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Hooked On Pilates Exercises? Then Get The Essential Pilates Equipment Only At Home Gym Australia.

Pilates exercises are considered by many to be one of the most effective methods in the development of core muscular strength, increased range of motion, and improved balance to help you achieve your ideal fitness status. It is also one of the most straightforward exercises to perform at home. As the premier supplier of top-tier home gym equipment, let Home Gym Australia share a couple of helpful information on how to choose the most excellent Pilates equipment that is perfect for you and your home.

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Home Gym Australia is the leading source of the most reliable exercise accessories like the Pilates equipment. Our world-class reputation in offering the highest quality home gym products made us one of the most trusted allies in helping you reach your ideal fitness goals. You know you made the right choice when you decided to buy your Pilates equipment from Home Gym Australia. 

Choosing your first set of Pilates equipment can be both exciting and confusing at the same time because of the wide selection of available items. However, with the right information and a few helpful tips, you won’t have a hard time choosing the right equipment that is suitable for your fitness goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Types Of Pilates Equipment?
There are five types of Pilates Equipment that are typically the most common. They are Pilates mat, Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. Each has its purpose in the development of muscular strength, a more extensive range of motion, and other health benefits for your ideal fitness goals. For better insight about these tools, here’s a summary of the things you should know:


Pilates Mat. Performing Pilates on the mat is a perfect activity that engages all the muscles in your body. You can use use the cloth and gradually increase the challenges with other pieces of exercise equipment like Pilates Ring, foam roller, exercise ball, resistance bands, and have a full-body workout. The most significant advantage in performing Pilates on a mat is versatility and portability. You can unroll the rug and bring it anywhere. Easy to store and requires very little space with no setup. This piece of exercise equipment is undoubtedly a necessity for building your very own Pilates studio.


Pilates Reformer. The Pilates Reformer is ideal for beginners that target a full-body workout and muscular strength conditioning since the resistance level is adjustable. Basically, you mount the equipment and use your arms and legs to push and pull against your preferred resistance on a moving platform. There are many positions that you can try that targets several muscle groups that you wish to develop. From supine and prone areas to seated or standing, the adjustment can be easily modified, making the Pilates Reformer suitable for individuals on all levels. Another beneficial advantage of having a Pilates Reformer is that it can be used as a cross-training exercise machine for athletes and rehabilitation. Professional athletes can improve their muscular strength, and individuals under rehabilitation programs can improve their range of movement. All these in one machine. 


Wunda Chair. A Wunda Chair is one of the unique pieces of Pilates equipment that your Pilates studio can never be without. Created by Joseph Pilates for home use, it functions both as a piece of exercise equipment, and home furniture as well. Exercises involved in utilising this equipment is intended for muscular strength development. It’s perfect for lower and upper body conditioning and core training. 


Trapeze Table. Also known as Cadillac, may look overwhelming to use at first glance. The structure has four poles and an overhead trapeze with several attachments: A roll-down bar, an arm springs, leg springs, and a push bar – perfect for muscular strength conditioning and an overall full-body workout. The machine is suitable for rehabilitation as well because of the multiple sets of exercises that you can perform on this machine. Joseph Pilates coined the name Cadillac because he believed that it has the same high-quality standard as the vehicle in terms of exercise equipment. An all in one machine beneficial for strength development and improved a wide range of motion. Another valuable piece that is essential in a Pilates studio.

Ladder Barrel. A ladder barrel may look like a piece of machine straight out of science fiction novels. It has a unique look that matches its functions. It is composed of ladder rungs and a smooth barrel surface in which tons of stretching and strengthening exercises can be performed. It increases your range of motion and core body strength.

What are the Health Benefits That I’ll Gain From Pilates Exercises?

As far as health benefits are concerned, Pilates exercises with the help of Pilates equipment offer a plethora of health advantages. Among these are:


  • Improved overall flexibility.
  • Increased muscular strength and tone. (abdominal muscles, lower back, buttocks, and hips)
  • Balanced muscular strength on both the left and right sides of the body.
  • Improved muscle control of your back and limbs.
  • Enhanced spine stability. (for balance)
  • Improved overall posture.
  • Rehabilitation of imbalanced muscles. 
  • Reduced injury probability.
  • Reinforced whole body and limb coordination.
  • Stable shoulders, neck, and upper back.
  • Perfectly safe injury rehabilitation. 
  • Increased cardiovascular capabilities.
  • Improved awareness and concentration.
  • Stress Reliever.

What Pilates Equipment Do I Need?
Choosing the right Pilates equipment depends on your ideal fitness goals. You can either use the mat-based Pilates or the Equipment based Pilates. If you desire a practical method in your workout routines, then we recommend the mat-based Pilates. The mat-based Pilates is performed with the help of the Pilates mat and uses your own body weight for resistance. The type of exercises that you can perform varies, depending on your preference. The primary purpose of mat-based Pilates is core strengthening and maintenance. 


If you prefer a more challenging workout, then we recommend the Equipment-based Pilates. By utilising the different types of Pilates equipment, your workout can be intensified to your preference. You have the option to focus on body parts that you wish to develop. 


Either way, owning a set of Pilates equipment is a sure way to develop your ideal fitness and overall health goals. Buy from Home Gym Australia today and let us help you reach incredible heights in health and fitness!