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Get your Torsonator for your fitness space from Home Gym Australia!

If you are familiar with a landmine unit that allows you to use your barbell one step further, then you will love having a Torsonator™ for your home gym! Experience a different weight and strength training that is safer but similarly efficient and straightforward. Find the best deals on your Torsonator™ at Home Gym Australia!






Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Torsonator™?
This weight training accessory is one of the most underrated devices that people think of when building their own fitness haven. A Torsonator™ is designed to hold one end of a straight bar or barbell so you can do landmine exercises. Landmine movements are a type of weight exercise that uses rotational movements to work out either the upper or the lower body parts, or even both. Depending on your exercise type, you can develop your core strength, perform resistance and strength conditioning, and improve your muscle definition and tone.

What Makes the Torsonator™ Ideal for your Home Gym?
You may be wondering why we are recommending that you get a Torsonator™ for your fitness space. Well, because our suggestions are fundamentally based on your mentioned fitness needs and requirements, here are some of the reasons why a Torsonator™ may be the right weight training accessory that you can get.

It is versatile. True to its name, the Torsonator™ can be the weight equipment that you can use to develop your torso muscles and strength. Because weight training allows you to increase your strength and resistance, the movements that you can perform with this device can greatly affect your core strength. What’s so special about this underwhelming-looking gym equipment is the fact that you can change your routines into various steps that can target different muscle groups in the body.

It is so easy to use. How do you use the Torsonator™? Many bodybuilders and weightlifters who regularly lift weights during their workouts would know how to take advantage of the various landmine exercise steps you can do with this beauty. Landmine exercises? These are routines that make use of one end of a barbell or straight bar while the other is on the floor or on a stand, like the Torsonator.

It is safe. Weight training and strength conditioning exercises have a bad reputation of being high-impact workout routines that can possibly injure the back and spine. Some who do not know the right body mechanics of performing deadlifts and other weightlifting activities can experience muscle strain or fatigue and exhaustion. With the Torsonator™, instead of doing these potentially harmful weight exercises, you can opt for safer and more controlled steps and routines for rotational torso or upper body training. The full weight of the gym equipment is not going to cause harm or injury to your body, making your workout safe yet effective.

It is a total body workout. You may think that with the name Torsonator™, this weight training accessory would only target the upper body. But this underrated equipment can show you otherwise. Because it is versatile, your target muscle groups will depend on the workout routines that you would add to your exercise. This multifunctional weight exercise device can focus its effects on your arms, chest, back, shoulders, core, calves, or legs!

What are the Common Mistakes in using Torsonator™?
Although the Torsonator™ is the ideal weight equipment for landmine exercises, there are still some problems some gym-goers encounter when using this on a daily basis. Here are some tips to make sure that you are performing your workouts correctly (and effectively) with the Torsonator™.

Hold the bar correctly. Sometimes, while doing the landmine exercise, and you are already experiencing fatigue, your wrist slightly bends to the side. This motion adds stress to the hand and makes the bar a bit off the centre and becomes somehow heavier than it seems. Try to fix your grip on the bar handle so that the weight is controlled and your wrists are nice and stacked.

Start with both hands. Some think that holding the bar with one hand and starting the lifting with the arms bent is the right move to do. However, most gym consultants would recommend holding the bar in the middle of the chest with both hands, moving it up, and letting one arm hold and control its weight. When stable, you can start your weight training exercises on this stance. 

Engage your core. When doing your rotational exercise training, tighten the muscles of your core so that your abs get the workout that it requires. 

Don’t be aggressive with the movements and the weights. If you are using Olympic bars that are far heavier than regular barbells, you have to work out with a trusted gym consultant so that you can be sure that the weight you are using for your exercises is just right and proportional to your weight. Overexerting and carrying heavier weights than what you need may unnecessarily exhaust your energy and cause unwanted injuries along the way. Plan your exercise routine wisely so you would not break your body while in the process of improvement.

Exercises you Can Do with the Torsonator™
If you are wondering what routines and weight training workouts you can perform with the Torsonator™, let Home Gym Australia show you the common activities that gym-goers perform in the gym or in the comfort of their own homes. If you are unfamiliar to any (or all) of the following workout movements, and you want to know how you can perform them using the Torsonator™, then do not hesitate to contact us for further instructions and tips.

  • Landmine shoulder presses
  • Lumberjack squats
  • Landmine rows
  • Landmine presses
  • Landmine lunges
  • Landmine cleans and presses
  • Sumo squats
  • Landmine supine presses 
  • Landmine Romanian deadlifts
  • Single leg Romanian deadlifts 
  • Landmine rotational trunk twists


Want to add the Torsonator™ to your weight training and resistance workout? Then, why wait? Contact Home Gym Australia so we can provide you with convenient ways to grab yours as soon as possible. You can be sure that with us, a genuine and carefully-shipped Torsonator™ machine will arrive at your doorsteps in no time.