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Need a Stationary Bike At Home? Purchase it at Home Gym Australia

stationary bike Stationary bikes are another home gym staple for people who love a whole-body cardio work out. It is considered as one of the best ways you can perform a heart-pounding endurance and strength exercise without even going outdoors. As a well-known supplier to high-quality home gym equipment, let Home Gym Australia show you a thing or two about how to choose the best stationary bike for you and your home.

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Home Gym Australia has been the leading source of exercise equipment like the home gym stationary bike and other workout machines. Their reputation in providing high-quality workout supplies made them a reliable partner when it comes to achieving fitness and exercise goals. When choosing your at-home stationary bike, it is just right that you contact Home Gym Australia for assistance.

It can be a bit confusing when choosing a home gym stationary bike because there are also some other exercise bikes that are available not just for home use. Many brand manufacturers produce different kinds of stationary bikes that perform the same workout but differ in their difficulty and routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Kinds of Home Stationary Bike?

There are two main kinds of stationary bikes: the traditional bike and the spin bike.

A traditional bike is a cardio exercise machine that has been used for many decades now and is proven to be effective in targeting lower body muscle exercises. It resembles a bike without its wheels. What makes it unique is its versatility, especially in satisfying its user. A traditional stationary bike can be adjusted to be driven seated or standing upright or in a recumbent position (adjusting the seat) so as to make it more comfortable for people with a bad back. Because riding a bike outdoors makes you pedal hard if you want to become faster, the stationary bike can also resemble that effort by adding resistance to the pedals.

A spin bike, on the other hand, greatly resembles that of an outdoor bike. You would normally see this type of stationary bike in Australia as part of a cycling gym or a spinning class, where a trainer rides in front of her class and demonstrates how an exercise session is going to be performed. It is similar to an outdoor bike in that it gives you the same feeling of riding a bike outdoors, the way you pedal harder on an incline, and how you stop and let inertia take over when going down a slope. Owning a spin bike for home use is definitely a good idea for people who are fond of cycling every day, feeling the rush, and replicating it in a home setting.

How Should I Choose Between the Best Stationary Bike or a Spin Bike?

The choice depends on how you want to achieve your fitness goals. If you are an avid cycling fan and you want to feel as if you are cycling any time of the day in the comfort of your home, then choose the spin bike. But is if your priority is to have a comfortable but still challenging lower body workout that resembles biking, then the best stationary bike for home use is for you. Do not worry; whatever you choose, you can be sure that Home Gym Australia carries the top brands and models for you!

What Are The Benefits of Using a Stationary Bike?

Need some more reasons why you should purchase a stationary bike in Australia? Here are the benefits you can get from this cardio home gym equipment.

It provides a good cardio workout. Cardiovascular exercise improves your blood circulation and strengthens your heart and lungs. We know that if you maintain good cardiovascular health, it benefits the whole body as it receives the right amount of oxygen in order to function properly.

It helps you lose weight. Exercising is part of having a healthy and active lifestyle, so for weight watchers, diet alone is not enough. There are studies that show cardio exercises like stationary biking can burn calories that help male you lose weight. As your bad fats get eliminated, your high cholesterol and triglyceride levels also follow, making you fit, lean, and healthy.

It is friendly to your bones and joints. Unlike biking outdoor where the terrains are steep and uneven, riding a stationary bike in the comfort of your home gives a controlled and safe environment for you to exercise. The smooth yet easily adjustable movements of your bike are safe for your bones and joints. You can exert pressure when advancing your spinning routines without putting too much pressure and impact to your lower body, specifically your ankle, knee, and hip joints.

Your leg muscles become stronger and leaner. What do professional cycle riders have in common? They all have well-built, firm, and strong lower body muscles. And because you need to work out with the rest of your body in sync with your legs, it also improves your core strength.

Stationary bikes let you transition your workout smoothly. Premium-quality stationary bikes have excellent and variable intensity so you can transition from beginner to advanced stages of your workout without putting too much impact and pressure on your joints and muscles.

How Can I Best Use My Stationary Bike

Here are some workout routines that you can use to take advantage of the benefits that a stationary bike can give you.

If you are still in the beginning phases of strengthening your lower body and you opted to use a stationary bike, just remember that the key to an effective cardio workout is to start slowly and advance consistently. Start cycling indoors for 25 to 35 minutes every day and slowly lengthen your workout session by a minute or so. During your session, do warm-up exercises and slowly build up your intensity by transitioning from a low, medium, then high-intensity motions. You can divide your time by 5 or 6 parts so you can somehow get the hang of advancing safely and without overworking the body.

Once you are used to this, and you aim to enhance your endurance and energy, you may be able to advance into an intensity-filled 30-35 minute interval training. Start by doing a 10-minute low-intensity warm-up exercise, then alternate from medium to high-intensity cycling for a couple of minutes, then cool down during the last 10 to 15 minutes.

How Can I Choose The Best Stationary Bike?

Home Gym Australia wants to help you get the home gym equipment that can effectively address your fitness needs. Not only do we promise to offer you the best brands of stationary bikes that you can find in the market, we just don’t want you to take our word for it. Here are some of the things you need to check when planning on purchasing your own stationary bike for home use.

Find an exercise bike with an adjustable seat. Stability and support are important in performing home exercises, so it is important that your bike seat can support your whole body. While most stationary bike users prefer sitting straight or standing upright while doing their cycling routines, you may have a family member who wants to use the same home gym equipment but suffers from a disc disease or spine discomfort. Do not let back pain limit your workout; use your stationary bike by performing recumbent exercises that helps support the back while strengthening your lower body. Just make sure that your choice can adapt to the user’s needs and comfort.

Check the safety features of the stationary bike. The wheels and chain belt should have covers. The space between the seat and the handle should accommodate your legs without bumping to your knees. The base should be a great foundation for the stationary bike so you can exert extra effort in performing advanced cycling routines without worrying about tumbling over. These characteristics may be basic, but simple features like these should not be overlooked.

Your stationary bike should have a comprehensible function screen. Easy-to-understand modes and health monitors are essential in keeping your safety and measuring your endurance and exercise efficiency while working out. A heart rate monitor, calorie counter, distance metre, and timer should all be included on your stationary bike dashboard to keep you updated about your workout exercise.