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Wrist Wraps

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wrist wraps

They say “No Pain, No Gain” when it comes to working out. However, what if we were to tell you that there are some types of gym equipment that can help an exercise become more efficient? Here, we will focus on ankle weights and how they can enhance a workout and help you maximise the time you spend in your effort to get fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Types of Wrist Wraps?

Weightlifting/Strength Straps

Loop straps. These are the most accessible type to find. It is a pair of soft cloth straps with varying lengths depending on your need. Each strap has a sewn loop with cushioned padding on one end. The loop is the one that you put around your wrists to secure them while doing whatever activity or fitness routine you have to do.

Speed/Olympic straps. This type resembles the loop strap, except that the whole strap is sewn together to form the loop. The form of the strap makes it easier to use when lifting a bar.

Hook straps. This type of weight lifting strap has a built-in hook where you will place the bar for your weight lifting routines. You do not need to wrap the cloth on the bar. All you have to do is strap it on your wrist, fasten the hook on the bar, and you are ready to lift.

Traditional Wraps

Thin cloth wraps. This wrist wrap has strings on each side of the strap. All you have to do is securely wrap your wrist around the cloth and tie both ends together to secure them before performing any gym exercise.

Velcro wraps. Instead of using strings, this type of traditional wrist wrap has Velcro fasteners to tighten and hold the wraps on your wrists. Thumb loop wraps. This is the type of wrist wrap that has a hole where you insert your thumb for stability.

Why should you Wear Wrist Wraps?

Before thinking of lifting weights and exerting extra effort in performing fitness routines, the first factor you need to consider is your safety. Yes, you may have the best gym equipment, but if you do not have the correct protective gear, then it will be difficult for you to fully concentrate on your lifting and other workout steps.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Wrist Wraps

Wrist Stability. Because your hands are one of the most important parts of the body that you need when working out, it is essential that you take care of them, especially your wrists. As simple as it may look like, your wrists have so many tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and bones that can easily be injured if you do not protect them from heavy forces or pressure brought about by your workout routines. When you have stable wrists, you would not worry about taking your exercise a step further and challenging yourself more because injuries and mishaps may easily be prevented.

Performance Booster. Lifting weights? Wearing straps lets you grip better and hold onto the bar or dumbbells better, allowing you to advance and go heavier without thinking about them slipping out of your grasp.

Fast recovery. In every workout session, there is a possibility of hurting or injuring yourself. One of the most common injuries that you can sustain affects the hands and wrists. If you are recovering from a wrist condition, and you would want to mobilise them with the correct amount of force, then wearing wrist wraps will save them from getting further strains. Wrist wraps also prevent swelling and stabilise your wrist while doing not just exercise movements, but also your daily activities.

Reminders when Wearing Wrist Wraps

If you think wearing wrist wraps has no rules to follow, think again. Let Home Gym Australia show you a few tips on how to use your wrist wraps properly.

Warm up without it. Yes, you read it right. Beginner gym-goers often miss this tip, thinking that you should always wear your wrist wraps throughout the entire workout session. The truth is, you do not need the wrist wraps when doing your stretching and warm up, so do not put them on pointlessly.

Do not tie them up too tight or too low. The end of your hand is wider than your wrist, so if you secure them while placed a little below your wrist, the chances of it slipping down to your forearm while working out are high. On the other hand, if you wrap it tightly around your wrist, the blood flow may get impeded, making your hands numb, your nerves damaged, and more unnecessary pressure exerted on the wrist.

Choose the right wrap. Knowing what activities you are going to do during your exercise session is important so you can determine what type of strap you need to use. the main tip is, the heavier the weight, the thicker the wrap.

Do not rely on the wrist wraps alone. You know your capabilities, so you should not be afraid to try working out without the wraps. Do not let the wraps dictate how heavy or how many times you need to lift or perform any exercise. Remember that they are used to support your fitness habits and not the other way around.

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