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Slam Balls

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Have Fun Working Out with a Slam Ball

Want to have an exciting home gym workout experience? Slam balls at Best Home Gym Equipment are the right gym equipment for you. These fun and boredom eraser equipment will enhance your cardio, strength, muscle mass, and tone your body by just, as its namesake, slamming it on the floor or throwing it to a wall. A slam ball is simple gym equipment that allows you to perform exercises that uses all parts of your body for a more holistic effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Slam Ball?
A slam ball is a weighted ball coated with rubber that can be utilized in performing many dynamic movements. It can be directly slammed onto the floor, thrown at the wall, or hoisted overhead. Unlike other high tech gym equipment, slam balls may be considered simple and downright low tech. But low tech does not mean it can’t be effective. To your surprise, this incredibly simple ball is very efficient in exercises for body-toning, cardio enhancement, muscle building, and many others. Due to the unique and numerous exercise routines performed using the slam ball, these exercises where coined “slamming exercises”. What’s more, since it can be standalone equipment, cheaper than most gym gears, and saves space, it is worthwhile to have a slam ball included as your home gym equipment.

What are Slamming Exercises?
Slamming exercises are the name used for exercises done using a slam ball. Not only is the slam ball great from “slamming” or plyometric exercises, but it can also be used much like how you use dumbbells and kettlebells for cardio and strength enhancement and muscle mass improvement. Here are some of the few exercises you can do with a slam ball.

  • Wall Balls
  • Ball Slams
  • Slam Ball Sit-ups
  • Bulgarian Squat
  • Burpee Slam
  • Bear Crawl
  • Across Body Wood Chops
  • Overhead slams

There are still many more slamming exercises you can do with a slam ball. You just got to be creative and get your workouts more fun and exhilarating.

What are the Types of Slam Balls?
There are generally two types of slam balls, the bouncing ones, and the non-bounce slam balls. Bouncing slam balls are made of rubber and are called rubber slam balls. Rubber slam balls are advisable for throwing on the wall. Deadweight balls are slam balls that are non-bounce but still are rubber coated. They usually contain sand or steel shots that shift inside the ball. Deadweight slam balls are the best in muscle building. Both types of slam balls are weighted and are very efficient in almost all kinds of exercises.

What’s the difference between a Slam Ball, Wall Ball, and Medicine Ball?
The Slam, Wall, and Medicine balls are all weighted balls designed as gym equipment for enhancing cardio, strength training, muscle building, and other benefits of dynamic exercises. They are also termed as workout balls and textured for ease in gripping. All of these balls can be used with existing workouts for a better workout experience.

Slam Balls

Slam balls are generally used for throwing exercises. They are weighted and coated with heavy-duty rubber so that it won’t bounce back when thrown, soften its force on impact and make it durable for slamming. The slam ball is very versatile and can be used for most of the medicine ball exercises. It encourages usage of your whole body when performing exercises and as a result, affects many parts of our body. Slam balls are most effective in improving muscle mass, cardio endurance, and strength training.

Wall Balls

Wall balls, just like slam balls, are used in throwing exercises but only to walls since its rebound is quick and prone to split. A wall ball is made of rubber granule and filled with polyester fibre that gives it a good bounce and excellent weight balance. If you haven’t seen a wall ball yet. You’d be surprised at how big it is, but it is light, the lightest among the three weight balls. Wall balls are great in absorbing a large amount of power due to its softer outer shell.

Medicine Balls

Commonly called “med balls” or “MBs”, these ballistic balls are made of either leather, rubber, vinyl, or plastic. They are the bounciest of the three exercise balls and are ideal only for throwing at walls. They are also high-powered and can bounce back quickly and at greater force and may split when used in slamming exercises. It is much smaller than a wall ball, so you can have a good grip at it. A medicine ball is perfect for long-distance throws, and quick catch wall throws.

Why are Slam Balls a suitable home gym equipment?
Size and Utility

One of the obvious answers to this question is that slam balls are very convenient in terms of its size. It is not as large as a wall ball but much larger than a medicine ball. This gives an advantage in terms of having a good grip and exerting more power and stamina to your throws and slams. Unlike the other two exercise balls, you can bang it to the floor. This bonus gives you more options for the number of exercises you can do. You could exercise more for muscle building and strength training. Other conveniences offered by the slam ball is that it does not need a lot of space for storage and workouts, and are much cheaper than other gym equipment.

Full-Body Workout

It may be that slamming and throwing a ball, only enhances your upper body but don’t forget that to have a good throw or slam, your lower body needs to provide power and spring to lift, throw, and slam. The actions that you do with a slam ball require a coordinated effort between your lower and upper body to maintain the intensity of the workout. 

Muscle Mass Improvement

When you exercise with a slam ball particularly the slam ball toss, the action gives focus to your upper and lower back, arms and core. Aside from the intensity of your determination to throw the ball, the mere heavyweight of it forces you to exert more effort than you do when tossing a basketball. By repeated slamming or throwing of the slam ball, you exert stresses on your muscles that create a micro-tearing on them. These tears are rebuilt by patching and adding more muscle fibres on it, resulting in muscle mass growth.

Hearth Health and Cardio Endurance

Throwing the ball to a wall and catching it is more taxing to your cardiovascular system than just running the treadmill or riding on a stationary bike. It involves using your whole body to perform the exercise and demands more oxygen. Doing repeated throws forces your cardio system to be more efficient in pumping and circulating blood and oxygen so you can catch your breath. Doing even just a 60 second slamming or throwing with a slam ball can give you more cardio power than other cardio enhancement gym equipment.

Increased Power

As a result of improvement in muscle building, slam ball exercises provide you with greater power and strength. Slamming the ball or throwing and catching it trains your body, especially your shoulders up to your abdominals to exert an incredible amount of effort to perfect the routine. This is so because of the slam ball’s weight which can be as heavy as 25kg. More than enough load to carry and throw.

How can I exercise with the Slam Ball Safely?
As in any other workout routines, safety is of utmost importance. You can never replace a broken elbow or a smashed toe. So let’s go through some of the safety precautions you need to for your slamming exercise.


Warming up your body to prepare for an intense exercise is important, if not most than your workout routine. Warm-up exercises were designed to groom your body in taking and absorbing the gruelling routines you will subject your body to. It also ensures that your joints are working and coordinating correctly for the exercise. No other fitness instructor can express how vital it is for your sake to warm up properly before any workouts.

Don’t overexert your body

Sure, three sets of 60-second slam balls don’t sound much, but it can wear you out big time if you’re a newbie. The goal of every exercise is to perform it in perfect form as quickly as you can. Now, if you can’t be quick enough compared to your other mates, that’s okay. Give yourself a break and don’t sweat it. You can just rearrange the scheme so you would have ample rest and won’t throw up at the end of your set.

Use the appropriate weight of slam balls

Similar to overzealous exertion of your body, using the right weight for your exercise is essential. Power training is a gradual process of advancing your strength by forcing your body to exert as much effort as you can in doing something that your body can handle. Grabbing a 25kg slam ball is not the best idea of power training. The weight will zap your energy faster than you can imagine and stop your training short. So be patient and be constructive of your limits.