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Boxing Wraps

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Home Gym Australia is the premier online store for all your boxing needs and more. We offer a complete selection of hand wraps and other contact sports equipment and accessories. One of the most used tools in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA, is hand wraps. It is an essential piece of fitness item that a full-contact sports enthusiast should have. Boxing wraps provide protection for your hands, significantly reducing the risk of injury and increases your confidence to throw your best punch. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Purpose of Boxing Wraps
There are a few reasons why it is essential in putting boxing hand wraps. 


The overall protection of the fighter’s hands. The basic hand structure consists of tiny joints and bones that become fragile, and prone to fracture from repetitive impact, caused by punching.  


To ensure that the movable joints are always kept in place. Boxing wraps provide movement restrictions for your hand joints so that the force from the impact of a punch is evenly absorbed and distributed to the entire hand. Without boxing hand wraps, your loose joints will absorb most of the damage, increasing the risk of injury. What’s worse, your tendons and muscles might also be injured, affecting your daily activities.


Home Gym Australia has a wide array of different types of hand wraps that is available at our online store. You can contact us today so we can discuss about your boxing requirements and preferences. These pieces of information can help us provide suggestions and options for you to choose the right boxing wraps to fit your workout.

Proper Way of Hand Wrapping
Typically, for an average hand size, a 180-inch boxing hand wrap is preferable. On the other hand, a 120-inch boxing hand wrap is suitable for individuals with smaller hands. So, here’s how the correct method:


  • Make a loop of cloth on the thumb and wrap it behind the hand. Make sure that the tension the wrap provides is adequate. To test this, try clenching your fist; the movement of the wrap should allow tightening around it as well. However, avoid too much hand constriction. Make sure that you wrap behind the hand since wrapping it on the front will loosen it easily.
  • Wrap the wrists three times. This will ensure the protection of your tendons and bone structure. Remember to wrap your wrists only twice if you have bigger hands. Keep a straight wrist until you finish wrapping to guarantee stability.
  • Wrap your palms three times then bring it back down to your thumb. Spread your fingers evenly. 
  • Make three Xs through all your fingers. Cross over the back of each of your fingers and make sure your knuckles are secured. This is to prevent fracture.


  • Wrap between your pinky and ring finger to the opposite side until you reach the bottom of your palm. Form an X at the back of your hand and loop it back to your thumb. Go between the middle and ring fingers to form another X pattern. Repeat the method for the third time.
  • Cover the thumb with the wrap, let it go over the back of your hand, and loop it to the palm. 
  • Make sure to wrap your knuckles three times.
  • Secure with Velcro. Try a few punches and check if it has the right feel.


Whatever type of hand wraps you prefer to use it should always be done properly. If placed incorrectly, it may increase the risk of injury instead of supporting and protecting your hands. An uneven hand wrap may cause unnecessary pressure if it is placed tighter on one side more than the other. It may also leave the area where it’s loose unprotected. Once you made sure that you have a secured fit and even wrapping, you can start training with confidence, knowing that your hands are perfectly safe against repeated impact and injuries.

Four Types of Hand Wraps

  • Traditional. The traditional boxing hand wrapping involves the wrapping of both hands before engaging in any boxing activity. This method is useful in creating a perfect fit inside the boxing gloves. It also protects the knuckles, wrists, and fingers.


  • Quick Wraps. A quick wrap is an alternative type to make hand wrapping faster. It simply slips onto the hands, completely eliminating the long process of the traditional boxing hand wraps. Using quick wraps are the fastest way of getting prepared for training or competitive tournaments. They also have the same comfortable fit inside many boxing gloves.


  • Tape. Strapping is most commonly used in sparring and training. Although quick wraps are faster to wear, tape wraps are more accessible and are considered cheaper than most options. 


  • Cotton Wraps. Cotton inners use the lightest material in boxing hand wraps. It also has a high absorption capability, perfect for sweaty hands inside the boxing gloves.

Benefits of Hand Wraps

As mentioned above, here’s a quick summary of the benefits of using hand wraps not only in boxing but in other full-contact sports as well. 


  • Provides protective padding to protect your knuckles from repeated impact
  • Holds the joints and bones in place
  • Prevents finger or wrist bone dislocation or fracture
  • Considerably reduces shock for the hand and entire arm
  • Absorbs sweat, eliminating the uncomfortable damp feeling inside the boxing gloves
  • Time saver and easy to wear (especially if using quick wraps)
  • Ideal for everyone; provides support for beginners to professional athletes

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