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Get The Best Weight Vests in Australia

Are you ready to take your workout training to the next level? Best Home Gym Equipment offers weighted vests to help you reach that goal. We have all kinds of weighted vests for any Australian junkie, men or women. There are several options to choose from, depending on your aim. Do you want to tone your body, build your muscles, enhance your cardio endurance, or gain that ultimate muscle strength? Weight vests are the best equipment to complement your daily workouts. The added weights from the vest concentrate all the weight to your natural centre of gravity that makes any traditional training more challenging. It allows you to test your limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Body Ready to Don a Weighted Vest?
Before getting all excited and proceeding to Best Home Gym Equipment’s list of weighted vests, there are some important factors you need to ponder first.

Your fitness level

You need to make sure that your body is tough enough to carry weight vests. A good test for this is the Bike Test. It’s simple, just ride the stationary bike as intense as you can for 5 minutes, then stop, don’t move. Count your heart rate, you should see 40 beats per minute drop in your heart rate, and after two minutes, it should read 25 to 30 beats per minute. If you can confirm this, then you are definitely geared up to put on that weighted vest.

The design of the specific Workout of the Day (WOD)

Each workout routine has its requirements for mobility, complexity, duration, and intensity. This has an important role to play in deciding if you should put on a weighted vest or not. If your workout consists of quick and exasperating movements or those that are designed for an EMOM (every minute on the minute) training, throw the weight vest idea. You shouldn’t make things harder for yourself. On the other hand, if you notice that your daily training is now child’s play and that it doesn’t give you the exhaustion and release you feel before, then maybe it’s time to find the right weighted vest for you.

Ask the experts’ advice

The most important task you would have to do before making your training a lot hellish is to ask your physician or primary doctor. Make sure that your body is fit to endure the added strain of wearing a weighted vest.

How should I Choose which Weighted Vest to Use?
Choosing the right range of weighted vest that is fit for you depends on what you want to do with your body. Please see the guidelines of what are the options of weight vests that are appropriate for your needs. Compare the weight of the vests before selecting.

Cardiovascular Endurance Enhancement

If you just want to gain high cardio stamina, start with a weighted vest that weighs 5% of your body mass and build it up to 10%. Carry the vest for your low and moderate cardio workouts. Experts say that you should consider altered biomechanics for explosive speed and power work because that technology plays a big role in your strengthening routine.

Body Tone

When you want to concentrate more on the fitness of your body, wearing a 20 or 30 pound would do the trick. You can simulate a CrossFit workout and burn more calories to get that target muscle to what you’ve imagined it to be.

More Strength and Explosive Speed

If you want to wear that weighted vest to gain more strength, have an explosive speed or power work, condition yourself with the vest on the treadmill first. Your body will slowly adapt to the added pressure exerted to your diaphragms and spike your heart rate. Learn to control your breathing while you’re at it at a low intensity.

Bulk Up Your Muscles

Go for a weighted vest that has multiple pockets and weights if you’re planning to build your muscle mass. A weighted vest of 60 to 80 lbs can easily help you pack your pounds. Since you will have more heavy-lifting training, you do not need to worry about your mobility.

How should I properly Adjust my Body to my New Weighted Vest?

Just like any new equipment, you shouldn’t rush into your average workouts with the weighted vest on. Let your body adjust a little bit first. You can perform one or two of the exercises we will mention below to let your body know you’ve got additional loads for them to carry.

Walking, Pacing, and Climbing

Try to walking and running on a flat surface with your weighted vest on for 30 minutes so as not to shock your body and it can properly adapt to your new bodyweight. If you’ve got the time, try walking or running on uphill terrain. This would condition your body to the added load of the weighted vest and not literally take your breath away.                                                                                                            


Use your weighted vest in executing your squats. This will train you to have more balance and stabilise yourself with the added resistance. Start with your feet stretched to the sides slightly outside the hip line, arms extended forward, and slowly go down. Just like when you do the traditional exercise squats, be conscious of the alignment of your back. You shouldn’t bow nor stretch your front extremities.

Do the lunges

If you don’t have the time to go outdoors and walk your way through your neighbourhood, just do successive lunges with your weighted vest on to gauge your bodies’ endurance in a little dynamic activity. Do these lunges for at least 10 to 15 repetitions. You will feel more confident about doing your workouts once you’ve tested the waters.

Lunge and Jump

Now for a more dynamic warm-up, combine your lunges with a jump while wearing a weighted vest. Begin in a lunge position, bend both your knees with your weight centred on your core, then jump 2 to 4 inches off the ground. Switch legs as you jump and repeat for as many repetitions you can endure.


If you think you’re not ready yet to jump, try to do the skater with your weighted vest on. Begin in a standing position with feet apart aligned on your hips and knees slightly bent. Slide the left leg behind your right leg while leaning forward. This exercise will test your ability to balance and shift your centre of gravity while moving.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Weight Vests?
Increases strength and endurance

The extra force from the weighted vest requires more muscular strength and oxygen than you normally need as well as zapping your energy at a much faster pace. But the price of donning a vest while working out is worth it. The more weight you use, the more your muscles try to adapt to the increasing load exerted to it, in turn, builds your strength and muscular endurance. Also, it increases your body mass to help you bear the added weights.

Huge cardiovascular benefits

Similar to the effects of a weighted vest on your muscular strength and endurance, your usual oxygen demand will reach the max level if you wear a vest. Your cardiovascular system would go into overdrive to try to adjust to the new volume of oxygen demand. As you continue using the weighted vest, your system gradually adapts to it, strengthening your lungs and its threshold.

Serves as a tool for variation

As implicitly noted before, our body can adjust and develop the necessary biomechanical structures to endure varying stresses and strains subjected to it. Weight vests serve as great tools for this variation, throwing off our systems whenever it is required.

Musculoskeletal Benefits

Carrying the additional weights from the vest isn’t just excruciating for your muscles but your bones too. Muscles transmit this additional load to the bones and as a result, develop more bone density. This increase in bone mass happens when the extra weights stimulate cells in your bones called osteoblasts to create new layers of bone material.

Hasten and Increase Calorie Burn

All exercises have their share in burning calories, more robust ones can make you shed your extra fat ten percent faster than the low and medium cardio workouts. But wearing a vest while performing these workouts could increase calorie burn by at least thirty percent.

What do Experts say about a Weighted Vest Functionality?
Even experts affirm that a weighted vest undoubtedly has beneficial effects on the body’s physique, cardiovascular, muscular, and mental endurance.

Some physiotherapists report that additional weights on a vest exert far greater load to the muscle group. The muscles have to work harder to resist and endure this increased load against the force of gravity that will, in turn, result in greater strength.

Gym owners and consultants also imply that power athletes gain great benefits when they train with a weighted vest. It helps them acquire more strength and explosive power when performing different kinds of training, like squat jumps or box jumps.