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Squat Bar

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Squat Bar: The ideal addition to your strength training routine.

When we talk about strength conditioning, the barbell is still the undisputed king for heavy lifts. The evolution of strength training has come a long way since it started back in the 1900s. Now, you will find a plethora of specialised strength equipment in all forms and sizes in different online stores, like Home Gym Australia. One of the most popular machines is the squat bar. It is undeniably an essential piece of valuable equipment required in strength enhancement exercises. At first glance, it may look like your standard straight bar because of its appearance and build. However, if you take a closer look, you will immediately recognise the uniqueness of the squat bar. 

Squat Bar: Basic Information for Beginners

The squat bar typically looks like a barbell or straight bar that has a knurled finish handle on its centre. This part acts as a grip for the back of your shirt to make sure it doesn’t slide off and cause injury or property damage. The diameter of the bar is slightly thicker compared with the straight bar and is designed explicitly for squats, thus, the name. 

Home Gym Australia offers squat bars that are designed for maximum stability and weight capacity. With years of experience working with top-tier competitive powerlifters and fitness trainers, we have become the premier supplier of these products all over the country. Aside from our squat bars, we also have other weight lifting bars that our customers can choose from our website.

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Other Types of Weight Bars

Squat bars are just some of the common weightlifting devices that you can use in the comfort of your home. There are other pieces of home gym equipment that you can turn to in order to have a safe and effective weight training routines.

Standard Straight Bar. Our Standard bar has similar features like our Squat Bar. The most significant difference is the depth of the knurl. The knurl of our Straight Bar isn’t as deep as the ones found in our Squat Bar. However, it still offers the same grip reliability that compliments the Straight bar’s function. 

Yoke Bar. Another available weight lifting bar is our Safety Squat, also known as The Safety Squat is a specialty bar that comes with an arc covered with thick padding that is designed for safety and comfort for the neck and shoulders. 

Olympic Safety Squat. These are also under the category of specialty bars. They look just like a regular straight bar; however; they are much more robust because they are intended for the sport of Olympic weightlifting. The knurling isn’t as deep as a squat bar knurl but still provides a good grip. 

For more information about other weightlifting devices and tools that you can use for your workout routines at home, contact Home Gym Australia so you can be informed about the different superior-quality options that you can consider.

Home Gym Australia opens a window of opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the simple Squat Bar exercise equipment. This goes to all individuals who plan to build their own home gym. There’s nothing wrong with starting with the simplest of tools. Performing bar squats is the first step towards a healthier future. So, never underestimate the power and potential of bar squats! It may be the spark that would ignite your passion in your fitness journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Exercises Can I Perform With A Squat Bar?
A squat bar may look like a regular steel bar without the weights attached on both ends of the bar. However, you can still perform a lot of exercises using only the bar itself. Below is a list of bar squats and similar exercise techniques you can try at home:


Here are the exercises you can do with a squat bar:


Bar Squats. This exercise is to strengthen your lower body and core.  


Lunges. Similar to bar squat, lunge targets your lower body muscles while improving your coordination and balance.


Deadlifts. The deadlift is for performed to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. Not a back exercise.


Calf Raises. Get blazing legs by adding a squat bar in your regular calf raise exercise. 


If you have inquiries about how to perform these exercises as well as how to incorporate the use of a squat bar in these routines, do not hesitate to voice out your concerns to our trained sales representatives, and they will help and guide you understand how this versatile hoe gym equipment can address your fitness needs.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Exercising On A Squat Bar?
When it comes to fitness and health, a simple squat bar can provide many positive benefits. Here are some of the important fitness advantages you can get from doing workout exercises using a squat bar.

  • Improved spine strength and alignment
  • Leaner and more muscular torso 
  • Stable and firm hips and leg muscles
  • Low-impact exercise; safe for your knee and ankle joints
  • Improved balance
  • Reduced risks of injuries
  • Gradual strength training preparedness

Why Should I Consider Squat Exercises?
Squat exercises are one of the most common workout activities that people perform among many types of routines. All you need is a squat bar and you can immediately start. It needs no setup and has a very minimum coordination requirement. It’s also a perfect precursor to strength training since the exercise focus on your balance and lower body. This method prepares you for a gradual increase of resistance, which is beneficial for your body to withstand heavier loads and extensive training transition.