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Elliptical Trainers

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Get The Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Machines in Australia

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Cardio machines have so many variations, and elliptical machines cannot be discounted from your choices. For an overall body workout, elliptical machines have different types to address your different needs. Choose between elliptical cross trainer, trainer, compact/foldable, or elliptical glider to provide you with the cardio workout session that you daily require. You can be sure that Home Gym Australia can provide you the best elliptical cross trainer for sale in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are elliptical machines?

Introduced in the fitness market in the 1990s, elliptical machines are designed to rival treadmills in providing a whole-body cardio workout using one stable and reliable machine. While treadmills allow you to run and walk using their wide running belt and adjustable speed, an elliptical machine has two handlebars connected to a step pedal. It is used to replicate not just running and walking motions, but also climbing stairs and hiking movements. This machine works out both upper and lower body extremities by alternately using your arms or your legs to move the machine.

Is an Elliptical Cross Trainer different From other cardio machines?

There is a noticeable resemblance between an elliptical cross trainer and a stationary bike, but both cardio machines function differently from each other. While a stationary bike focuses the workout on the lower body, the elliptical cross trainer offers more comprehensive coverage with its whole-body exercise target. That is the main quality of an elliptical machine, a full-body workout that does not cause too much impact or pressure on the joints, muscles, and bones that are easily triggered by outdoor or commercial gym workouts.

How elliptical cross trainer is different from:

A treadmill. As mentioned earlier, treadmills use a running belt with adjustable speed to perform running, jogging, or brisk walking sessions. An elliptical cross trainer does all these, with the addition of replicating stair-climbing or hiking motions.

A standard elliptical trainer or machine. What makes a cross trainer different from the traditional elliptical machine is that the exercises you can perform standing up can also be performed while sitting down or reclining. An elliptical cross trainer has a seat that you can use while safely pedalling or pushing-pulling the handlebars to continue the movement of your arms and legs.

A stationary bike. If you are using your elliptical cross trainer while seated, it may look as if you are doing your cardio exercise on a stationary bike. What makes it different from the exercise bike is that the cross trainers allow the arms to do the pedalling for the direction and speed of the exercise. Push and pull the handlebars so that the foot pedals can move and do the movements for you if you are tired of using your lower body. On the other hand, you can only trust your legs to move your stationary bike, and the exercise is directly targeting the lower body alone.

What are the Benefits of Choosing An Elliptical Cross Trainer

Achieve weight loss and fitness goals. Burn calories and improve your energy and strength when you use your elliptical cross trainer consistently.

Safe exercise routines made indoors. Outdoor activities may seem fun and entertaining, but the unpredictable elements of nature may make working out difficult. When you have the best elliptical cross trainer for home use, you can control all the essential factors when performing proper and safe exercise routines in the comfort of your home.

No over-exerting and avoidance of accidents are possible. Because your environment is in an enclosed space, no natural disaster, pressure, or other random issues can affect your workout. You can also adjust the level of difficulty of your exercise sessions depending on your needs and preference.

Exercise any time of day. No excuses. No season, distance, or other alibis can ever work when you have the elliptical cross trainer in your living area or home gym.

Anyone in the family can use it. Because the exercise difficulty can be adjusted, you can let other members of the family take advantage of the benefits of having a cardio machine accessible in your home. No matter their fitness requirements and health limitations, a high-quality elliptical machine can still provide the right amount of exercise and workout sessions for them.

You can save money in the long run. Purchasing the best home elliptical cross trainer may sound costly at first, but if you would compare it to the monthly or yearly gym membership you and your family must pay for in order to have consistent cardio workouts every day, getting your own would really seem practical and ideal.

Still unsure as to how an elliptical cross trainer can help you stay fit and healthy? Contact or visit Home Gym Australia and have our accommodating trained salesperson address your concerns and guide you in choosing the best elliptical cross trainer that will fit your health requirements.