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Vibration Platforms

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Vibration Platform

One of the newest trends in the fitness world, whole-body vibrations provide the benefits that you can get with regular exercise routines but without getting tired and sweaty because of rigorous movements. The best vibration machines that we see in commercial gyms may look weird compared to the other gym equipment that we typically use for strength and muscle training. Still, it does not diminish the fact that it is an essential gym device that you can also use at home. Home Gym offers a wide selection of vibrations platforms found in Australia to help you achieve a complete and effective workout.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a vibration platform machine?
A vibration platform is a flat plate that looks like an exercise step stool that has a powerful motor that can send whole-body vibrations on different levels. You can just simply stand, sit, or lie down on the platform and have a workout that needs no extra effort. For advanced usage, you can also squat, or do your aerobics routine using the vibration plate to add challenge to your workout.

How does a vibration platform for a home gym work?
The use of this gym equipment is like any other vibration machines that you can find in commercial gym establishments or fitness centres. Step on the plate and turn it on, and you will instantly feel a surge of vibrations of different intensities running through your whole body. These vibrations affect the muscles as they contract and relax their fibres, the same way they react when you are doing your workout routine.

How do you use the best vibration machine or platform?
Vibration platforms honestly look more like a piece of relaxation equipment than an exercise machine. Because you hardly do anything than just sit or stand there, many people are a bit sceptical about its efficiency in helping you lose weight and achieve your health and fitness goals. So, instead of just doing nothing while on top of the vibration plates, others incorporate the use of the vibration platforms with their normal workout. Perform routines like squatting, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and others, just so they can satisfy their need for a heart-pounding routine. Spend at least 15 minutes on the vibrating platform every day, incorporate some of your exercise routines with it, and you can observe that your blood circulation and muscle tone and strength would have improved.

Benefits of using the best vibration machine
Still undecided if your home gym needs a vibration platform? Here are some of the benefits that you can get once you use this unique home gym equipment consistently.

Improved muscle tone and strength. Since the vibrations contract and relax your muscles all over the body, it somehow replicates the force that you present to your body while doing more rigorous activities. 

Improved balance. Standing on a vibrating plate may somehow make you lose your stability, so balancing your body during your workout routine using the platform can improve your core strength and therefore develop better balance and stability.

Increased blood flow and circulation. Aside from muscle contraction, whole-body vibrations also improve blood circulation, making the oxygen distribution around the body to perk up as well.

Weight loss. Standing or sitting down on the vibration platform will not affect your weight loss whatsoever, but would make your body feel relaxed and energised, just like how massage affects your body. But if you incorporate this machine to your workout routine to advance its difficulty, you will surely notice an increase in your weight loss.

How to choose the best vibration platform for a home gym?
Having a vibration platform is made so easy because there are so many brands and models to choose from. But, the numerous choices also make it challenging to determine which is the best vibration platform for home gym use. Since Home Gym Australia aims to help its clients and loyal customers on how to choose each of their home gym equipment, it came up with a checklist of what to consider when selecting the best vibration platform in Australia.

Choose your design. There are bulky, heavy-duty looking vibration plates that you usually see in fitness shops, and there are portable step stool-like ones. If you are considering to use this machine at home, opt to purchase the latter so it would be easier for you to store them after use. You can even store it under your bed so you can do your pre-workout upon waking up and post-workout massage before going to bed.

Find its maximum weight capacity. Just like any other home gym equipment that looks like a miniature version of its commercial gym counterpart, you would want to know if the home gym equipment version can hold your weight. A typical vibration platform can hold the bodyweight of an average man up to about 300 lbs., so it is not advisable for two people to use it at the same time.

Noise. Some of our customers who purchased their vibration platform with us use it while watching TV or listening to their workout music, so it is important that the machine would not interfere with the sound of the surroundings. The brands Home Gym Australia carries provide a quiet motor for their vibration platform models, so this should not be a problem if you choose one of ours.

Standard features. As mentioned earlier, there are different brands and models of vibration platform machines that you can choose from, but one of the main things that you have to keep in mind is how the standard features of the equipment would benefit your usual workout. For instance, you would want to opt for a vibration platform that has a remote control apart from its monitor on the device so it is easier for you to control the speed, intensity, and variation of the vibrations you would get from the machine. Also, you might want to decide if you would like a vibration platform that has wheels for easy moving around the house. One of the other features that can actually affect your decision is the colour of the machine. Decide if you want your vibration platform for a home gym to add a spark of colour in the room or to blend in with the neutral tone of your house.