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The Best Treadmill Machines are at Home Gym Australia!

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Please choose from our wide selection of treadmills for your home gym so you can work out and stay fit and healthy indoors!

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Home Gym Australia is one of the most trusted carriers of the best treadmill brands for your home gym. Treadmills for sale should not only be of the best quality but would address your specific fitness needs. Though running outdoors can be more enjoyable and challenging, with the slopes and sceneries that you can experience, buying a reliable treadmill that helps you perform the same fat-burning and muscle-forming exercises in the comfort of your home may actually be an excellent idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a treadmill for home gym use?
A treadmill in Australia may sound weird and unnecessary, with all the great outdoor landscapes that you can appreciate anywhere you are in the country. But for the busy part of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, or Perth, many people lack precious time to run or jog outside. What they think is most suitable for their situation is to have a reliable piece of gym equipment that would let them run, job, or do brisk walking while watching the news or bonding with the family. This is how treadmills become one of the most popular home exercise machine essentials. Treadmill for sale! Choose one that fits your cardio workout requirements. Visit or call Home Gym Australia today!

Benefits of having a treadmill at home?

It is so easy to use. While browsing over several gym equipment machines and tools, you may see some that look weird or hard to operate and use. That is definitely not the case with a treadmill. Just step on the running belt and adjust to the speed that you need, and enjoy running, jogging, or walking in the comfort of your home.

It is safe and convenient. How can we emphasize the fact further that a treadmill for home gym use is beneficial for the whole family? Having a treadmill machine at home will help you avoid winter excuses (‘I can’t go to the gym; it’s snowing/raining.’), time dilemmas (I have a busy day ahead; I can’t go to the gym.’), or safety problems (‘It’s still too dark outside.’/ ‘I’m afraid of running around the neighbourhood.’/ ‘There’s a pandemic, and I might get infected.’) With your own treadmill at home, exercising consistently is possible, no excuses.

Treadmills are versatile. With so many models available in the market today, there is possibly a treadmill for sale that can answer all your needs. Have limited space at home? There are foldable treadmills that you can accommodate in any part of your house. Want an interactive one? Treadmills for the home gym are now updated with several taped workout sessions that are facilitated by live trainers in fitness gyms and studios to help you get motivated and pumped up. They even have built-in sceneries to help you imagine that you are doing your run or jog outdoors while being one with nature.

Treadmill for home gym is a good investment. Imagine getting all the cardio workout using just one machine. A treadmill, no matter how much your budget, is useful in giving you a heart-pumping exercise that can improve your stamina, endurance, and cardiovascular and respiratory health. The more frequent and the more intense you use your treadmill, the faster you burn fats and the stronger and healthier you get.

How to choose the best treadmill for your home gym
If you are looking for the most ideal treadmill that you can use at home, here are some helpful tips that Home Gym Australia can give you. There are primarily three types of treadmills - the basic, mid-range, and high-end. The basic treadmill typically does what all of us expect from a cardio machine. It has a wide running belt, basic speed adjustment, with distance and time monitoring. This works well with older users or beginner runners who just want to experience working out at home. You can expect that this type is the most affordable among the three.

The mid-range treadmills are built to impress joggers and runners with its wider running belts to accommodate longer strides and faster steps. This type can also have some built-in variations and techy features like a heart and pulse rate monitor, digital screen, and incline-decline track modifications. The high-end one is the kind of treadmill for sale that has all the features that you need in order to enjoy a good and productive cardio workout. Running belts with shock absorption, foldable body for easy storage, maximum levels of speed and incline, internet connectivity - all these and several other built-in features can help you experience an intense yet safe workout at home.

If you are still confused as to what type of treadmill for sale would fit your lifestyle, contact Home Gym Australia so we can guide you in choosing the best treadmill model to suit your needs.

Key features of an ideal treadmill
Although a basic treadmill can be so easy to use, there’s no harm in knowing what other features can help you perform your cardio workout at home. Once you are introduced to these evolving features, you may want to upgrade your treadmill, and Home Gym Australia can help you with that.

Programmable exercise routines Many treadmill manufacturers partner up with famous fitness coaches or studios in order to save several pre-programmed exercise workouts that they facilitate. This way, treadmill users can follow the program and match the required parameters as if doing the whole work out in a commercial gym.

Motor power The higher the horsepower of a treadmill motor, the more compatible its performance is for a professional runner or a training athlete. If looking for a beginner or basic treadmill, it is safe to find one that has at least 2 hp so as to guarantee the product’s sufficient power and capacity.

Incline and decline What makes running and jogging outside challenging is the natural slopes that you encounter while doing your exercise on tracks. These uphill and downhill variations increase your calorie burn better than running on straight, plain ground. By achieving a simulated feel of these slopes, a treadmill can make you experience some blood rush and intensity that you can have outdoors!

Speed modification What is an ideal treadmill if it only has a one-speed function? A good treadmill can give you a minimum to maximum speed modification suitable for the user. Whether you plan on brisk walking at first and transition your exercise to advance running, a reliable treadmill should give you that option.

Accessible controls As you modify your cardio workout, it is nice to have an easy-to-use control panel on your treadmill. Most modern treadmills have touch screen features on their control monitors, complete with necessary information regarding your exercise session (heart rate, calories burned, speed, minutes/hours elapsed, and distance travelled.

Connectivity Mid-range to high-end treadmills for sale have the option to be synced to your WiFi or Bluetooth connection on your phone or home office so you can browse through several exercise routines that you can simulate. It also provides you with the necessary entertainment that you may have while working out. Now, you can enjoy and avoid boredom while staying fit at home.