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Battle Ropes

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Battle Ropes In Your Garage Gym? Get It At Home Gym Australia!

battle ropes

Watching others perform circuit training in the gym inspired you to create your own fitness haven at home. So, what pieces of gym equipment should you have? Do not discount battle ropes! These are unique but equally challenging and effective tools to work out with. You can find the best one at Home Gym Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes look exactly as how they are named. They look like heavy-duty ropes that are used to improve your body build and strength. This piece of gym equipment is somehow new in the field, only having been developed in the mid-2000s. Still, its use became overly popular and effective that even world-class athletic teams and the Special Forces swear by its benefits.

How do legit battle ropes look like? Well, not all ropes can be used to administer the same power and resistance that battle ropes possess. Gyms, fitness centres, and sports clinics use thick, heavy, and long ropes with specific lengths and widths depending on its usage. Read more so you can have an idea on how to take better advantage of your battle ropes.

How Should I Choose my Battle Ropes?

If strength and resistance are what it takes to have battle ropes as part of a complete workout, how should we use it? Home Gym Australia gives you an idea and some tips on how to effectively use this dynamic piece of home gym equipment.

Here is a simple guide on how to choose appropriate battle ropes for your individual needs.

Size. This factor depends on your personal fitness goal and the space that you are planning for your home gym. Depending on the length and thickness of your battle ropes, it should always be compatible with the home area that you are designating as your gym space.

Thickness or diameter of the battle rope. The thicker the battle rope, the heavier it gets. If you have big hands and require greater force and pressure for your weight and resistance training, then opt for a thicker battle rope. Typically, battle ropes have 2 diameter kinds, 2” and a 1.5”.

Length. Battle ropes are bought as a single unit, the assembly requires for the rope to be divided into 2 equal parts, each end for one hand. There are 3 lengths of battle ropes that you can choose from. They can be as long as 30, 40, or 50 feet. Each type will yield 15, 20, and 25 feet of ropes to use, respectively. While the shorter choices can be challenging to get the force and resistance that you are aiming for, they are somehow ideal for home gym use. But if you are converting a garage and it can accommodate 25 feet of clear space, then you can get better advantage of choosing the 50’.

What Are The Benefits of Using Battle Ropes?

Weight loss. This is one of the main reasons why we work out. We want to lose the excess weight that we have so we can flaunt a leaner and healthier-looking body. When using battle ropes, studies show that you can burn at least 112 calories in just 10 minutes of doing the battle rope exercises. As you increase your heart rate and expand your lungs in order to perform this high-intensity workout, your body burns fats and converts them to energy, making you lose weight.

Muscle development. After your cardio workout, you may think that there are still some muscles that are left unattended or underdeveloped. Using the battle ropes, these muscles get targeted so they can be defined and toned. You can expect that your arms, back, and abs will get the attention it deserves once you add roping in your regular workout routines.

Increased mobility. As you work out your arms, shoulders, and hands, your range of motion improves as well. The flexibility and tone of your muscles allow you to perform movements better. Not only that, your strength and endurance also improve.

Low injury rate. Looking at the battle ropes and how people are using it in commercial gyms make them a bit intimidating. But, the truth is, it is so easy to learn the dynamics of this gym equipment. We have to admit that beginners may find it a bit challenging to control the force and maintain the intensity of the exercise at first. But as time passes, and as you get used to the pressure that the battle ropes make, it will be easier for you to handle them and for your body to adapt to the workout routine.

What Exercises Can I Perform With Battle Ropes?

There are three main ways to use battle ropes. These are making waves, slams, and pulls. Wave the ropes by continuous doing up and down motions with each battle rope on your hand without touching the floor. On the other hand, slamming is more like doing the waves but you slam each battle rope to the floor in order to create more pressure and force. Pulling the ropes, lastly, can be done individually or together and create a different workout for the arms, back, and abs.

Here are some of the most common exercise routines that people follow when using battle ropes.

Single or double slams. Hold each end of the battle rope and, while slightly squatting, quickly slam them to the floor together or individually, creating ripples on the ropes.

Full circle wave. Make big clockwise waves with the ropes on both hands.

Biceps wave. Stand in a semi-squat position, with your elbows near your body, bent halfway. Wave the battle ropes as fast as you can, resisting any other movements of the elbows or your back and arms. This will target muscle build-up and the form of your biceps muscles.

Lateral whip. Stand straight, and with your arms spread out like wings, make the battle ropes move and raise them up before whipping them downwards. Continue doing these steps without bending your legs and creating too much movement of your torso.

Outside spiral. Create outward circles with each rope, making your arms and shoulder control the force that the battle ropes create.

Jump slam. As the name implies, you would first have to jump in order to create an efficient amount of force that can allow you to slam the battle rope on the floor to create ripples. Do this repeatedly while maintaining the height of your jump and the speed and power of your slams.

Lunge slam. This is also explained literally as doing your lunges together with making waves with the battle ropes. You can do it with each rope on your hand and following the direction of your lunges.

Wrestler/Grappler’s throw. Hold the battle rope reversely with the ends facing the ceiling. With enough strength, pull the ropes and slam them to the floor then bring them both back to your side. Do this 3 to 5 times then switch sides.

How Should I Use Battle Ropes Correctly?

Try different movements. To take advantage of the force and power that the ropes create for your weight and resistance training, try moving in different directions when waving or pulling the ropes. If you just slam the ropes without bending or flexing your body, your arms and shoulders are the only ones that benefit from the exercise. Try moving your hips and flexing your core so you can get a full-body workout from the battle ropes.

Combine it with other exercises. Lunges, jumping jacks, planking, burpees, and other exercise routines can be added to your battle rope routines. Just make sure that you maintain the correct form and posture as you perform these advanced movements so injuries and accidents are avoided.

Be consistent. Repeating your workout routines 3 to 4 times a week can help your mind focus on the benefits that the exercise would give you rather than give you excuses and complaints so you can skip them. Making sure that you repeat these workout routines consistently improve your discipline, endurance, strength, and stamina. These are things that you cannot develop with merely doing easy exercises.

Are you now convinced that battle ropes should be part of your home gym? Contact and visit our online store so you can choose the best battle ropes for sale in Australia. We can give you tips and advice as to how you can use these and take advantage of all the benefits that you can get from battle ropes.