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Ab Machines

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Find The Best Ab Machines At Home Gym Australia

Ask anyone to describe their ideal body built and, for sure, one of the body attributes that they would mostly mention include having six-packs or washboard abs. What’s great is that there are so many ab machines on the market that can help you achieve that. Let Home Gym Australia show you some of the most revered and trusted ab machine types and what brands you should rely on to bring out your tight, strong, and lean abs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Ab Machines
In this fast-paced world, there are many manufacturers and fitness companies that use modern technology to research and develop different ab machines that could effectively tone and define your core muscles. You may have tried it, but search for ab machines online, and there are so many kinds, brands, and models available that you will find it difficult to choose and understand. Home Gym Australia knows the situation, so we have come up with a list that could help you decide which is the most suitable for you. Here are the current frontrunners when it comes to ab machines for slimming down your waist and building your core strength.

Ab Chair

Probably the most well-known abs workout device in the world, the ab chairs’ main goal is to help you do your sit-ups or crunches. This is the reason why many call it a sit-up machine or ab crunch. Several manufacturers create different styles and models of this type, calling it various names - ab twister, ab rocker, roman chair, and many more - but the use is almost the same. This machine helps you, with its ergonomic design, to perform crunches without hurting your back. The design typically has a padded head or back support and uses either mechanical or spring-type mechanism to help you rock back and forth to contract and tighten your abs.

Ab Roller/Wheel

Have you seen an odd-looking wheel-type device on the floor of a commercial gym? You may think this object does nothing for you, but wait till you see how both men and women use this to get washboard abs. Also called an ab roller, this fitness equipment looks like a kid’s loose wheel with handles on both sides, much like an oversized rolling pin. To use this simple exercise tool, all you have to do is get on your knees, hold the ab wheel handles, roll it in front of you then back. This will help you work out every abdominal muscle that you have, apart from improving your back form, arm strength, core power, and balance. 

Ab Glider/Coaster

This may look like a typical exercise machine that you see in gyms or at home, and they may even be mistaken for a different piece of fitness equipment because of its framework and built. Like the ab chair, there are so many variations and names that people call this type, but they all function the same. All you have to do is kneel on the padded cushion, hold the bar handles, and bring yourself up like doing a vertical sit-up. You can do several movements while doing your crunches, like twisting your body from left to right to remove your love handles or increasing the tempo or interval of your movement. What’s great about this ab workout machine is that it not only improves the strength, definition, and tone of your abdominal muscles, but it also strengthens your arms as you perform your exercise.

Ab Bench

Have you seen a slanted bench press-looking fitness equipment in the gym or fitness establishment that you are in? Well, that is an example of an ab bench. Though this is not a machine but a gym apparatus, an ab bench is a necessary piece of fitness equipment that can effectively give you the core workout that your abdominal muscles need. It has adjustable parts and resistance levels so you can customise your ab workout depending on your comfort, safety, and capacity. What is also great about this gym equipment is that it does not restrict you from performing just abdominal exercises. It can also help you create your own style when working out your core, back, and legs. For instance, add the use of free weights while doing your sit-ups or crunches to maximise your exercise routine.


Do not be mislead by thinking that other devices or equipment that many advertise as ab machines are not effective since they are not included on this list. There are still other forms of ab workouts that are getting invented as of this moment. What Home Gym Australia suggests is to do your research promptly and choose which gym equipment supplier to trust. Read reviews and watch user satisfaction videos online, talk to expert gym consultants, or study comparison charts of different models and brands. This way, you can be sure that your purchase is the most appropriate when addressing your fitness needs.

Things to Consider when Buying an Ab Machine
If you have finally decided that an ab machine really fits your workout and your home gym, there are several important points that you need to think about before settling for one type of equipment. Here is the list that Home Gym Australia always imparts to their valued customers to guide them in selecting the best ab machine for their personal use.

Durability. Will the machine stand the test of time, considering your weight, the number of users in your house, and the type of ab workouts that you want to perform? 

Quality. It may be discriminating and biased, but sometimes, it is better to buy products from branded manufacturers because their experience and reputation speak highly of the quality of their products. Nonetheless, check the specifications and materials used when assessing the ab machine you want to buy.

Versatility. Your abdominal muscles may be the main target of your ab machine, improving your range of motion, core strength, and muscle definition and tone. However, it would not hurt if the machine you will choose allows you to do not just crunches and sit-ups. It would be great if your ab machine can also have an impact on other body areas, like your back, arms, or chest. Moreover, using an ab machine that has several adjustment features can also help not just you but the whole family. It can allow anyone to attain the right resistance levels and comfort that they need while working out.

Budget. You can expect that because there are plenty of ab machines available online, the price tags of each would widely differ. Even products and models of the ab machine type can range from cheap to costly, depending on their added features, material, and maker. For this, make sure that the ab machines that you are choosing from are all within your budget, so selecting one would be a burden.

Let Home Gym Australia help you find the right exercise machine for your personal fitness sanctuary. We carry only the best ab machines in the country so we can guarantee excellence and superiority to all our clients. Contact us today and experience top-notch workout experience using effective and safe ab machines and other exercise devices, only at Home Gym Australia.