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Tricep Pushdown Bar

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Get The Right Tricep Pushdown Bar To Complete Your Upper Body Workout!

Think of a perfect body, and there is no denying that having strong and pumped-up arms is one of the features you would want to achieve. Toned, well-defined arm muscles and shoulders make you look confident, fit, and healthy. To get those muscular arms, Home Gym Australia recommends adding a tricep pushdown bar to your personal fitness space to target the specific muscles that make your arms look and feel healthy and ripped in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tricep Pushdown Bar?
For bodybuilders or gym rats who want to get those sexy arms, one of the best gym accessories they turn to every workout is the triceps pushdown bar. Of the many handles and fittings that you can do triceps extensions with, the pushdown bar is actually the most ideal. This is a metal and/or rope material that makes the grip and positioning of your arms appropriate to target the underarm muscles. These handles cannot be used on its own; you need to attach one to a cable machine. It has three types; the v-bar, the straight bar, and the tricep rope. There are brands and models that sell them individually, but you can also get them as a set so you can adjust your arm workout anytime you want using any of these grip-friendly gym accessories.

How do you Perform a Tricep Pushdown?
Call it whatever you like - tricep pushdown, rope pulldown, tricep extension, and many others - but this exercise significantly affects the size and strength of your arms. How do you do a simple yet explosive arm workout routine like this? All you need is the right posture and form when using the cable attachment. Home Gym Australia gives you some pointers on how to perform the triceps pushdowns correctly.

  • Attach your chosen tricep pushdown bar (v-bar, straight bar, or the tricep rope) to the cable machine. Make sure that the bar is on the level of your chest, and your arms have to be folded to create a right angle when reaching for the handle. 
  • Stand in front of the cable machine with your feet apart, shoulders straight and out, and your torso slight bent forward. 
  • Reach out to the tricep pushdown bar or rope with a neutral grip, then in controlled movements, extend your arms downwards. Pause for a few seconds to contract your triceps, then gently release and return to starting position. 
  • Do this for 3 to 4 sets of 10 repetitions. You may advance your workout by adding more weight, changing the tempo of your movements, or doubling the sets or reps.

What to Consider when Choosing the Right Tricep Pushdown Bar
To be honest, you can use other different cable attachments if you want to perform triceps pushdowns. There are straight bars, individual handgrips, and other textured handles that are compatible with the cable system that you have at home. What makes the tricep pushdown bar so ideal is that it is specifically created to make the arm extensions comfortable and focused on targeting the right muscles. So if you are decided to add one to your growing personal fitness arsenal, then here are some of the elements that Home Gym Australia wishes for you to consider before your purchase.

The material. As mentioned earlier, there are many types of tricep pushdown bars, but only high-quality models can easily become compatible with a reliable cable machine. Durable and strong steel should be the primary component of a triceps bar so that your safety and the accessory’s stability are ensured.

The grip. Make sure that the tricep pushdown bar that you chose have handles that are easy to hold and are comfortable to ease into. This will ensure that the bar is secure and your exercise would not injure or cause any accidents. Most v-bars have rubber covered-grip handles, while some metal ones have textured sides and sections as an anti-slippage feature.

The comfort. Speaking of advantages, triceps pushdown bars are meant for tricep extensions because, while there are other cable attachments that you can use, a pushdown bar can position the arms and wrists properly when performing the arm routine. So, make sure that the pushdown bar that you will purchase allows your wrist to stay in a neutral position when holding the bar or rope.

The versatility. To be honest, it is very hard to find an ideal tricep pushdown bar that you can use for a long time, especially if you started working out at an early age. This is because your arm length and capacity may change as time pass. What you need to consider is the ability of the tricep pushdown bar to adjust and compensate for your needs. It would be best if you choose a pushdown bar set, complete with a v-bar, straight bar, and rope-type pushdown attachment so that you can be sure that you have options when performing your tricep extensions.

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