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Liquid Chalk

Use High-Quality Liquid Chalk for your Climbing and Gym Exercises

liquid chalk

Make your grip extra strong to help you with your lifting and climbing exercises. Liquid chalks make sweaty palms go away, minimizing the risk of any accident or grip problems while working out. Visit Home Gym Australia to avail the best brands of liquid chalk, as well as other home gym equipment and accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Liquid Chalk?

Liquid chalk is a variation of the dry chalk that is more suitable for sports use. Its unique composition dries the hands and prevents sweat from making the palms slippery. Using liquid chalk while performing sports like gymnastics, weightlifting, and rock climbing is preferred by many coaches and sports trainers.

How Is It Different From Regular Dry Chalk?

We all know chalk used for school is in stick forms, while the ones used in gyms and sports centres are typically in dry powder form. How are these two different from the liquid chalk?

Material. While all chalk forms are made essentially of calcium carbonate, liquid chalk has alcohol and a type of resin called colophony. The alcohol content of the liquid chalk is the main reason why our palms become dryer when using this gym accessory. Most liquid chalk brands now contain magnesium carbonate, a compound known to have the purest and longest-lasting effect on your hands.

Usage. While it is a well-known fact that liquid chalk is much preferred than powder, you must still know why. We can give you three reasons: it lasts longer, works faster, and is easier to apply. You do not need too much of the compound, just a few drops, and it can already coat your whole palm. Its ability to make your palms dry stays longer than the powder form, making it suitable for climbing longer rock formations and performing more gymnastics and weight lifting routines.

Cleanliness. Whether you are using liquid chalk indoors or in the wild, using this is much more convenient and cleaner than the powdered chalk. Gym owners would complain that the powdered chalk can be a hassle to remove in gym equipment handles and flooring, while the liquid chalk sticks directly to the palms and leaves less residue to the machine handles and surrounding surfaces.

What Are The Benefits of Using Liquid Chalk?

Anti-perspiration. We know that working out makes us sweat, but sweating on your palms is a big no-no when lifting and performing routines that need your grip strength to be at their best. The liquid chalk allows the palms to retain its dryness, making you perform your exercises longer without worrying about slips and falls.

Improved performance. Since you can lift and grasp gym equipment and rock formations longer, you are able to push yourself to perform better as well. You can lift heavier and work out longer without worries and repetitive movements to reply chalk!

Safer workout routines. Because your grip strength is much more reliable with dry palms, working out becomes a worry-free fitness routine. Lifting and performing your movements will become easier and stress-free since you are confident that your hands will not fail you, and unwanted accidents can be easily prevented.

What To Look For In A Liquid Chalk

There are so many factors that you need to consider when choosing the liquid chalk that will suit your needs. Home Gym Australia listed down several of the most common things that people look for in liquid chalk.

Container. There are liquid chalk bottles that are designed depending on their use. Some containers have an upside-down design with a hole for a carabiner, a design perfect for rock climbers. Others are in a typical bottle form, either with a flip-top or a cover at the bottom of a tube container. Choose one that would more likely become convenient for you to use. Drying time. While liquid chalks dry the palms much faster than powder chalks, different brands can have varying drying times. On average, liquid chalks dry the palms or soles of the feet 20 to 30 seconds after application.

Grip factor. Are you finding it easier to grasp gym equipment handles and rock formations without flipping slippery or sticky? Choose a liquid chalk brand that makes your palms dry and a bit sticky but not to the extent that it will dry your hands even after use.

Smell. Most liquid chalks admittedly smell foul, and though it is not a huge basis for its efficiency, many are turned-off to use gym accessories that smell odorous. This is the reason why some liquid chalks contain subtle fragrance that masks the strong odour of the chemicals that make up the liquid chalk.

Amount. How much of the substance do you need in one use? How long will a bottle of liquid chalk last? Of course, purchasing a bigger bottle may be a good idea since it can save you plenty of money in the long run. However, you should also pay attention to the expiration date and your frequency of usage so you can take better advantage of the product.

Cost. Your budget matters, and there is no question that powdered chalk is far cheaper than liquid chalk. The price of a pound of block chalk that can last you at least a year of use could be compared to a bottle of liquid chalk that can last you only 1 to 3 months. However, given the additional benefits of the liquid preparation, choosing the latter may still be the better option.