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Lat Pulldown

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lat pulldown

Making your upper body sexy and strong requires hard work, determination, and perseverance. Hitting the gym regularly and consistently performing several exercises can benefit your body’s health and fitness. One of the classic gym equipment and machines that gym-goers rely on is the lat pulldown machine. Let us discover how this fitness equipment affects your body strength and shape, and what lat pulldown exercises you can perform safely and effectively. Let Home Gym Australia show you that and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Lat Pulldown Exercises?
A set of Lat pulldown exercises is a strength and resistance training workout planned and developed to address the definition, form, and capacity of the latissimus dorsi muscles. This pair of muscles are responsible for the movement of the shoulder and arms. Developing these muscles will your upper body range of motion, strength, and flexibility, as well as define the shape and contour of arms, chest, back, and shoulders.
What is a Lat Pulldown Machine?
Have you seen a seated chest press or pec deck machines? Well, a lat pulldown machine looks quite a bit like these pieces of gym equipment, all because they are identical seated gym machines. The difference that they have can be found in the handles and the way you use the resistance and weight training exercise. All seated gym machines have weights attached to them by cable systems. While chest press machines push and pull the handles toward your body, and pec deck machines have handles from both sides that you need to bring together to your front, the lat pulldown machine has a suspended handle found overhead. The way you use this machine is to pull the handle downward repetitively while sitting down and maintaining your posture.
What Muscles are Affected by the Lat Pulldown Exercises?

The main muscles that benefit from this exercise machine are the latissimus dorsi muscles found at the back of the body. Also known as lats or the swimmer’s muscles, latissimus dorsi muscles are the largest muscles in the body responsible for pushing and pulling, extension, and flexion of the lumbar spine. The movement of the shoulders makes it responsible for us to reach, carry, and move things with our arms.

Another set of muscles that get the advantage when strengthening and defining the upper body with lat pulldown exercises are the scapular muscles. These are the muscles that are responsible for our arm movements. Scapular muscles are consist of the lower trapezius and minor pectoral muscles. Muscles located near the elbows like the biceps and the brachial muscles also participate in this type of fitness exercise. With these muscles working together with the latissimus dorsi, complete control of the strength and range of motion of the shoulders and arms can be developed and improved with a lat pulldown machine.

Effects of Using a Lat Pulldown Machine

Better-looking upper body area. As superficial as it may seem, defining and toning your chest, shoulders, and arms are some of the main reasons why you may perform strenuous gym workouts and exercises. Who wouldn’t want to have well-defined pecs, toned arms, and broad and muscular back and shoulders? Using a lat pulldown machine can help you achieve this and more.

Stronger muscles. As you improve and build your upper body muscles, your capability to use your arms and shoulders to lift and carry loads also improves. What is the sense of having sexier upper body if you cannot use it properly, right?

Weight loss. As you perform lat pulldown exercises, you are also burning calories and using fats to be converted as energy. The result is leaner physique and well-defined upper body muscles. We must remind you that fats weigh essentially lighter than muscles, so even if you lose excess fats and you develop your muscle tissues, you may expect that weight loss is at a minimal. But this does not affect the fact that you feel stronger and healthier than ever with your active lifestyle!

How to Choose the Best Lat Pulldown Machine

What are you looking for in a lat pulldown machine? There are so many models and brands that offer superior-quality lat pulldown machines. Here at Home Gym Australia, we compiled all the important features that you need to consider when choosing the most suitable lat pulldown machine for your home gym.

The load capacity.

If you think all lat pulldown machines can carry the same maximum weight, you are greatly mistaken. Always check the maximum load that a machine can support so that you get the most out of your fitness investment.

Weights. There are lat pulldown machines that are compatible with standard weight plates, while some have their own weight stacks that are included in the machine. If you have existing weight plates, either the standard sizes of the Olympic ones, find a lat pulldown machine that can accommodate them so you can save money in building your own home gym.

Machine modification. The best lat pulldown machine can accommodate all the adjustments that you need to do to fit the capacity and built of the user. This makes your pulldown machine compatible with anyone in your family to use.

Warranty. Of course, investing money in expensive gym machines should be secured by a product warranty. Find a supplier or gym equipment distributor that offers excellent customer service and product guarantee, like Home Gym Australia.