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What Is A Spin Bike? : Its Benefits And Difference From Other Stationary Bikes

what is a spin bike

Cardio exercise? Many would agree that choosing a stationary bike may just give you the most ideal aerobic workout that you can do indoors. Of the many benefits it can give you, the most important include improved performance, better cardiovascular health, and remarkable weight loss. As you prepare and start your indoor cycling workout program, you may ask one question that many also want to figure out: what is a spin bike, and what makes it different from other stationary bikes? What benefits can I get from taking spinning classes?



What Is A Spin Bike?

A spin bike is a type of stationary bike found mostly in gyms and training centers. Have you seen a spinning class as a cardio exercise option that your local gym offers? This workout program uses spin bikes.

The spin bike is the type of stationary bike that best resembles how outdoor cycling feels like. If you are serious about getting fit and burning those calories, riding on a spin bike as your chose cardio exercise program won’t let you down.

Cycling using a spin bike provides a whole-body exercise efficient in strengthening and developing the hip-thigh-calf region, your core, and your arms and shoulders.


types of stationary bikesWhat Is A Spin Bike: Difference From An Upright Bike

Put a spin bike and an upright bike side-by-side, and only a gym expert or an avid gym enthusiast can determine which is which. They look so closely alike that many would use these terms interchangeably. The truth is, spin bikes are upright bikes, but for the sake of differentiating the former with the typical upright bikes, we managed to get some characteristics of both and compare them.

Riding Position

If you want an exercise bike that can give you the workout you need, regardless of its resemblance to outdoor cycling, choose an upright bike. Sit upright and maintain that position for the length of your session.

On the other hand, spin bikes let you do the different riding poses you typically have when riding outdoors. Lean forward, hold the handles in different ways, or even stand up to intensify the workout. All these you can do with a spin bike.


Spin bikes have a seat that looks smaller than typical upright bikes. This makes it easier for you to switch riding positions, unlike the usual sitting straight with the ‘normal’ exercise bike. However, if you prefer to have comfort while doing your cardio exercise, we recommend getting the typical upright bike instead.


While all ideal upright bikes have heavy flywheels for a smooth riding experience, spin bikes have a bit more mass compared to the typical exercise bikes. The mechanism of pedaling also differs, since spin bikes have their pedals attached to the flywheels. This means the speed of your flywheel depends on how fast you pedal. This, compared to typical upright bikes, makes using the spin bike more challenging.


Benefits Of Using A Spin Bike

Work Out All Day, Every Day

Indoor cycling lets you enjoy and challenge yourself while reaching for your cardio workout goals in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy Working Out Indoors

Spin bikes keep the sense of riding a conventional outdoor bicycle, all the while letting you enjoy the expediency of an all-around, any time usage because of its indoor setup. Although your spinning workout happens indoors, it still lets you feel the thrill of having a similar high-energy biking experience that you can get from riding an outdoor bicycle.

spin classesIt’s For Everyone

Don’t know how to ride a bike? No problem! Because with a spin bike, you do not need to balance your body and lift the weight of the bike so you can go places. You can learn how to spin quickly without worrying about getting hurt and toppling over.

Muscle Workout

We mentioned that using the spin bike lets you have a full-body exercise, right? Well, we want to say it again to add emphasis! The fact that you can perform different riding positions when using your home spin bike gives you the chance to work out not just your legs, but also your core and upper extremities!

Exercise Variety

Being able to stand does open the doors for more exercise variation so if you are someone who is easily bored during your workout sessions, this is definitely a consideration to have. Just be careful when performing these diverse steps and movements because it can put more stress on your joints.

Space And Money-Saving For Your Home Gym

Since spin bikes let you have a complete workout experience, you may not feel the need to get any other workout machine for your cardio exercises. Investing in a high-quality spin bike can cost you more if you are to compare it with typical upright bikes. However, if you look at the bigger picture, you definitely can see how just buying one top-notch home gym equipment can be more affordable than buying more.

Calorie Burn

One factor people look for when choosing an exercise machine is its ability to help you burn calories, thus, lose weight. Because of the variety and intensity of the cardio exercises you can do with a spin bike, you can definitely reap the benefits in just a few weeks or months of use.


Features Of A Spin Bike To Watch Out For

If you want to get your spin bike for your personal home gym, you need to look at several factors that can tell whether the brand and model that you will choose has all it takes to become your ideal workout machine.

  • spin bike for exerciseSeat, pedals, and handle construction
  • Framework and Stability
  • Adjustable Features (seat positioning, height, pedal resistance, etc.)
  • Flywheel and Resistance Method
  • Display or Monitor Features
  • Technology and Innovation (WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Additional Features (water bottle holder, phone holder, USB port, etc.)




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