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Stair Climber Machine

Doing cardio exercises is one of the best ways to lose weight and get fit. Do you need to shed off stubborn pounds and get that beach body in time for summer? You can reach those goals when you use a stair climber machine. Read on to find out the benefits of using a stair climber machine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Stair Climber Machine Work?
Stair climbers work to simulate the action that people do when they climb a flight of stairs. There is a reason why climbing stairs may be challenging and difficult for some people. This movement puts stress and tension on your leg muscles, and can be an effective way to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and lower body, as well as help improve blood circulation and with weight loss.

Benefits Of Using A Stair Climber Machine

There are many advantages to using a stair climber machine to reach fitness goals. Here is a list of the great things that can happen to a person’s body when a stair climber machine is added to their workout routine. 

Good For Warm-Up

Whenever you start a workout, it is good to warm your muscles up before you start with the more strenuous exercises and weight lifting. Warm-up exercises will help you avoid tearing up muscles and tissues as you work out. Sure, if you are working out to build muscle, it is all about tearing up muscle tissue and waiting for those tissues to repair themselves, getting more robust with each repair. However, if you fail to do warm-up exercises, the tearing of the muscles may have harmful effects that can prevent you from continuing your workout.

A stair climber machine is a great way to warm up your muscles and get them ready for your workout. Although a stair climber machine works out the leg muscles 

Gets Your Heart And Blood Pumping

Exercise done on a stair climber machine will help you get your heart rate up and help you achieve stamina and endurance. Your heart health will benefit greatly from this because it will be able to achieve a lower resting rate over time. Cardio exercises target the heart. Doctors say that the lower the resting heart rate of a person, the healthier their heart is. The explanation behind this is that healthier hearts are able to pump a sufficient amount of blood into the blood stream in a single beat. This being said, the heart will require a fewer number of beats per minute to get the needed amount of blood around the body.

Using a stair climber machine will give you the needed cardio exercise you need to get your heart pumping. This will give you the energy boost you need to start your exercise or workout routine right.

Easy On The Joints

The movement that happens when you hop onto a stair climber mimics the movement you do when you climb the stairs. The position of the pedals on a stair climber machine are placed so that the movement of your legs will not put too much strain on your knees. You will be able to work out on a stair climber for an extended period without worrying about damaging your joints. 

It Provides Great Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are excellent for boosting muscle health and fitness and weight loss. A stair climber machine is a great way to use the weight of your body to your advantage. Your fitness level will improve because you will be using your own bodyweight to increase your stamina, meaning you will be able to endure doing strenuous exercises for longer. Bodyweight exercises done on a stair climber machine will help you decrease the fat in your body.

Helps Tone Lower Body And Core

Since the movement of the legs using a stair climber machine focuses on just about all of the muscles in the legs, the lower body of a person will be toned if they do these exercises regularly. The core will also benefit from the movements on a stair climber machine because the person doing the work out will have  to maintain their balance as they use the stair climber. Unknowingly, they will be toning their core muscles as they do exercises on the stair climber.

Does A Stair Climber Help With Weight Loss?
Stair climbers exercise and tone the leg muscles. At the same time, this exercise is a cardio exercise that helps a person reach their weight loss goal. The answer to this question is “Yes”. Workouts on a stair climber will aid in a person’s weight loss journey. Fitness experts say that spending at least an hour a day on cardio exercise machines such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and stair climbers will help a person lose weight effectively, as long as these exercises are done consistently over a given time frame.

How Long Should You Work Out On A Stair Climber Machine?
People who have seen the effectiveness of a stair climber machine attest to its effectiveness in aiding a person in their fitness journey. They say that using this exercise machine for only around 15 to 30 minutes a day will be enough for you to see visible results after around one to two months.

Of course, the people who use the stair climber machine may also opt to use other exercise machines during their workout. This will increase the speed by which they lose weight or reach their fitness goals. How long you work out using a stair climber is highly up to you and what you have planned for your exercise routine for that particular day. 

Each person responds differently to diet and exercise. There are some people who might lose more weight more quickly than others. However, no matter what kind of weight loss goals you have, you will be able to eventually see changes in your body. As long as you use the machine for around 15 minutes, you will be able to see visible changes to your physique after some time after you incorporate the stair climber to your workout.

Stair Climber Exercises

Here are different exercises that can benefit your lower body, especially your leg muscles, when you use a stair climber as part of your “leg day” routine. 


Squats done on stair climber machines are done while you “climb” the stairs. As you place your foot on the next stair, bend your knees after your foot lands. Straighten your legs as you lift your foot on the lower stair, ready to place it on the next step. Repeat as you continue climbing the stairs.

Two Steps

Just like with regular stairs that are not in motion, taking two steps (or skipping one step) will require more effort to execute. Taking two steps at a time will require you to exert more effort on your legs, making the exercise of simply climbing stair more challenging.

Cross Steps

Doing cross steps is another way to level up the training and exercise done on a stair climber machine. Stand as you normally would on your home gym stair climber machine. Take your first step with your left foot, and as you put it on the next step, place it where you would normally put your right foot. Repeat this same motion as you climb the next stair with your right foot. Doing cross steps will exercise the muscles on your legs and make them more flexible as well.

How Many Calories Can you Burn On A Stair Climber?
The average number of calories you can burn on a stair climber is around 260 calories for each 30-minute workout. Leg day is one of the mot challenging parts of a workout routine. Using a stair climber as part of your leg workouts will help you get exercise for your entire lower body, not just for your legs.

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